What is a body lift?

A body lift is a similar concept to a face lift. In it, the skin and tissues under it are smoothed and tightened, unwanted pockets of fat are removed and sagging skin is eliminated. However, The most common cause of body lift surgeries is not aging. Rather, it is sagging skin that can no longer be in harmony with the features of the body due to a lack or loss of elasticity after a significant weight loss or after liposuction surgeries or other procedures that change the shape of the body.

And unlike facelifts, in which fat is redistributed, In body tightening operations, these fats are eliminated.

Is a body lift suitable for me?

Before deciding to undergo a body lift, Your weight should be relatively stable for at least a year. Women who intend to become pregnant in the near future should postpone the body lift until after childbirth.

What can I expect after a body lift?

Visible body lift results are visible almost immediately. But reaching the final results may take several months. While some scars will remain, The overall results will remain for a long time provided you maintain a stable weight and exercise.

before and after:

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