Bat ear reduction surgery

What is otoplasty?

Brief summary :-

The bat ear is a process of ear reduction: It is a procedure that aims to repair ear defects, whether they are congenital or as a result of accidents, and this is done by making adjustments in the ear flap, which is the outer part of the ear, in which the cartilage in it is used to show the ear in a harmonious way with the rest of the facial features and One of the most common ear plastic surgeries now is to straighten the erect ear and attach it to the head and the erect or prominent ear in an eye-catching manner that does not only cause aesthetic discomfort, but also causes psychological problems for the sufferer due to the response of the society around him, especially during childhood. Many children are affected by harassment As a result of the protrusion of the ear and this may leave an impact on the psychological orientation of the child, and to reduce this, it is recommended and for the comfort of your child, that your child’s ears be cleaned before entering school.

In most cases, the justification for the emergence of the bat ear is a distortion in the formation of the ear cartilage, as the cartilage is loose or does not remain, and this may also come during the flowering period, as it becomes necessary to change the ear and beautify it during the plastic surgery. The skin behind the ear flap is incised until The cartilage appears, then the cartilage is loosened until it becomes soft and easy to shape according to the desired image. When the required image and model are completed, the ear flap is fixed by stitches, and due to the occurrence of these stitches behind the ear, it becomes impossible to see the stitches if this method and method of correcting the shape of the ear and beautifying it is possible. Performing other cosmetic operations through this opening, such as the process of reducing the ear flap, and plastic surgery of the ear can be performed for adults, the process of otoplasty by local anesthesia. As for children from the age of five years, full anesthesia is used, and the process of otoplasty takes from 30 to 40 minutes per ear .

Is otoplasty suitable for me?

A: Bat ear plastic surgery depends mainly on the patient’s decision, The best results are always achieved through a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is able to determine the best alternatives for you or your child.

What to expect after ear plastic surgery?

A: Otoplasty can change your appearance dramatically, and the results of the surgery are usually immediate and long-term . So far, the operation requires the patient to wear a headband for 4 to 6 days, after which the stitches are removed, and after ten days there will be no social influence and it is possible to exercise normally. .

Prominent ear aesthetics:

Otoplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery that is performed to correct the deformity resulting from the external ear deformity (Otoplasty), hereditary or congenital, or the following transformation. From embarrassment and the best time to beautify the prominent ear is between the ages of 4-15, However, eminence otoplasty can be done at any age in the wake, while children can try eminence otoplasty under general anesthesia in an activity room environment, and eminence otoplasty for adults can be done under local anesthesia in a sterile clinical setting that qualifies for that category of procedures and takes a plastic surgery. The prominent ear usually lasts from an hour to an hour and a half, according to each circumstance. No matter how similar the cases are, some details may differ, albeit slight, and more consideration is given to cosmetic surgeries and improving appearance, especially in recent times.

Here are data on the method of otoplasty:-

Otoplasty is completed under general anesthesia at an early age. For adults, it can be performed under local anesthesia, but if the patient is very stressed or underage, general anesthesia is the most appropriate and the operation takes about 1: 3 hours and completes the otoplasty procedure on the part The back of the ear cartilage to complete the regeneration of the ear and highlight its folds. In the style and method of otoplasty, the ear is established, reducing its size, and fixing the modern folds with a permanent internal intention by pulling the ear back. In the otoplasty method, there will be bandages on the ears for a period of 3-7 days. So far the process Once these bandages are wiped off, you can take a shower.

After plastic ear surgery:

Swelling and redness can be observed after ear plastic surgery, and this is a normal face until now, any surgery. Rather, these manifestations and associations will end in a short period, and the post-otoplasty stage is very functional. The ear should not be hurt for a period of 3 months after plastic ear surgery, and the ear will be formed throughout these three months. It will not deteriorate again, so the period after cosmetic ear plastic surgery is as important as the surgery period.

Otoplasty for children:-
Usually the cartilage tissue is flexible in children. In these cases, the ear can be established only with hidden stitches under the skin without making any incisions. The doctor’s examination is very important in choosing the technology that will be implemented in otoplasty for children and the period after otoplasty for children. The child can return to his age After that, a bandage and a bandage will be used to defend the ears. The dressings will be removed after 3-7 days, after which swelling and redness may appear. Because the scar that occurs in otoplasty that does not need an incision coincides with the back part. From your ear it will heal very quickly and will be almost invisible thanks to this intervention that leaves no marks on the visible part of the ears, eliminating distortions and obtaining very natural ears.

When is it preferable to perform prominent ear surgery?

