Brazilian butt

Brazilian butt

Brazilian butt

Brief summary :-

The Brazilian butt is injected with autologous fat that is extracted from the body itself through the process of sculpting, filtering and purifying it from impurities and re-injecting it into the buttocks. There are also ready-made fillers and silicone injections, and many women dream of obtaining the perfect, harmonious body that is characterized by beauty and femininity.

What is a brazilian butt?

The Brazilian butt is the round buttock lift without any sagging. This name is due to the Brazilian women’s fame for their raised buttocks that are full without any sagging.

Buttock augmentation is of two types:

  • silicone gaskets
  • Autologous fat injection, and this is the best and safest method that we use for abundant medical reasons.

Is the Brazilian butt a surgical activity?
No, it is not considered a surgical procedure, because it is done by means of a point to sculpt fats from parts such as the abdomen, lower back, sides and thighs, filter it and re-inject it again in the areas desired to be enlarged. The injected fat is taken from the body of the same case. It is compatible with body fat. Before the patient performs Brazilian butt augmentation and lift procedures by injecting autologous fat, he will need to sit with a private doctor with extensive experience and discuss a few details of the surgery with him, such as knowing the types of fat in general and the type of fat (fat) that will be He completes its use in injections in the buttock area so that he is aware of all the details of the process and feels psychological comfort.

To quickly enlarge the buttocks (buttocks augmentation) - Brazilian butt to raise the butt without exercises to enlarge the buttocks and rotate it

Brazilian Butt: What is the Brazilian Butt?

The definition of the Brazilian butt model is the round buttocks raised without any sagging.

Brazilian butt features:

Dr. Ramy El-Anany confirms that the desire of Egyptian women to have a Brazilian buttock increases as a result of:

  • To increase the amount of buttocks lost following a diet plan to reduce excess weight.
  • The desire of women to have a round buttocks and enlarge the buttocks.
  • The presence of sagging in the buttocks that appear with age.
  • The desire of the harem to have a consistent body.

Types of Brazilian Butt Lift:

Upgrading the Brazilian butt with silicone implants: Why choose female silicone filler?

A large number of women tend to raise the Brazilian buttocks with silicone fillers because it has several advantages such as:

  • No need for a long recovery period at home.
  • Doesn’t take long
  • Inexpensive in the cash price.

Are there any guidelines to follow before the buttock augmentation process: Of course, the harem who are coming to perform the butt lift operation must follow the advice of the attending physician Which includes:-

  • Refrain from smoking tobacco completely before the operation for a period of about two months to avoid any complications.
  • Do not take medications that are likely to cause blood thinners, such as aspirin.

How to perform buttock augmentation using silicone fillers:

  • Dr. Rami Al-Anani stresses the need to use general anesthesia, and that is to give the patient complete comfort throughout the operation and to avoid any unintentional movement that may lead to the failure of the surgery.
  • And then the doctor makes a surgical incision in the buttocks to insert silicone implants.
  • Then the closure of the wound is removed with cosmetic stitches that do not leave a clear trace until now.

Complications of buttock augmentation:

  • The appearance of swelling at the site of the plastic stitches and surgery.
  • Feeling of pain can be overcome by taking painkillers.
  • Bruises appear as a result of the operation, but they will pass with time.

Upgrading the Brazilian butt by injecting fat (fat) extracted from another place in the body:

Butt fat injection technology embodies one of the safe answers for women, as it does not require the introduction of foreign substances into the body and gives a natural result for the shape of the buttocks.

Advantages of using autologous fat to enlarge the buttocks:

Dr. Rami El-Anany seems to us the best plastic surgeon in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East that this technique has advantages that may benefit the harem, including:

  • The injection of autologous fat in the buttocks gives the woman a natural external appearance.
  • Not suffering from any immune rejection or sensitivity in the buttocks because it is autologous fat.
  • The result of the Brazilian buttock surgery with fat injection lasts for a longer period of time in the context of maintaining a stable weight and following a healthy diet.

Disadvantages of buttock augmentation with fat injection technique:

  • The fat may melt due to the lack of necessary and sufficient nutrients to this area.
  • It is possible that the next woman undergoing a butt lift operation suffers from extreme thinness, which does not allow liposuction from anywhere on her body, so it is not permissible to use this technology for her.
  • This process requires many preparations and steps that precede the step of fat injection and the previous steps include
  • To determine the place from which liposuction can be obtained, and thus these fats are treated to be injected again
  • in the back. All of these steps require a period of time before the operation.

