neck tightening

What is a neck lift?

Neck traction surgery refers to the neck lift surgery, to tighten the neck skin and the tissues located under the skin, in order to reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles, skin folds and fat) in neck traction surgery. Which can be done as part of a facelift or without a facelift, degreasing occur excess fat, Neck muscle traction Neck muscle tightening and skin traction Skin tightening in the neck and lower jaw line and chin Modern work with a low invasive extent provides surgeries that take a shorter period of time and faster recovery times and may be the reason for a massive improvement in the appearance of the neck without the need for extensive cosmetic anatomy Without surgery, it is the latest breakthrough in the world of cosmetic medicine. It is called high-definition النحت الايوني , which works on sculpting the fat in the neck and tightening the saggy skin of the neck without the need for surgery. Click to see more about the non-surgical high definition النحت الايوني that traditional face lift procedures usually require.

The incision is completed from the edge of the earlobe to the hairline behind the ear, and the edge of the flabby neck muscle is identified, pulled and fixed back, Excess skin is removed behind the ear to hide the surgical incision, and this procedure is usually completed in half the time of classic facial traction procedures. Patients recover within about two weeks, when they can usually return to work after the largest week only with the appearance of some minor abrasions.

Is neck pull fit for me? Is a neck lift suitable for me??
The surgery treats sagging neck and sometimes slits that include excess fat. It is conducted for both men and women. who wish to have a more youthful appearance and in the circumstance of having a neck with skin folds skin folds or excess fat or fat, Exercising or following a diet usually won’t help much. Because the factors for the appearance of skin folds and fat deposits are usually caused by genetic causes or general obesity, Thus, the only treatment recommended is surgical medication.

What can I expect after pulling the neck? Neck pull?
The results of the neck traction neck lift appear immediately after the surgery and the final results may take several months to appear, so until now all the hidden swellings have disappeared and due to the method and method of the minimally invasive surgery, the scars are almost not visible and the results of that surgery are long-term.

The best treatment for tightening the neck muscles The best way to tighten the neck surgically or tighten the neck without surgery with Dr. Rami El-Anany

Serious risks:-
Risks associated with neck elevation surgery may include:

  • Bleeding under the skin (hematoma)
  • Anesthetic effects
  • heavy scarring
  • blood clots
  • infection
  • nerve bang
  • skin loss
  • open wounds
  • Another potential insecurity of neck lift surgery is that you may not be satisfied with the results you obtained in this case. Another surgery may be an option.

How to prepare:-
Food and Drugs:-

  • Your doctor may ask you to stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications days after surgery.
  • These drugs may include warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven), Heparin, aspirin and other drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IP and others).

Other precautions for neck lift surgery:-

  • Because smoking tobacco induces wrinkling of the skin and slows healing and recovery, Your doctor will recommend that you quit smoking tobacco before the neck lift.
  • Arrange for a ride home after the surgery and someone to stay with you the first night after the act.

What you can expect before surgery:
Before trying a neck upgrade, a neck lift, your doctor will consult with you to assess your health, discuss your goals and expectations for the surgery, and your doctor will then decide on the surgical technique and modality that best suits your area. He or she may suggest complementary practices such as eyebrow lift, or eyelid surgery, Or skin tightening (skin resurfacing), which may help you give the results you want, and your face will be examined and its dimensions measured, Pictures may be taken so that you can compare your appearance before and after surgery.

While doing the process:
Neck traction can be performed using sedatives and local anesthesia. As only one part of your body feels numbness or the effect of general anesthesia and liposuction is the most commonly used procedure, the patient makes a small incision behind the ears and below the chin. The associated equipment suctions the fat from the jaw line and under the beard. If your skin is elastic, The only reason for your dissatisfaction with an external body is the presence of a limited number of fullness as a result of the fat, Liposuction may give you a more defined neck, however, Liposuction will not correct the structural problems that cause the appearance of your neck. Your doctor will discuss the type of surgery that will best suit you, According to many reasons, Including the desired result, the cost, and what makes you uncomfortable with your neck.

After the operation:-

  • After the neck is strengthened, You are likely to experience swelling and injuries.
  • May require the wearing of specialized clothing that compresses the neck and helps reduce swelling
  • It may also require keeping your neck straight above your chest.
  • Do not twist or bend your neck.

It may take from several weeks to many months until the swelling and bruising disappear completely, And a period of up to 6 months until the incision lines are erased, but during the current period, Make sure to protect your skin from the sun. And don’t wear clothes that lack traction by the brain, And deal gently with the surgical incisions. Neck traction surgery aims to pull the skin, tighten the skin inside the incision area, as well as the tissues under the skin, This is to reduce the signs of aging in the skin, Such as: wrinkles, Skin folds and neck lift surgery can be done as part of the facelift procedure. Where degreasing ends the excess fat, and pulling the neck muscles (Platysmaplasty), And attract the skin in the neck, under the jaw line and chin.