Otoplasty – prominent ear treatment – bat ear plastic surgery

Many people are upset when the ears appear to them very large and prominent when looking at them from the front, It is what is called the prominent ear among people, and there are a large number of patients who suffer from this problem. Whether men or women, the prominent ear reaches the size of an adult at the age of six for this argument, It is recommended that prominent ear surgery be performed preferably before primary school, As an exception to other cosmetic surgeries and thus, It continues to avoid that problem without being criticized by colleagues at school, although unfortunately, Most of my patients are between 18 and 30 years old. Only in our country at this age, People have a chance to get rid of that problem by acting on their own custom decisions.

Do various types of prominent ear remain?
Depending on the degree of angle the ear makes with the brain and the degree of flatness in the folds of the ear canal, Prominent ear deformities can be encountered in different degrees This position sometimes arises in one ear from time to time occurs identically in both ears time after time Can form asymmetric in both ears This deformity is sometimes accompanied by a forward lobe position.

When is a prominent ear surgery required?
Performing plastic ear plastic surgeries before the young boy starts school is psychologically beneficial because children at this age are very hard on each other, They make fun of children with prominent ear deformities. A limited number of sensitive children may be embarrassed by wearing a seat belt after ear plastic surgery on their heads. This job is mostly left for adult ages or occasionally around adolescence or later.

What is the anatomical problem in the prominent ear?
The protruding ear appears great because it protrudes very forward and with that, Its dimensions are usually normal, the growth of the ear is completed at the age of 6 years by about 80-90%, in other words, We have ears that are close to the average of an adult ear at the age of six so, It is normal for the ears to appear larger in young children with prominent ears who require otoplasty and in the case of prominent ear deformity, The angle made by the ear with the brain is wider than it should, and this shows the ear open to the outside and more visible, especially when looking at it from the back.

There are basic problems:

  • The angle between the ear and the head is wide
  • The adjustment of the ear folds has not been sufficiently completed according to the degree of these problems
  • The ear can be prominent in general
  • The top 2/3 of the ear may be prominent.
  • The upper third of the ear may be prominent.
  • These problems can present to different degrees in both ears.
  • It can form one normal ear.

Patients who suffer from ear protrusion problems are generally very sensitive and want the ear to be very close to the brain and it is abandoned to the doctor to straighten that angle. Both comfortable and ear-blocking goggles can be used.

Details about prominent ear aesthetics:-
Plastic surgery for the prominent ear usually begins with removing a piece of skin in the style of a spindle from behind the ear, completing the marking of the parts to be sutured to establish folds, ending the attraction of cartilage and fixing it to wrinkle in the areas located, and the narrowing of the angle between the protruding ear and the head is crossed out with the threads between the base of the prominent ear and the membrane of the bones of the skull. Ear canopy with stitches placed across pre-planned and in some structures of the ear the earlobes are expected to flex back by traction of the ear following the flexion of the ear but it does not rotate, even more clearly, remains forward and in such cases the fibers are scrapped from the back From the earlobe with a special technique, the earlobe is folded back and the ear surgery is removed by repairing the skin behind the ear with cosmetic stitches. Patients who undergo surgery under local anesthesia can go home the same day.

Seat belt after plastic ear surgery:
So far, plastic ear surgery, I put a small bandage under the seat belt. Most likely, this bandage will be canceled the next day, and no stitches will be removed before the doctor’s visits. The first control is on the fourth day and on the 15th day. You can take a warm shower on the 3rd day of the ear surgery after a rest day, Persons who do not have difficult work can start the effort by using the seat belt for the head of the best for those who have tiring work to rest for 3 days after the ear surgery and the day after the prominent ear surgery, The bandage is changed and the hair band tied lightly that does not tighten the ear completely, and this belt must be worn until now. Otoplasty is always done for a period of about 3 weeks. In this way, the reduction of the load on the stitches is canceled out. The patience of the cartilage that wants to return to its previous state The cartilage hardens and heals in its new position Belt The safety of the ear after the surgery also has another profession, which is to reduce swelling in the first days.

Will there be any scars yet after otoplasty?

A: The surgical incision that is made for otoplasty is located in the back of the ear. This scar is invisible to the eye to the brain from the back after otoplasty, however, it can be seen by pulling the ear. This scar decreases upward within 6-12 months and becomes almost inconspicuous. .

