[:ar] The plastic surgeon Dr. رامي العناني , one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Egypt and the Arab world, says that stem cell therapy is one of the latest treatment methods in the field of cosmetics and is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the coming years.. Here it is worth talking about some details about stem cells…

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells capable of self-renewal and able to specialize and differentiate to compensate for the loss of cells within the body

Types of stem cells?

Embryonic stem cells:

They are found around the embryos, which are unspecified cells.

Stem cells of large tissues:

It is found in adult tissues such as bone marrow, blood, muscles and liver, where it repairs the body and regenerates dead cells, and it is difficult to obtain them for cultivation for medical use.

Stem cells extracted from fat cells:

It is found in fat cells in abundant quantities and can be easily obtained through fat excess operations in medical fields.

Why stem cell extract (powder)?

Production technology “freeze-drying”: Cytokines that are secreted by stem cells and obtained through microbiological processes are dealt with through freezing and drying processes to obtain the highest concentration and ease of sterilization and preservation.

High-density protein “cytokines”: Theraderm Steam Cell contains the most dense proteins (cytokines) compared to other types in liquid form.

The main components of a stem cell extract?

PDGF Platelet derived growth factor

Basic FGF Fibroblast growth factor

KGF Keratinocyte growth factor

TGF beta1 Transforming growth factor

HGFHepatocyte growth factor

VEGF Vascular endothelial growth factor

Collagen, Fibronectin

SOD Superoxide dismutase

How do stem cells work?

Building block functions: Where the stem cells move to the affected area and differentiate like neighboring cells and replace the damaged cells

Manager function: Stem cells secrete various growth factors that activate neighboring cells and produce results like medicines

What are the uses of stem cell extract?

skin: It restores the freshness of the skin and fights the signs of aging by producing collagen and helps in wound healing.

It stops and regulates the cycle of melanin formation and thus leads to the treatment of melasma (skin pigmentation) and hyperpigmentation, which is one of the most difficult problems facing a dermatologist.

Poetry: Stem cells secrete cytokines that are able to stop hereditary hair loss and work to strengthen the hair follicle and thus produce new hair. Stem cells are the only treatment for hair loss cases.

Important note:

Stem cell therapy is the latest treatment for skin and hair problems, and the patient must know that the treatment is divided into two stages, the first through injections by the treating doctor, and the second stage through home treatment, which the patient must continue to use in order to obtain the desired result, as the treatment Home treatment is an integral part of the course of treatment.