Risks of performing the operation:-
Neck traction behavior is associated with some serious risks. Like the following:

  • Infection in the surgical incision.
  • bleeding;
  • scars.
  • Hypersensitivity to anesthetics.
  • nervous trauma
  • Neck swelling.

Before the surgery
Subsequent actions occur in the preoperative phase:

He finishes conducting a prior consultative meeting with the patient to determine whether the patient suffers from specific diseases that prevent him from performing the operation, Just as the science of the motive that prompted him to perform that type of surgery and the improvement surgeon studies the type, texture, and thickness of the skin, And the size of the fatty fibers under the skin to see if it is suitable for him to perform this type of surgery, and then the doctor will refer the patient to conduct multiple examinations, Such as: complete blood count, blood chemistry test, It also requires a prior image of the chest, Electrocardiography in the elderly requires consulting a doctor regarding the medications that the patient must stop taking before the surgery. It is forbidden to drink alcohol for two days before the operation, Fasting is required for 8 hours.

While the process is in progress:-
Neck lift procedure takes 2-3 hours, It is performed as follows:

  • Clean the place well. Then an incision is made in the back line of the ear to remove the folds in the skin of the neck.
  • Enhance the complexion and announce the muscles and tissues underneath.
  • pull the flexor muscles, Then remove excess skin and fat, Then sew the skin in its new location.
  • put an elastic bandage on the neck, It sometimes leaves a tube to drain fluid and blood residue from the fibres.

Post-surgical treatment:-
Here’s what to expect in the aftermath of the roqyah traction:

  • The patient remains under medical supervision for 24 hours after the stinging surgery to ensure that his condition is stable.
  • It is necessary to avoid stretching or bending the slit and the use of the facial muscles during the first days after surgery.
  • The elastic bandage can be canceled within a few days, He completes removing the stitches a few more days after surgery.
  • This may come from a little bleeding under the skin, Which completes its absorption within two weeks.
  • This may result in swelling within the surgical area, which is also expected to pass within two weeks.
  • If the patient feels pain, he can use analgesics as needed.
  • The patient should go to the doctor immediately if some symptoms appear, Such as: severe pain, purulent secretions from the surgical incision, rise in temperature, And severe bleeding.

The end result of the neck lift operation is now only a few months away. The result varies from case to case according to many reasons why many people suffer from severe sagging in the neck area as a sign of old age. Just as there are many other factors that caused these flabbiness, including excessive weight loss or prolonged exposure to the sun, and sometimes these sagging may be due to genetic factors, Therefore, neck lift surgery is the last resort for many people to get rid of these signs, and neck pull surgery in Egypt is one of the most popular plastic surgeries, Which has been in great demand in recent times, especially among women, due to the importance of the neck and neck for many women, which embodies one of the most external bodies of beauty and femininity in relation to them. Many women dream of a long and tight neck, with tighter skin and more youthful appearance. That is, they resort to the neck pull operation in Egypt, which includes the neck pull operation in Egypt to remove neck wrinkles and get rid of sagging and excess skin, And obtaining more youthful skin by secreting collagen, which is considered the necessary factor in encouraging skin cells to mature again, And work on maintaining and modernizing the area below the labia by erasing the laxity of the wattle.

Neck Lift Neck Reshaping:-

Beautification and tightening of the neck, as the neck is one of the most important exposed areas in the face and responsible for gravity are the side parts of the jaw, And the tickling area under the chin in this place can get deformities and in later stages the skin can easily sag. Moreover, the leading factor in age is one of the most important factors that cause the appearance of sagging within the borders of the neck area. It is usually called the neck of the neck with tickling. For a limited number of people, the retreat of that space leads to an external appearance that is not aesthetic at all, as from the cheeks and the jaw area itself, the sagging may be completely evident, Which leads to an aging external body also can cause a problem in eating, With the process of attracting the sea, you can get rid of all this and get a younger appearance.

What are the factors of sagging neck?
The genetic factor and also the nutritional factor in addition to the leadership in age are the most prominent factors that are the cause of the neck sagging and the need for cosmetic surgery and neck traction. In addition to that, the jawbone does not grow sufficiently and weight increases, which causes an exaggeration of the pliability of the skin in this place and thus notice flabby lines crossing over the time, The jaw becomes flat, starting from the mouth line to the jaw line and then, It results in sagging and sagging within the boundaries of the neck area.