The negative aspects and associations of the prominent ear plastic surgery:
As long as you choose the right surgeon, he will implement the basic precautions in reducing any negative symptoms that may occur, and in the event of any symptoms, he will make the necessary interventions at the appropriate time. surgical and sometimes, Ear surgery is required to ensure consistency, Even if there is a slight problem in one ear to ensure consistency since both ears cannot be seen and operated at the same time, It is very tiring to find perfect symmetry, but as soon as the ear loses its prominent appearance, It becomes less noticeable in the case of asymmetry, and patients with prominent ears are generally happier the closer the ear is to the head. This position gives an unnatural appearance to the ears, so justification, It is necessary to bring the ears close enough to the head with otoplasty, and the natural appearance becomes clearer when the swelling in the ears is reduced, Which is shown in this way in the period after ear surgery from time to time, 4-5 months after surgery, The sutures placed on the ear may seek to exit by making the love of the youth if this happens, Consult your doctor, and the area will be cleaned with bandages, and stitches will be executed. There is no harm in erasing the stitches as long as the ear has taken its new shape.

Ear surgery price:

The cost of ear plastic surgery is not expensive compared to other cosmetic practices, but to obtain more information and details of interest to you regarding the price of ear plastic surgery, we advise you to visit our websites or view photos and videos on our YouTube page regarding plastic surgery, medical and surgical and the cost of prominent ear plastic surgery Depending on the degree of the protrusion, the licensed anesthesia and the age of the circumstance, you can contact our clinic and get information regarding the prices and price of ear plastic surgery.

What you can expect before the procedure:
Otoplasty can be performed in a clinic or outpatient facility, and occasionally, The operation is performed under anesthesia and local anesthesia that numbs part of your body only in other cases, You may be given general anesthesia, which renders you unconscious before the operation for the duration of the procedure. Otoplasty techniques are not the same depending on the category of orthodontics required and the specific technique chosen by the plastic surgeon determines the location of the incisions and scars.

After the incisions are made, your doctor may make incisions on the back of your ears, within the creases in the back of your ears. Your doctor may remove excess cartilage and skin and then fold the cartilage into the proper location and secure it with internal stitches. Additional stitches will be used to close the incisions. The procedure usually takes about two hours.

  • Following the act:-
    after otoplasty, The ears are covered with bandages for protection and support and you may feel some discomfort and itching.
  • Pain medication should be taken according to the doctor’s recommendations.
  • In the case of taking pain medication and high annoyance, It is necessary to contact the doctor immediately.
  • To keep the pressure out of your ears, Avoid falling asleep on your side.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t rub the crevices or press them too hard.
  • Also, don’t forget to wear button-down shirts or shirts with a wide collar.

A few days after otoplasty, Your doctor will remove your bandages and your ears will be swollen and red You may need to wear a wide headband that covers your ears at night for two to six weeks. On their own, other stitches need to be erased at the doctor’s office in the weeks after the operation. Ask your doctor when it is appropriate to resume daily activities; Such as bathing and physical activity.

Results :-
So now erase the bandages that were put on you, You will notice a momentary change in the external appearance of the ears and these differences will be sustainable if you are not satisfied with the results. Discuss with your surgeon the possibility of doing a revision surgery.

Ear plastic surgery:-
Doctors call otoplasty, otoplasty, It is a more common operation among children, especially those between the ages of 4 to 14 years, and the resort to this operation is completed with the aim of evaluating a few cases of heterogeneous ear, Such as: protrusion of the ears , a large ear , a forward facing ear, a cortical ear , a condition in which the ear misses some of the natural formal details and many others. It is possible to do this process at any age, Rather, it should be done after the ears reach the full amount, i.e. after the age of five until puberty. In fact, in the case of a boy with problems in the ears, it is possible to use this process in splinting, but this is completed in the immediate aftermath of childbirth, and it is possible that the process of otoplasty lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the severity of the situation. This means that the surgery may be longer if the operation is more complex, and the surgeon uses local anesthesia if adults have the surgery. While it is likely that the boy will receive general anesthesia, this is to ensure that he is not able to move during the procedure.

Methods of conducting plastic ear plastic surgery:-
There are several ways in which the ear can be restored. They are as follows:-

  • Cartilage cutting: It is the main structure of the ear.
  • Cartilage folding and stitching: Instead of cutting the cartilage, the surgeon starts by making a small cut in the back of your ear in order to facilitate the process of reaching the cartilage, and then the area is stitched.