Tips to be followed before performing the butt implant procedure using the autologous fat injection technology:

  • Dr. Rami Al-Anani stresses the necessity of conducting a limited number of tests and examinations to verify that he is not infected with any incurable diseases.
  • It is imperative that you abstain from smoking completely before performing the operation for a period specified by the doctor.
  • Dr. Rami Al-Anani conducts a medical interview with the patient before the operation, in order to determine the areas with excess fat, and this is for liposuction.
  • Dr. Rami Al-Anani stresses the necessity of refraining from eating any medications that increase blood flow before the operation, such as aspirin.

Method and how to perform the butt lift operation using the autologous fat injection technique:

Dr. Ramy El-Anany, the best surgeon in Egypt and the Middle East, stresses that general anesthesia should be used in such activities, because it is one of the complex activities, as it includes liposuction, treating fat and injecting it again. After anesthesia, the doctor begins to make small surgical incisions. In the areas previously agreed upon with the patient and inserting medical tubes through these incisions and liposuction of the excess fat in batches according to the size of the buttock agreed upon with the patient. Buttocks The last step is to inject the treated fat into the buttocks in specific areas to obtain the appearance of a Brazilian butt.

Instructions following the buttock augmentation process, butt lift using fat injection technology:

The instructions after the operation are one of the reasons for the success of the operation and the final result, of course. Therefore, it is necessary for the females who will undergo such an operation to adhere to it to obtain the best results. And they include:

  • Putting a compression bandage to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid sitting on the back for a period of time after the operation.
  • The appearance of bruises and swelling at the site of the surgery, but it will go away with time and the patient can practice her normal life after that.

The buttocks or the buttocks are one of the places that suffer the most from sagging and drooping with age. Or when you follow a certain type of diet and lose a lot of weight, it works on sagging skin in this area, which gives it an improper shape, Therefore, I found a butt augmentation surgery, butt lift and tightening to treat this problem, and since butt augmentation is on the minds of many women, And her role in giving her beauty and femininity to every woman, So many women went to butt plastic surgery to get a lifted butt, more rounded and attractive, and butt lift surgery is one of the operations that have spread very widely in recent times, which women perform to obtain a slender body and the consistency of all body parts with each other, Also, butt lift surgery, buttock augmentation, tightening and lifting the buttocks restores the woman’s self-confidence and sense of femininity.

To quickly enlarge the buttocks (buttocks augmentation) - Brazilian butt to raise the butt without exercises to enlarge the buttocks and rotate it

Buttock augmentation, Brazilian butt augmentation surgery:
Butt augmentation surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that work to raise, tighten and enlarge the buttocks by following a large number of modern methods and methods.

Candidates for plastic buttock surgery:-

  • Women who suffer from sagging and expensive skin in the back, Its shape becomes inappropriate.
  • Harems who suffer from the small size of the butt in relation to their body.
  • Females who suffer from atrophy in the muscles of the buttocks, which leads to their smallness and improper appearance.
  • Women with asymmetric buttocks or buttocks due to the appearance of aging factors or weight loss that resulted in a decrease in lipids (fat) within the boundaries of one area and an increase in it in another.

When is plastic buttock surgery suitable?
Buttock plastic surgery, like other plastic surgery, has certain conditions to obtain the desired result Among those conditions:

  • That the woman enjoys good health and does not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart and high blood pressure.
  • That the lady suffers from exaggerating the sagging in that area actually, So that the results of the butt lift operation are noticeable.
  • That the woman has an abundant amount of fat in the different areas of the body, In order to eliminate the transfer of fat (fat) from those places and inject it in the buttocks.
  • When the woman’s age was younger, he helped achieve impressive results from the operation.

Types of butt lift surgery:-
When the term “butt plastic surgery” is mentioned, some people think that plastic surgery is limited to augmentation only, but this matter is wrong and therefore because there are many specialized operations in the field of butt augmentation, butt augmentation, tightening and lifting the butt.

The most important of these types are:

Buttock augmentation surgery
Many harems suffer from low buttocks in an inappropriate style and style. They did many exercises to work on the shape of the buttocks and get a more beautiful and feminine appearance, but it did not work for them. Many of them resort to butt augmentation, butt augmentation, as a form of cosmetic plastic surgery, and this type participates in raising the buttocks and turning it in a more feminine way. By doing some specific steps, namely:

  • Putting the patient under the influence of the analgesic drug for the operation of buttock augmentation.
  • Effort to make surgical cracks in the rear.
  • Restore the arrangement of the muscles and tighten them to the top.
  • Excess skin is removed from the operation.
  • Effort to close the surgical incisions, and from here, the operation is concluded.

