Plastic surgeon Dr. رامي العناني , one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world, says that PRP injection is one of the latest methods that science has found in treating many skin diseases, and it is not the traditional methods, such as:
– Fillers, which are to fill in the blanks in the face
Botox to relax the muscles under the skin to treat wrinkles and face lifting

What is plasma treatment?

Plasma treatment is the process of cell renewal and what they produce of vital elements necessary for the vitality of the skin, such as collagen, which is the protein that makes up most of the second layer of the skin to make the skin more vibrant and youthful. The role of collagen comes in the cohesion and strength of the skin.
– Here, the role of collagen in the freshness, beauty and vitality of the skin. Therefore, when signs of aging appear on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the skin due to aging, a person loses a lot of collagen.

Plasma injections are injections rich in platelets that in turn stimulate the division of stem cells responsible for the renewal of damaged cells and in turn produce the body’s own collagen and tissue renewal and reduce the symptoms of aging in the body as well as increase blood circulation that nourishes the skin with the materials it needs for skin freshness.

Plasma injection also stimulates stem cells in the scalp to renew the cells responsible for generating hair from its roots, and also sprouts new hair in areas that do not have hair due to genetic or hormonal factors.

Is plasma injection treatment safe or has side effects?

– The safety element in the treatment of PRP injections comes from the method of its formation, as it depends on separating one of the patient’s blood components (plasma) and re-injecting the plasma to the same patient again in several ways, Including that the same plasma is injected into the skin in the manner of mesotherapy to restore the freshness of the skin, Or injected into the scalp also by mesotherapy to regrow hair, It is also added to the autologous fats that were withdrawn from the same patient, and these autologous fats are injected with the autologous plasma in the desired places to be injected and filled with fat, whereby the autologous plasma gives more consistency to the fat and significantly prolongs the survival of the injected fat cells.

– The technique of injecting platelet-rich plasma in stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin by adding thrombin with plasma in certain proportions and injecting it into the skin by the FILLERS method, Platelet plasma technology has been known to be used for a long time in treating burns and accelerating the healing of wounds after surgical operations, and it is currently used in plastic surgery at the global level.

– Therefore, this method is considered completely safe and without any side effects at all, even in the long term, because it depends on injecting self-administered substances from the same patient, and therefore there are no fears of transmission of any infection to the patient.

How to prepare plasma injection?

– The method of preparing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we prepare specially prepared tubes in a scientific and studied manner, where a small amount of blood drawn from the patient is placed,
Then we separate the platelet-rich plasma cells from the red blood cells by placing tubes containing the drawn blood samples with a special device for the separation process,
Then the doctor injects the PRP plasma (mixed with the substance that stimulates platelets to secrete the growth factors inside) in the place to be injected according to the treatment plan.

What are the cases of using PRP injections?

Plasma injections rejuvenate the components of the skin and give it a better texture and radiance.
Reducing the effects of acne scars.
Reducing superficial facial and hand wrinkles, as well as fine expression lines.
hair loss cases, Reducing dark circles around the eyes.
– Adding PRP to the autologous fat and used to inject fat in all areas of the body, face, hands, buttocks;
Plasma prolongs the life of fat in addition to giving additional freshness.

How many sessions does the patient need for plasma injection treatment?

The patient needs 3 consecutive sessions with an interval of three to four weeks between one session and the other. As for cases of hair loss, the patient needs 4-6 sessions with an interval of two weeks between one session and the other. The follow-up of these sessions then depends on the patient’s condition and age. In cases of increased wrinkles and aging, it is recommended to conduct a session every six months, but in cases of light wrinkles and age less than 45 years, one session can be performed every year, and the treatment protocol varies from case to case.

What are the advantages of plasma injection treatment?

The most important feature of this technology is its safety, security, and freedom from side effects. As for the expected results from this technique, it depends on the good selection of patients. For example, it is not recommended to use this technique for those who suffer from a decrease in the number of platelets, It is not recommended to take medications that affect platelets, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory virsteroids (joint medications) for those who wish to use this technique. It is expected that there will be a slight swelling in the face that does not last more than 12-24 hours, and the results will appear within 2-3 weeks of the session. It is the time required to stimulate natural collagen growth.

Here, Dr. رامي العناني pointed out that the results obtained from this treatment differ from one person to another, depending on the nature of the blood type (the abundance and quality of platelets) and the nature of the environment in which the individual lives, but it generally lasts for long periods, taking into account individual differences, and the PRP injection technique is a leap It is huge in the field of cosmetology and treatment of skin and hair problems, and has become the focus of many doctors worldwide.