Steps to perform ear surgery:-
There are several important steps of otoplasty:

  • Anesthesia
    Options include local, intravenous or general anaesthesia. Your doctor will decide which anaesthesia is most appropriate for you and it depends on your age, as mentioned above.
  • slit
    Surgical techniques are used to change the protrusion of the ears to create or exaggerate the fold inside the edge of the ear in order to reduce the hypertrophy of the axial cartilage, which is the largest and deepest concavity of the outer ear, and the doctor usually resorts to making these incisions behind the ear so that they are not visible to the eye. However, he may have to cut the ear from the front in a few cases, but he seeks to do this inside the ear folds, and internal non-removable surgical sutures are used to create and hold the dialogue cartilage in place.
  • calk
    Of course, following the values with those cracks, whether behind the ear or in the frontal area, The doctor closes it well with stitches.
  • Results
    Ear surgery gives almost instant results in cases of protruding ears, especially, which shows once the dressings that support the new appearance of the ear are removed during the early stages of healing and with the ear permanently residing next to the head, Surgical scars concealed behind the ear or well concealed within the natural creases of the ear.

What follows from the ear plastic surgery:-
You may lack rest for a week after the operation, Just as the doctor will bandage the head after the procedure and will tell you how long you will need to wear the bandage and how and how to manage it throughout the coma. You may wear the bandage for a minimum of three days, After that, the doctor will ask you to wear a bandage called the headband for up to three weeks until it heals, even if you have stitches that are not displaced. The doctor will do this about a week after the surgery.

Side effects associated with plastic ear plastic surgery:
Plastic ear surgery carries various risks, including:

  • scarring, Its location depends on the area of the stitches, which may be behind the ear or within the folds, as we mentioned.
  • asymmetry in the location of the ears, This may arise during the healing process or as a result of the failure of the surgical procedure.
  • a change in the sensation of the skin in the area that was operated on, However, it is a temporary change and is rarely permanent.
  • stitching problems, like inflammation.
  • The high-priced modification where otoplasty can create an unnatural face shape that makes the ears appear set back and asymmetrical.
  • bleeding.
  • Risks and side effects associated with anesthesia.
  • discoloration of the skin;
  • Allergy to tape, sutures, adhesives, blood products, topical preparations, or injected causes.
  • Pain likely to remain for a long time.
  • infection.
  • Breathing problems.
  • blood clots;

It is likely that many people think that the style of the ear does not affect the aesthetic image of a person, And that any cosmetic surgery performed on the ear is a matter of absolute luxury, This is often due to their enjoyment of healthy and beautiful ears from the ground up. They have never suffered from the mockery of others due to the bad or attractive appearance of the ear, but plastic ear plastic surgeries are not performed for a cosmetic purpose only. but also for many medical purposes, Ear reduction surgery is calculated from the cosmetic plastic surgery of the common ear, which is performed for many reasons, such as the patient being born with a huge and prominent ear flap far from the head, Which may result in the mockery of others about the shape of his ears and then have an impact on his psychological and moral condition and may reduce his confidence in his person.

What is ear reduction surgery?
The mega ear reduction surgery is a surgical operation that is written off for patients who suffer from the problem of ear protrusion away from the brain, This position is referred to as the bat ear or bat ear. It is also performed for those who suffer from a large amount of the ear pinna, which poses an aesthetic problem for the sick and may affect his psyche and self-confidence, and ends the procedure for ear reduction within the boundaries of the area of the auricle, which is the clear outer part of the ear. It consists of cartilage covered with a thin layer of skin, and an opening is made in the thin skin layer behind the ear to eliminate the process of reducing the prominent ear. Then, the cartilage is sculpted and formed to match the ideal shape of the ear, while fixing the cartilage inward in the direction of the brain to eliminate the problem of ear protrusion.

What are the various techniques of ear reduction surgery?
There are two common techniques for prominent ear reduction:

  • Traditional ear reduction surgery:-
    The first is the classic surgical technology, which usually takes place in adults under general anaesthesia, The surgical incision behind the ear is crossed out. Then cauterize the cartilage that makes up the auricle or cut part of it. Then re-sew the wound with a medical thread that erased it so far, about a week after the surgery, This surgery takes between one and two hours.
  • Ear reduction without surgery:-
    The second technology is the non-surgical ear reduction technology. It is a modern technique invented by a group of doctors in Britain. It is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. Doctors implant a flexible metal rod under the skin of the ear pinna to attract the pinna towards the head and correct the prominent ear pattern. This process does not take more than 15 minutes and has no risks or complications. One of the most important features of this technique is that the treating doctor can determine The exact shape of the ear that the sick wants by using a metal measuring device that is placed over the skin of the ear flap and is moved until the desired shape is reached. Thus, this technique provides results that are closer to the ideal with respect to the shape of the ear.

What are the costs of ear reduction surgery?
In most cases, ear reduction surgery is not expensive. But the price is not the same from one country to another and from one town to another. In European countries, the cost of ear reduction surgery ranges between 1000 to 4000 US dollars. In a few countries, such as Germany, these prices exceed these prices, as it is considered one of the most expensive countries in this surgery. As for the Arab countries, the cost is slightly smaller, In Egypt, for example, the costs of the large ear reduction surgery vary, about 1000 to 1500 US dollars. And according to the medical diagnosis of each case and what it needs, and in the State of Jordan, it varies between 1000 to 3000 dollars, and determining the costs of the operation is due to the merit of the treating doctor, It also estimates the value of the prices in relation to the patient’s condition, However, some famous surgeons sometimes exaggerate the costs of the operation by an amount of twenty to thirty percent over the common price.

Following ear reduction surgery:

The best places in which the gross ear reduction surgery can be performed: The patient must choose the location of the operation with all care, so it is not possible to jeopardize his health and go to unreliable locations under the pretext of low prices or proximity to the place and other factors that may harm the patient’s health or In his own life, there are many reliable and famous sites in the Arab world for the prominent ear reduction surgery that has recorded successes over the past years, which the patient can choose one of them to do the ear reduction surgery with confidence.

Among the most famous of these headquarters:

Clinic Professor Dr. Consultant Plastic Surgery: Dr. رامي العناني is an integrated cosmetic clinic that contains many departments such as skin tightening, liposuction, and laser department. There is also a special department for plastic ear surgeries.

Who can perform ear reduction surgery?
Anyone who has a large auricle or its protrusion away from the brain (bat ear) can have an ear reduction surgery. This operation can be performed for children from the age of four to sixteen, and it is preferable to finish the process of ear reduction at the age of seven until the boy’s ear growth has been completed (a progression of more than 85% of the ear rate is completed at the age of seven) and his cartilages are still Easy to handle and configure.

Big ear and hearing problems:-

Steps to do the ear reduction operation
Before undertaking an ear reduction surgery, it is necessary to know that the treating doctor is the one who determines the opportunity or not to perform the operation, the appropriate time for performing it, and all the details related to ear reduction surgery, which should be written off from the discussion with the doctor who will perform the operation.

The steps of the operation are: – Prepare the patient for the operation: Anesthesia is removed using local anesthesia for adults and general anesthesia for children. In the case of general anesthesia, the patient should fast for a period of not less than 12 hours before performing the operation.

Procedure: The procedure for ear reduction is completed in a professional hospital or a trusted cosmetic facility, It is performed by a professional ear plastic surgeon, and the procedure takes between one and two hours in the case of a traditional surgery.
Recovery period : Ear reduction surgery, like any surgery, requires a recovery period, but it is not long. The patient can leave the clinic on the same day as the operation without the need for an overnight stay. And within a period of 48 hours, the patient can practice his normal life and return to work or study.
The patient is required to take antibiotics after finishing the surgery in order to help heal the wound and prevent infection, He can also eat pain relievers to avoid post-operative pain. He also completes placing a bandage on the patient’s head for a period ranging from three days to a week, provided that the wound is healed, and this is to defend the ear from any movement that could affect the results of the operation. And to secure the ear from dirt and infection risks as well.

  • Side effects that may appear after performing ear reduction surgery:
    Feeling of pain and tightness at the site of the operation, The above can be overcome using analgesics.
  • Ear tumor disappears within days.
  • Cyanosis may remain at the site of the operation, but it quickly disappears.

Before and after ear reduction surgery:
The patient should not expect immediate results after performing the ear reduction operation, It may take more than three months to obtain the final results of the operation. Where the wound has healed definitively and the cartilage has returned to its normal place and appearance, And time is not only can judge the outcome of the process.

He said that the operation was completed under the influence of local anesthesia, which made it completely safe for him. Just as it took no more than 15 minutes to perform it, after the operation the patient felt that his life had changed, becoming more self-confident, more playful, and not hesitating about the shape of his ears.

Ear shape after ear reduction surgery:

  • Safety and security works:
    The patient must choose the appropriate clinic to perform the ear reduction surgery, which must have recognized certificates of excellence to verify the validity of the place to perform the operation.
  • Purification of the site where the operation is canceled and the sterilization of the instruments used in the surgery.
  • If the patient is to be given a general anaesthetic, the certainty of the patience of his body, so the anesthetic, the care of the tooth, the compression, the rhythm of the heart, etc., should be crossed out.

Risks and complications of ear reduction surgery:
Although the operation to reduce the prominent ear is a simple activity that does not take a large number of time and its success rate is often high, In fact, complications may sometimes occur. It is a surgical operation that has the potential for seriousness and complications after it is performed, even if they are less.

Among the most common complications that may occur after an ear reduction surgery are:

  • The occurrence of scars behind the ear at the site of the surgery and it can be treated with cortisone or cosmetic surgery.
  • The formation of blood clots behind the ear that can be pulled out with medical needles.
  • The occurrence of infections from the impact of the operation and can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Numbness or lack of feeling within the boundaries of the skin area surrounding the ear.
  • Ear surgery and its effect on hearing.


Tips that the patient must follow before performing the ear reduction operation:

  • It is necessary to choose the appropriate surgeon to perform the operation who has experience and skill and who have previously performed this type of operation and achieved good results.
  • Consult with the doctor in the technology you want to complete the operation, If you prefer traditional surgery or a pain-free ear reduction procedure.
  • Tell your doctor about any illnesses you suffer from and if you are taking certain medicines.
  • Tell the doctor your goal for the operation and what result you expect to get above it.
  • Do the tests that the doctor tells you to do to verify your safety before the operation.
  • Quit bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol long enough before the operation.
  • Aversion and abstinence from food and drink at least 12 hours before the operation if the patient is scheduled to use general anesthesia.

Questions that the patient should ask the doctor:
There are many questions that the patient lacks answers before performing any surgery, It is preferable for the patient or his family to write these questions so that he does not forget them, which may cause problems for the sick, related to his not understanding exactly what may be done in the process of ear reduction and what may be written off afterwards.

Among the most important of these questions:

  • What stage does the process take?
  • What are the assignments of the operation?
  • When can the patient go home?
  • When can the sick person return to his normal life?
  • What medications should the patient take so far during the surgery?
  • What should the patient avoid so far the surgical procedure?
  • When to remove the sutures from the wound sutures?
  • Will the surgery affect the function of the ear in terms of hearing or balance?
  • What result will the patient gain from doing this surgery?

How to choose the right doctor to do the operation:
Before making a decree ordering the operation of ear reduction, The patient should determine the appropriate doctor to perform this operation, Although it is necessary to search for a medical center or a well-known beauty health center, finding the right doctor has the highest priority, and the doctor who will perform the operation must have multiple characteristics, such as:

  • Extensive experience in the field of cosmetic ear surgeries.
  • Obtaining specialized certificates in the field of ear plastic surgery.
  • Find people who have had the same procedure and ask them about their experience with that doctor.
  • Have the doctor show you on the computer the automatic model from which you will be above your ear after performing the ear reduction operation.

While a large number of people are born with the call to prayer that they like, Others want to make changes to their ears with regard to those who were mocked by others as a result of their ears and many children. Performing surgical procedures for otoplasty gives them an opportunity to improve their appearance and restore their confidence in themselves and among others. In this surgery, the installation of the ears is completed so that it becomes more close to the head, Or by reducing the volume of the call to prayer, and this action is especially useful for young children in helping them to avoid having to and avoid mockery and mockery from others, and the ears are almost fully developed when children reach the age of four years. This is the most appropriate age for otoplasty. Also, otoplasty surgery can occur for adults as well, meaning that it is performed at any age without risks.

During the surgery, a small incision is made in the back of the ear to reveal the ear cartilage, and thus the cartilage is carved and formed to resemble the ideal cartilage with its internal fixation in the direction of the brain. Absolutely behind the ear and with the spread of the concept of plastic surgery and the increase in incorrect advertising for plastic surgery, and the practice of a limited number of non-professional individuals with such operations, it has become inevitable for every cosmetic patient to be well aware of all dimensions of his problem and what can be treated and what cannot Treating it with plastic surgeries, potential problems and costs, and when you have any plastic surgery, you must know exactly that it is impossible for you to return to the previous form after changing it, so take enough time to read everything related to the subject to make your right decision.

  • Who is suitable or who is a candidate for ear plastic surgery?
    Bat ear or bat ear for any age, especially for children after the age of four until the completion of the seven years of age to complete the growth of the ear and its cartilage completely to some extent and before the boy enters school so that his psychology is not affected by his friends around him. Considering the elasticity of the cartilage, we can shape it however we want.
  • Older people can also undergo ear surgery, Without awe of any additional dangers and it is customary to have this to support the external body, And high self-confidence, even if sculpting surgeries favored the foundation of cartilage in those cases.

Therefore, those eligible for this process are:

  • Two big ears.
  • Barzatan azan.
  • folded ear: The ear is cup-shaped and the upper and lower ends are folded inward.
  • cochlear ear: Advanced degree of folded ear.
  • Stahl or Spock’s ear (dents on the outer edge of the flint).
  • Auricular carp (absence of descending between the ear and the head at the back of the ear).
  • Small or non-formed ears (small or absent ear with or without the external ear opening) and there are 3 degrees of this problem.
  • Huge cracks and wrinkles in the ear lobe.
  • Skin growths in front of the ear opening (in the cheeks formed from skin bumps with or without cartilage).

What is the ideal appearance of the ear?

  • In fact, there are a variety of shapes that are not the same in terms of age, gender, race, religion and personal differences for this, there is no perfect and firm ear shape, but the ideal ear for you is to match the rest of your other face shape.
  • when giving birth, The volume of the ear is 66% of the volume of an adult.
  • With its growth, the ear reaches about 85% of its full size by the age of 6 years and 90% by the age of 9 years.
  • The medial exaggeration of the ear varies from 5.5-6.5 cm (15 years for males and 13 years for females).
  • Its width is approximately 55% of the height.
  • The normal protrusion of the ear from the head is 1.5-2.0 cm, or the equivalent of a 15-twenty-degree angle between the degree and standard of the ear and the degree and standard of the lateral head.
  • When looking at a side picture, we find that the ear should be confined between two imaginary lines, the largest exceeding at the highest point of the nose, and the second exceeding with the base of the nostril.

Where do you start?

When you do this operation, the first step is to visit the specialist doctor and make an examination. Parents should pay attention to the boy’s feelings and the look of those around him and not be afraid of the above procedure. We evaluate the current condition of the ear in terms of size, style and dimensions, and thus explain the different methods and details of the surgery if necessary, as well as provide instructions on how to prepare for the operation.

How to end the conduct of plastic surgery ear plastic?

  • The category of anesthesia used is usually based on the age of the patient. In the young age, it is done under general or general anesthesia to allow the child to sleep during the operation, either for the elderly, The use of local anesthesia with a sedative may be eliminated, allowing the patient to be alert but relaxed during the operation.
  • The process takes about an hour and 1/2 to two hours, This is based on the category of the problem to be beautified.
  • A small incision is made in the back of the ear to expose the cartilage.
  • Then sculpt the cartilage and bend it back toward the head or erase the extra parts of it.
  • and sometimes , A larger piece of cartilage can be removed which will help restore the cartilage to its normal thickness and style.
  • And now and then, Complete removal of a section of skin from behind the ear to maintain results.
  • And he ends the use of strong threads that do not dissolve by the end of time to fix and form the cartilage for the new shape and condition, then he finishes closing the back incision with surgical stitches that dissolve or be erased during a week of the operation.
  • In all cases, the scar or the impact of the operation will be in the back of the ear, and this wound will go away with the passage of time without anyone noticing.
  • And if the ear on one side is affected and the other is healthy, a balance between them is usually crossed out to match, and it is usual to complete surgery on both ears to meet and achieve a better balance.

The stage of recovery and recovery after otoplasty:

It is important that the predictions for the results are realistic and we understand that otoplasty is for improvement, not perfection, that is, it is not possible to get two identical ears at all, but the difference between the right and the left is normal.

  • Most patients are able to be discharged from the hospital within a few hours following surgery.
  • In most cases, Complete wrapping the patient’s head with a bandage that will be removed within days to keep the wound from contamination.
  • The pain of the operation is simple and tolerable as it goes away with medication.
  • The sutures are erased within a week of the surgery.
  • It is recommended that patients avoid any pulling of the ear, maintain its position, and wear a headband.
  • You can usually lead a normal life during the hours after the operation or within five days.

How to write off a return construction or ear configuration?

  • The ear formation process is done during three periods or operations with 3 to 6 months between each period.
  • The category of anesthesia is general anesthesia.
  • Each period takes about two to three hours. So it depends on the pattern formed.

The first stage: Re- forming the ear cartilages using natural cartilages such as those found in the rib cage and ribs, or synthetic materials such as Medpore.
The second stage:- We separate the structure formed and above the skin from the brain and create a skin fold behind the ear using skin grafts.
The third period: – Reconstruction of the earlobe.

What is plastic ear flap surgery?
The auricle, in general, is one of the factors, and this process is called otoplasty in medicine That is, (the process of refining the ear flap), and then becomes a permanent solution to this problem, which comes on top of ear abnormalities. The ear flap is a complement to the appearance from the aesthetic angle of the face and in a situation of its deformation, it creates different psychological problems for people, this problem that the few try to overcome by covering it with hair It will not be successful at all, especially in children, who will suffer more psychological problems for that motive. When the development of the ear cartilage in children from the age of five and six years is completed, the plastic ear surgery embodies the perfect solution to this problem.

At what time the problems of the auricle begin?

It begins in the fetus stage while it is in its mother’s womb, and for this justification it can be seen at birth. These abnormalities can be revised, especially if the necessary interventions are performed for them during the first 72 hours following childbirth. Their ear cartilage is very smooth and the specialized wires and tapes that are used in the ear are a major obstacle to the formation of the protruding ear. As for the children who did not have this operation, they wait until the completion of ear buds, so at the age of five and six, they can have ear surgery.

What is the earliest period for plastic ear surgery?

Ear deformity is considered one of the most common deformities that draw caution in societies. This manifestation of deformation arises from the beginning of the reproductive process. Just as the prominent ear problem is hereditary, and the completion of ear growth means the formation of cartilage tissue, which continues until the age of five and six.

Is it possible to upgrade the prominent ear without an operation?
Through improved threads recently, the process of ear plastic surgery in the style of the operation that is called without incision (without cutting) this method and how is called the method of hanging threads applied in the promotion of the prominent ear can also be performed at the end of the nose and eyebrows and after the improvement process the patient can return to his normal life In this process, the thread is passed through a special machine through the ear opening and then the protruding ear is pulled back directly during the procedure. There is no incision. This method does not lack stitches and dressing, as it is likely that there will be a limited number of expansion in the ear, which causes some Pain for a while, a day or 48 hours after the operation, and in order to relieve the pain, the patient can take an analgesic. The thread, and it is possible to return to that process in a very easy way. With the cutting of the improvement thread used in the ear, it returns to its old condition again, but when using the method and method of the plastic surgery of the ear It cannot retreat with it and the appearance of the ear becomes permanent.

How to take a regulatory order to conduct the operation of the ear flap?

Children and adults who have deformities in the ear lobe find it difficult to take a regulatory order to perform the operation, so they should consult with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in this field when the operation is needed, the plastic surgeon will help you in implementing the appropriate decision.

How is the plastic surgery of the ear applied?

The professional doctor makes a small incision behind the ear with an unobtrusive appearance in the ear cartilage in the style of an accidental angle for the sustainable stitches used during the operation. The greatest advantage of this operation is that there is no possibility of recurring ear deformities again, and when the pinna operation is performed, general anesthesia is applied to children under the age of ten And the twelfth years of age. As for people who are above that age, local or general anesthesia is applied to them, and the operation takes about an hour, so for both ears, and after the operation, a pressure bandage is placed on the ear. People who did not have general anesthesia during the operation can leave the health center on the same day and the bandages that On the ears, it should be removed for a period of five days, and after this period it is removed by the doctor. Thus, the head band is placed on the patient’s ears.

When does a person return to the normal performance of their normal life until now, having an ear surgery?

According to the people who underwent this operation, whether men or harems, each one of them lives his presence in the daily and practical world in a different way from the other, and usually females use the hair band as an accessory (hair decoration) and after the operation they return to their normal life immediately, but the men do not have that luck And they take a longer time to return to their normal life and the implementation of the hair band is more used compared to the application of the classic bandage.

How long is the recovery period in the case of plastic surgery of the auricle?

After the operation, a bandage is placed on both ears, and if there is no other problem, the patient can go home on the same day and on the day following the operation until now, the patient should go to the doctor for the bandage on the first day there is ear pain caused by Expansion and it is possible to get rid of it by taking a pain-refuge. So far, he has removed the bandages from the ears. The head band used by tennis players or the hair band used by women for a number of days should be put down. And this bandage that is placed on the head should be in a relaxed position or not with heavy pressure on the head. The head and after the operation for a while for 3-5 days, there is likely to be a slight redness with a tumor in the ear, and after this stage has passed, an improvement is seen in the ears, and the operation of the auricle is considered one of the plastic surgeries that takes a short period to recover in relation to other procedures.

The scar (edema) that forms in the ear takes two weeks to recover after the operation in order for the ear to return to its normal appearance. It takes 1-2 months, but during this stage there is no harmful and disturbing appearance of the ears. This operation is performed in the back of the ear and the wound remains in the posterior direction For the ear, so there is no trace in the ear, the traces of the wound and the stitches resulting from the operation disappear to the fullest after a stage of the operation.

What is the ideal shape of the ear?
In reality , There are different forms that are not similar in terms of race, age, gender, and ethnicity as parents and personal differences for this. The perfect ear for you is one that matches your facial features.

Is the ear likely to be formed after the accident?
Yes , But the conciliation rate is less than 80%.

Is it most likely to have an operation on a completely lost ear (from an accident or congenital malformations)?
Of course, it can be done in three or four sessions throughout the year.

What is the stage of otoplasty?
It varies between 1 to 2 hours.

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