Buttock augmentation, butt lift surgery:
Few females suffer from a large number of sagging skin, especially in the buttocks area. This is annoying for a lot of women. Therefore, they searched for butt lift surgery as a better solution to get rid of these sagging by pulling the butt lift.

Buttock augmentation contributes to getting rid of excess sagging in the skin by following some steps:

Placing the patient under the general analgesic drug or the local analgesic drug, and in the event of surgical removal of the skin, surgical incisions are made to get rid of the excess skin, In the case of using a laser in the process of tightening sagging by boosting collagen production, which in turn works to eliminate the sagging of old skin and get more youthful skin, It does not lack surgical fissures, but it lacks several sessions to obtain the desired result. If the surgical incisions are made, the tightening of the skin and the excision of the excess skin and its elimination ends the work of closing the surgical fissures.

Buttock augmentation:
Buttock augmentation is one of the most common and widespread activities related to butt augmentation, It also occupies the largest position in the increase of the highest demand, This is because buttock plastic surgery depends primarily on buttock augmentation, There are different methods for buttock augmentation Among these methods:

Buttock augmentation with fat injections:-
This type is considered one of the most popular forms of butt augmentation surgery. And who aspires to enlarge the buttocks by injecting it with fat and this method is going Following certain steps:

  • The patient was put under the influence of the general anesthetic.
  • Small incisions are made for liposuction and fat injection. Liposuction and fat injection.
  • Liposuction completes the fat accumulations that are present in various parts of the body, such as fat (fat) in the lower back or the abdomen.
  • The fat is extracted from liposuction and purified before it is injected into the patient to ensure that the patient is not exposed to contamination.
  • Liposuction eliminates fat injection in the buttock area through minimal surgical incisions.
  • The incisions are closed and the operation is completed.
  • Buttock augmentation using silicone implants
  • Buttock augmentation through the use of silicone implants is one of the most common methods of butt augmentation, It is widely used in the field of butt lift surgery, and this method occurs Following a set of steps:
  • Place the patient under the effect of general anesthesia.
  • A surgical incision is made in the buttocks, about 3 cm long.
  • It is completed by performing a pocket action on the hand of the surgical incision that is located in the folds of the buttocks, for the placement of silicone.
  • The silicone implant is placed in the pocket and is directly under the skin or under the muscle, depending on the patient’s circumstance.
  • The surgical incisions are closed until now to ensure the stability of the silicone filling, and from here the operation is completed.

Benefits of butt lift surgery:
Buttock augmentation butt augmentation is one of the most common surgeries performed by many centers, The center of Dr. Rami Al-Anani is distinguished from the rest of the centers in doing this process and therefore because of the advantages it provides The most important of these advantages are:

The patient obtains satisfactory results, and one of the most important things about the quality of the center in performing the butt lift surgery is the satisfactory result for all patients, As women will get an oval, lifted and tight butt, And you will get better contours and more prominence for the buttocks area and use the latest technical methods to perform the butt lift surgery in order to preserve the center. It finds impressive and effective results after the butt lift surgery and uses the latest technologies and tools used for the operation, which performs liposuction and liposuction, which did not cause any harm to the patient, It also works to equalize the mass of fat (fat) that is located in the place where the liposuction process ended, so that it does not produce fatty lumps.

Avoid exposure to contamination during the procedure:-
When performing cosmetic buttock surgery, it is to rely on sterile and clean equipment, so as to avoid the occurrence of impurity, Just as regular follow-ups of the patient are canceled in order to find out the reality of the safety of the wound and the absence of contamination, and plastic surgery for the buttocks lacks very high accuracy, That is why the doctor provides his patients with a wonderful medical service characterized by long experience in the field of plastic surgery, She is also very professional in performing cosmetic buttocks surgery in Egypt without any complications or risks.

No scars on the back:-
A limited number of patients imagine that butt plastic surgery in Egypt will result in scars in the buttocks resulting from the surgical incisions made by the doctor, The skilled doctor makes very small surgical incisions that do not exceed 3 cm, After the operation is completed, they beautify the cracks so that no scars remain on the buttocks.

Get a natural butt:-
In some centers specializing in butt surgery, they place silicone implants without looking at the proportions of the buttocks with the body, However, the doctor is working on coordinating the final shape of the buttocks with the body and giving it a natural and decent look, whether it was with silicone or fat injection.

Activate the role of medical follow-up:-
The center grants the patient periodic follow-up with the doctor after the completion of the operation until the recovery period, so that the doctor is sure of the patient’s safety and that she is not exposed to complications and serious risks during the recovery period.