How does a neck lift surgery happen?
Cosmetic plastic surgeries and neck pulling can be performed under general or local anesthesia, and the operation takes two hours in moderate, and then begins with an incision in front of the ear, From the bottom of the earlobe to the back of the ear and from there to the area of the scalp hair ends attracting the muscle fibers present under the epidermis, Just as the excess skin is removed to remove the present sagging. If there is accumulated fat in those areas, liposuction is performed.

Before performing a surgical neck lift: Before performing a facelift and liposuction surgery, an examination is conducted for the patient and to know the past operations he performed and the age of the patient, And also examining the jaw area and skin sagging, which enables the most appropriate operation suitable for the patient’s situation, The necessary intent of cosmetic plastic surgery and neck grafting is to eliminate excess fat in the titillation area and get rid of flabbiness, which leads to the patient feeling that he is younger and increases his self-confidence.

Healing process after neck lift and neck lift surgery:
Neck beautification lasts for a while, 2 to 3 hours, and although the patient feels a little pain on the first day, However, the patient can stop it through the use of painkillers as a result of this process. Very slight traces may remain in front of the ear or behind it. These simple traces are not very obvious from the outside, and if these traces are not suitable for the individual, he can get rid of them through the laser and the patient can wash after the day The 3rd of the neck traction operation, and you must use the bandages for 10 days. Following the neck traction, the neck tightening, the stitches are removed around the ear within ten days, and the patient can complete his daily life.

Neck traction surgery treats the excess fat and sagging skin because we want to remain young for as long as possible and that our body continues to appear in the style of the beautiful, slim and tender twenties even when we reach the fifties, The skin is the most sensitive part of our bodies to age and the climate around us. The years of age do not pass us by without letting every day a small wrinkle, a slight trace, or a loss of freshness and luster, and with the passage of years and the accumulation of its effects on us begins Our skin is in a loss of freshness and health, and it becomes clear that it is wrinkled and not tight, filled with scars and sagging, and we find ourselves losing the splendor of youthful skin with time. The skin of the face and neck is most affected and the skin of the face and neck becomes less rounded, wrinkles begin to invade around the eyes and the corners of the mouth, the jaw loses the usual roundness of its skin, and the skin of the neck becomes more saggy and larger. In the following lines, we present to you everything related to the process of pulling the buttocks, the process of tightening the neck, laser neck traction, Neck injection methods advantages and disadvantages .

What is the neck traction process? What is a neck lift procedure:
A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that aims to beautify the external appearance of the neck and get rid of excess fat, sagging and wrinkles related to age. The process depends on removing excess skin and excess skin fat and excess fat from the slit to give it a smooth and tight external appearance. The necessity of performing the neck traction and neck tightening operation is to give a more youthful external appearance, especially since the accumulation of fat at the bottom of the face, or the so-called double chin, always gives the impression of old age, no matter how young your face is.

Tighten the buttocks and the beard:-
The double pressure effect on the neck traction process, neck tightening and beautification, and in cases of rapid increase and urgent loss of a huge amount of weight, we will find that this affects your neck, whatever your age or age, and will lead to its sagging, And a few other individuals tend to accumulate and store fat, so the neck increases to several times its size, and it may even become along the chin and ears in an unattractive shape at all. At other times, with driving in old age, the neck muscles relax, causing the skin and all the fibers around it to relax, and the fat in it to be more visible. Just as neck aesthetics, liposuction, and liposuction are sometimes part of a great operation that you do to beautify and pull the face or sculpt the body.

Pulling the sagging neck, tightening the sagging neck:
As soon as the few people around them find that they suffer from sagging or some wrinkles, they panic and look at the matter as a big idea and more intimidating than what is needed by the matter, and their thoughts turn once towards solid cosmetic procedures and dragging the slaughter. However, the truth is not that harsh and severe, for the neck, its wrinkles and all the skin are many and numerous means of tightening it. Each method depends on a certain degree of slackness and depending on the circumstance itself. Some cases require a drastic change in the style and composition of the neck, which requires an operation. While the other few have a simpler case and can be treated with calmer and safer methods and means than the surgeon’s scalpel and the procedure rooms, and you only need to open the question and search for the doctor and start asking him about what succeeds in your case, even if your case is severe in need of an operation, or is it just simple drugs and will do the purpose? Often you will be able to determine the answer to these questions on your own, but asking the doctor feels safe and to follow up with you your treatment, Aesthetic surgery, whether with or without surgery, is not limited to women only, there are plastic surgeries for men as well.

Neck lift surgery Neck lift procedure:
The extraction of the slit is the last option that the doctor resorts to if none of the previous answers can cure neck sagging, Neck traction is divided into many different types that can be completed according to your need.

  • The basic operation is concerned with getting rid of excess skin, excess fat and sagging skin and removing it surgically, which allows the doctor the opportunity to draw the rest of the skin on the area of the cut. After that, the doctor stitches the wounds he made in the opening to remove the excess skin, and these wounds are often small and hidden at the bottom of the beard and ears until It does not leave visible and ugly scars, and this process takes between two and four hours, depending on your condition and the complexity of the operation.
  • There is also liposuction, which is a situation for people who are overweight or whose necks store a huge amount of fat, so they have a double chin and wattle and their necks become flabby. up to two hours, and sometimes the neck muscles need to be pulled together with the skin due to its sagging and sagging under it, thus causing it to sag.

Choosing a doctor who will perform plastic neck plastic surgery:-
When you choose your doctor who will perform the operation to tighten and remove neck wrinkles, do not rely on the most reputable and reputable one, I am looking for a doctor with long experience and strong results because it is not just an ordinary session, but rather a complete surgical operation that needs an able doctor, However, errors that may occur during the surgery can only be repaired with great difficulty or impossible to fix, and the inexperienced or inept doctor may give you a result that is the most than your desired result. Operation steps without precision, Also, many have got ugly and irreversible scars after undergoing treatment by an unprofessional and incapable doctor, and your wounds may become infected due to the negligence of your doctor, so be careful when you choose it. If you find your desired doctor, do not be confused in asking him about everything and ask him to present you with all the available alternatives to treat your condition with its advantages and disadvantages, choose for yourself and discuss with him, Also discuss your mental state and the type of anesthetic that affects you the most. Would you rather be fully asleep or would you prefer to be awake with a local anesthetic?

Before the neck lift surgery, before the neck lift surgery:
Before performing the operation to attract the victim, you should sit with your doctor and be honest with him and talk with him about your expectations and fantasies about the result after the operation, Give him a picture of what is going on in your mind and what you think and imagine, first so that he has an opinion, and secondly, in order to give you facts and logical expectations. The bump with bleeding, and if you have any kind of allergy, tell your doctor to take heed, and if you are a smoker, you should completely stop smoking at least a month before the operation and during the entire recovery phase in order to give your body and wounds the possibility of recovery and do not imagine that it is just a simple cosmetic operation, it is simple to continue on your own But make an agreement with someone to be with you for at least 24 hours after the operation, You should also be aware of the fact that the provision of protection does not cover cosmetic neck plastic surgeries like all other plastic surgeries, Unless your plastic surgery is a hygienic necessity and your doctor can prove this where you may have a possibility.

So far the neck lift surgery:-
There are many things that you can expect in the aftermath of a neck pull operation

  • You first have to abide by the doctor’s warnings and instructions to the letter.
  • You may need to tie your neck for several days with a compression bandage, so do not be lazy about it to get the best result
  • Take a two-week vacation from your work, and if you engage in strenuous and heavy physical exercises, stop doing it for a month after the operation until you fully recover.
  • Prepare the area where you will spend your recovery so that it is convenient and comfortable for you and have everything close at hand, such as a phone, clean towels, medicines that the doctor told you to take, and antibacterial creams.
  • Do not sleep fully, but put your head on some pillows to rest your neck in the aftermath of the operation.
  • Be sure to pick out clothes that you don’t need to pass across your head and neck, especially at the forefront, but find clothes that you wear easier and that don’t touch the neck.
  • Watch your wound and take good care of it. If you notice any differences in the wound, such as infection or pus, see a doctor immediately.
  • Eat healthy food and plenty of fluids to help your body process the medicine

The result of the operation will only appear until now, many months have passed, when the effects of the operation, wounds and bruises have completely disappeared, then you will find that the sagging skin has become tight and the fat neck has become thin and graceful, and it has become its intuitive and smooth features.

Damage to the process of trawling the slaughter:-

  • A limited number of swelling, puffiness, and bangs on the stinger, which may last for a while
  • Feeling of numbness or distress and torture
  • Infection is possible
  • Be careful not to develop a fever as a result of an infection or inflammation. Watch yourself carefully and make sure that you are healthy and that your wound is healthy. Mistakes are possible in this process, especially from an incompetent doctor. You may find that he removed more or less skin than necessary, and one of the nerves may be affected during his operation, an irreversible blow. Also, these procedures are not permanently accurate, but you may find a result different from what you expected, so you get frustrated, and sometimes you may need another operation, either to correct the first or to reach the desired result.

The price of the neck lift surgery price:
The price of plastic surgeries in general and liposuction procedures in particular is not the same from one country to another.
The value is not the same from one doctor to another and depending on what your condition requires in the process.

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