What is breast reduction?

Although breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries, there are many women who suffer from very large breasts, and request breast reduction operations.

Breasts that are too large are not only an aesthetic issue, but are also related to the healthy fit of the breast to the shape of the whole body.

Very large breasts can lead to various problems such as back pain, fungus under the breast, Difficulty finding suitable bras, Traces left by the straps of the bra on the shoulders in addition to the psychological effects that cannot be ignored.

In many cases, The large chest shall have a drooping profile, Thus, the nipple is in a low position compared to the majority of breast size.

The solution to all these problems is breast reduction surgery. Through it also the place of the nipple is raised.

There are many ways to perform breast reduction surgery, and the selection of the appropriate type of surgery depends on the condition of the breast. the amount of breast tissue to be removed, body structure, The amount of excess skin that must be removed during surgery and the extent of breast drooping.

Types of breast reduction?

1. Liposuction :
Breast size can be reduced by liposuction only.

The surgery is performed through several small incisions (incisions) approximately 5 mm each. Through it, a liposuction device is inserted.

This surgery is suitable for women who are interested in a small change in the size of the breast and are not interested in the occurrence of scarring.

2. Breast reduction with areola and vertical scarring:

This surgery is perhaps the most common in breast reduction operations and it enables to reduce the breast significantly and at the same time raise it.

By the end of the surgery, a scar remains around the areola and a vertical scar under the breast folds.

3. Breast reduction with “anchor” scar:

This surgery reduces both breasts as much as possible and tightens the breasts at the same time.

The surgery can also treat breasts with a large excess of skin well.

At the end of the surgery, a scar remains around the areola of the breast. scarring extending from the areola to the folds under the breast, The scar is inside the introverts.

Despite the large number of scars remaining at the end of the surgery, However, the shape of the breast after surgery appears normal, Have a nice picture.

4. Breast reduction surgeries with re-implantation of the nipple-areola:

In this method, the nipple and areola are removed from the breast tissue beneath them. It is attached to the skin and the rest of the breast tissue is removed from the lower part of it. The surgery enables significant breast reduction and treatment of large excess skin.

This surgery is intended for women with very drooping breasts. When the distance of the nipple from the neck outlet area is too large.

What to expect after breast reduction?

After breast reduction surgery, the breasts are very swollen, And sometimes there is a decrease in the feeling of certain areas of the breast.

The blood pools are suctioned after approximately two weeks.

Most surgeons use sutures that are absorbed into the body. Thus, there is no need to remove the threads after surgery.

It is recommended to take a break of approximately two weeks at home after surgery.

At this time, pain relievers can be taken to reduce pain.

Exudate from surgical wounds often occurs for several days.

Polydin (iodine) ointment can be applied with a sterile dressing.

The final image of the breast appears within 3 months of the surgery, So don’t be surprised by the increase in breast size at this stage. swelling is gradually absorbed, The breast changes its image dramatically during the postoperative period to reach the desired final shape.

before and after :

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