Low cost:-
The center offers its patients unrealistic prices, With the provision of medical services at the highest degree and standard, the arrangement is characterized by accuracy and honesty in dealing with the doctor, as each plastic cosmetic surgery procedure varies in price, The tightening process is not the augmentation process, it is not the butt lift process.

Complications and risks of plastic buttocks surgery in Egypt:
Buttock augmentation in Egypt is considered a surgical procedure that has benefits and risks. Unless its damage or complications depend on the doctor’s accuracy, the patient’s response to the operation, and the patient’s physical health that helps him recover simply Among the most important risks of butt lift surgery in Egypt:

  • Loss of balance so far the operation and this is due to general anesthesia, However, it will be gone by the passage of many days.
  • The patient was exposed to bleeding during the operation or even now the operation, the surgical incisions may open, and this requires careful attention in order to exceed the recovery period and work to always complete the doctor.
  • The occurrence of the so-called discoloration of the skin and the lack of uniformity of skin color, and therefore this is a repulsive and irritating issue that worries the large number of females, but medical follow-up and the description and imaging of some appropriate creams and drugs complete the reunification of skin color.
  • Feeling of strong pain, especially in the largest week of the operation, This is a natural decree issued to all patients, and the pain will disappear
  • steadily, A limited number of analgesics and antibiotics can be taken to get rid of the pain.
  • The absence of resemblance between the two sides of the rear, It is one of the most disturbing things for many harems, And here you need to return the process.

To inquire about butt augmentation in more detail, you can contact us and get all the details.


To quickly enlarge the buttocks (buttocks augmentation) - Brazilian butt to raise the butt without exercises to enlarge the buttocks and rotate it

My experience with silicone butt augmentation is rather exciting. If you’ve spent hours at the gym hoping to get a Kardashian butt in shape, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a faster and easier way. It’s important to know that butt augmentation is one of the fastest cosmetic surgeries. Flourishing write-offs are made, according to the American Society of Refinement Surgeons. Silicone implants increased 18% between 2015 and 2016, while liposuction practices (where you actually inject excess fat into) jumped 26% over the same period. Did you know that 20,673 butt augmentation procedures were performed in America in the year 2017, according to data that will be released soon from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Things you should know before you think about buttock augmentation:-

Fat injection is the most common (and best) method, while my experience with silicone butt augmentation is exciting, but fat injection is the most popular method for butt augmentation and with liposuction, which is also called a Brazilian butt lift, The doctor starts by performing liposuction – removing fat from an unwanted area, Just like the abdomen, thighs or upper back, Injecting it into the buttocks, injecting it into the buttocks, and the results are shown directly. But you won’t see the final model until now, a year of surgery. It takes time for the body to create modern blood vessels and really fuse the fat into the fat and there are dangers like blood clots, alterations of feeling, and occlusion (when the fat is launched into the bloodstream), Rather, most experts support fat injection because it is the largest option for butt augmentation.

My experience with silicone buttock augmentation:-

Very thin patients who do not have enough fat for liposuction will not be selected for fat injection, these are the women who are eligible to do silicone butt augmentation activities, butt implants lack surgery for patients for many hours during which the surgeon inserts silicone implants into the buttocks first day Handing over the operation, the surgeon will make a slight incision between the buttocks vertically so that he finishes placing the silicone implants either inside or over the muscles on all sides. Those who are not satisfied with them have implants above the muscle, and from my experience, as the fillings were placed within the muscles, the result is very satisfactory in a large and permanent as well, as this is not exclusively a good place to place the fillings only, but these fillings may hang with the passage of time and clarify a category apparent and it is usual for surgeons to use the most method and method It will be for them, so if you’re thinking of acting, ask your doctor what’s best for your situation.

Buttock augmentation with silicone implants of different sizes:-

While most women often need a fuller butt shape, it is preferable that the amount of silicone placed in the buttocks does not exceed 500, as they are bored, as the higher the amount of silicone fillings, the higher the rate of complications, You should consult the attending physician in pre-operative counseling and preparation sessions to determine the appropriateness for you.

Recovery and recovery after buttock augmentation with silicone or fat injection:

Whether you decide to get liposuction, fat injections, or silicone fillers, you can’t sit or hibernate on your back for 3 weeks now butt augmentation, says Dr. For this procedure, study the surgeon with care, and be sure to ask questions such as what your butt will look like with the passage of time, whether you are a good candidate and accident for the surgery and what the options are if you are not satisfied with the result.

(10) Facts about buttock augmentation with silicone:-

Buttock augmentation butt lift butt lift..

