Body sculpting, especially with the new generation of vaser technology, is an innovation that resulted from the need of many who suffer from fat accumulations in different areas of the body, which leads to inconsistency in the external appearance of the body and causes the occurrence of organic diseases such as those that occur in the bones, especially the joints. In the past, all relied on traditional liposuction, and despite its good results and making the patient satisfied with his body shape after removing the excess fat that was hindering his movement and his daily activities easily, he lacks body sculpting and highlighting the features of the body in terms of drawing muscles and Show it to men and curves for women, which hide under the fatty lumps.


What is body sculpting?

The body is sculpted through the vaser technique, which is the latest technology to remove fat and get rid of local obesity. Vaser technique is known as dynamic body sculpting or 4D body sculpting.

The vaser technology works with an ultrasound system, which allows the fat to be broken down at the level of deep and even superficial layers, with high-precision and optional targeting. This makes it one of the most impressive points as it can differentiate between tissues. This technique targets fat cells to break down and remove them, while preserving other body tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

The energy generated by the ultrasound stimulates the collagen in the layers of the skin and urges it to contract, which helps to tighten the skin to a high degree, in addition to the ability of the vaser device to get close to the skin to dissolve the layer of fat beneath it and make it less thick, thus achieving better skin tightening.

Thus, the muscular appearance of men and the streamlined shape of women with its curves are achieved after eliminating the layers of excess fat, which used to blur the shape of the preferred texture, and also the appearance of the skin was taken into account without sagging.


What is the meaning of four-dimensional or dynamic body sculpting?

The term four-dimensional was launched on the vaser technique, where the three main dimensions were considered length, width, and depth, and the fourth dimension was added, which is the dynamic or kinetic dimension, which enables the doctor to draw a high-resolution drawing of the muscles where the shape of the muscles is taken into account in the case of activity and movement, and not only In the case of stability, it appears in the desired aesthetic shape and in a natural way after liposuction.


Advantages Liposuction Vaser technology compared to other suction methods:

A high level of safety as ultrasound is characterized by targeting fat cells only and does not cause harm to other body tissues.

The possibility of liposuction from several areas and large sizes in one session, so the patient does not need to repeat the sessions.

Excellent tightening of the skin and the disappearance of wrinkles.

The amount of blood lost is small, as well as the lack of pain and swelling.

The speed of recovery of patients during the recovery period.


Preparation before body sculpting:

During the medical examination, the plastic surgeon informs you of some instructions that you must follow to get the best results after the body sculpting process, such as:

Do some medical examinations, as appropriate for each case.

Stop using some medications (such as blood-thinning medications) for a certain period in some special cases that require it

Not consuming alcoholic beverages.


Steps and stages of the body sculpting process:

First : The process of liposuction with vaser technique begins: Making small openings (about 5 mm – half a cm) through which a liquid is injected with topical analgesic and other astringent substances, which helps reduce blood loss as well as reduce bruises and swellings. Also, the injection of this fluid makes the area of the fatty tissue to be removed more susceptible to the effect of ultrasound, so the atomization and suction are of better quality.

Secondly : Vaser tube insertion: And sending ultrasound waves to dissolve fat cells in a selective way, as the waves are directed towards the fat only to break it down, while at the same time preserving the surrounding nervous and connective tissues and blood vessels without harming.

Third : Liposuction : And it is done by a specialized suction tool to remove the fat that has become liquid after it has been fragmented and dissolved, and thus pulled out of the body.


What after the body sculpting process?

Vaser technology allows for a quick recovery during the recovery period, and the patient is able to move within hours, as the swelling subsides, the pain subsides, and the hospital is discharged on the same day and performs its normal activities the next day.

And it requires you to wear certain compression garments (the so-called corset).

You must also follow the advice and instructions of the surgeon after the sculpting procedure to complete your perfect body shape.


Body sculpting by artist Shatha with Dr. Ramy El-Anany. Moments before this procedure from inside the operating room:

Shatha from inside Dr. Ramy El-Anany’s clinic, one week after body sculpting, as she talks to her audience and reassures them of her.. She states the reason behind her desire to sculpt the body, and tells about her previous experiences of fat loss.

circle d. Ramy El-Anany about body sculpting using the Vaser technique on Al-Hayat channel in the clinic program: