What is a mid-face lift?

A mid-face or cheek lift is a cosmetic surgery to restore the natural shape of the lower eyelid and cheeks. With age, the skin loses its elasticity and consistency. Which causes sagging cheeks and permanent signs of fatigue on the eyes. A mid-face lift is a surgical procedure to correct puffiness under the eyes. and dents on top of the cheek, and prominent nasolabial folds. This plastic surgery is often performed to restore a natural, youthful appearance without the need for a full face lift.

The surgeon makes deep incisions in the muscle tissue in the face. It begins with the modification of fatty tissues and muscles, then it raises the middle of the face and tightens the skin, These openings disappear inside the lower eyelid or inside the hair, So they are invisible.

The surgeon may use a small camera inserted through the openings to watch what happens during the procedure. After completion, he begins to sew the wounds and the healing process begins. The recovery period takes about one week and takes a shorter period if more modern techniques such as endoscopy are used. This operation is considered less dangerous than other facelift operations. Also, people who undergo this procedure get results faster with no significant swelling.

Is a mid-face lift suitable for me?

This surgery is considered effective for people who suffer from sagging cheeks and seek to tighten them, While the neck and chin area does not need to be tightened.

It is also suitable for people who have deep folds or lines between the nose and mouth and sagging or wrinkles in the jowl area, In addition to those who suffer from wrinkles under the lower eyelid.

In general, this process is suitable for people aged between 40 to 50 years.


before and after :

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