Characters who are in need of improving the appearance of their backside is increasing, and this idealized image of an “hourglass” has become a sought-after characteristic of individuals. Especially women, but not all people are born this way, the increase that enhances the appearance of the butt may be a hot article at the present time, and more people in the capital are taking the necessary steps to achieve this, and with the large number of options today to develop the cosmetic buttock area, The standard method of using implants filled with silicone continues to be one of the most common solutions. Dr. Rami El-Anany, a plastic surgeon, reckons that he has helped countless women achieve the aesthetic shape they want, whether it is by means of a Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, or butt augmentation using fillers. silicon, His expertise gives patients the right choice that is created especially for them and if you are considering butt augmentation with silicone implants, Here are 10 facts you should know:-

  • It’s a fact…the style of your butt changes with age.
  • The appearance and contour of the buttocks change as we age.
  • It’s hard to maintain the same hierarchy you had in your twenties, especially now that you’re in your forties or fifties.
  • Genes also play a part in the amount and style of butt you’ve inherited.
  • Diet and regular exercise can facilitate your resilience, but in a limited number of cases the only solution is to consider doing butt augmentation.

Buttock augmentation with silicone:
The buttock augmentation procedure, which is also referred to as buttock plastic surgery, It is the traditional method that people use to enhance the style and proportion of the buttocks and much like breast augmentation, The silicone butt implants are specially designed for this area to give the patient a more regular and cheerful appearance and with the help of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rami Al-Anani, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, he completes the determination of the amount and shape that the patient may need to achieve optimal results for his present physical style throughout the consultation.

Method and how to enlarge the buttocks using silicone or fat injection in the buttocks:
Buttock augmentation with silicone implants can be a more advanced procedure than fat injections or a Brazilian butt lift, but the plastic surgeon will determine where the wound will be formed and the fillings will be placed, An experienced professional plastic surgeon will make the incisions usually inconspicuous between the butt cheeks or within the lower folds of the buttocks cheeks as with breast augmentation, Butt implants can be placed over the muscle or within the muscle on both sides, which is a more invasive procedure but a permanent solution. Silicone butt implants are a much more intense procedure, but they are also a permanent solution for people who are considering cosmetic assistance to the buttocks. Patients can achieve amazing results with augmentation. Silicone Buttocks that will last longer than other liposuction alternatives Silicone butt implants are made thanks to improving the shape and shape of your intervention site to achieve the aesthetic goals you want for your butt.

Are silicone implants for buttock augmentation suitable for me?
It does not appear that other alternatives to fat injection techniques, a type of Brazilian butt lift, is the right solution for everyone, harem, or men who do not have enough fatty tissue or should limit another area of the body. It is also the single and permanent solution to achieve the beautiful buttocks and butt look and appearance they want.

Why do we use silicone implants in buttock augmentation?

Butt implants made of silicone are not the same as breast implants, which are bags filled with liquid. Butt implants are made of a soft and strong silicone material that may stand up to use and the daily tasks associated with the buttock area, sitting, standing and jogging are all general daily movements that involve the buttock area and silicone butt implants can add More natural curvature of the person’s buttocks while protecting and preserving its structure so the individual can move their daily routine.

The convalescence stage of silicone butt augmentation surgery:-
As with all surgeries, There is a recovery phase where patients get quick results with their butt implants and notice a more natural curve and shape for the buttocks area. Through my experience with butt augmentation with fillers, most patients can resume activities in an excellent way such as exercising or visiting the gym during a period of 4-5 weeks, just wait See the results It can take up to 6-9 months for patients to fully see their final results and really start loving their new look.

Buttock augmentation and tightening with silicone:-

It is possible that the buttocks area is a difficult place to define and lift even with intense weight exercises and exercise, especially if it is a sign of aging. Patients who want to cherish and recover the creation of the buttocks usually do the process of pulling the buttocks tightening during the butt augmentation activities to obtain the required general external body And if you need a more complex butt but also require a little upgrade, You can think of a butt lift procedure together, Buttock augmentation surgery is used to obtain one recovery period for both cosmetic procedures.

Surgical skill and care:-

in different position, The right plastic surgeon is crucial to obtaining the most effective results. Buttock augmentation can be very surgical and will be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon and Dr. Rami El-Anany is a top plastic surgeon who can improve your appearance aesthetically and safely while providing you with the most effective surgical care and will facilitate his experience and knowledge Achieve the end result you want.

Giving your buttocks a custom look:
It is always difficult to maintain your body the way you want it especially when you are driving and once all the activities of a healthy diet and exercise program have been exhausted, it is also necessary to resort to cosmetic assistance. Trust again.

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