Facial Implants:

Facial implants are solid materials. They are biocompatible so that they are not rejected by the body and are specifically designed to enhance or enlarge facial features. The type and size of the material suitable for you depends on your goals from the transplant process, the areas and features you want to modify, and the surgeon’s judgment and opinion.

Chin implants:

It can increase the size and prominence of the small chin so that it fits the forehead and the middle of the face. The chin can be described as small when it disappears into the neck of a person of normal weight, Rather than appearing as a distinctive feature in the face.

The chin and nose play an important role in the coordination and balance of the face. Depending on the degree of retraction of the chin, the surgeon decides to resort to implantation, either by cutting the chin bone and bringing it forward from the inside of the mouth, or through a very small incision under the chin using local anesthetic. Usually this surgery causes little discomfort so that you will return to all your daily activities shortly afterwards.

If the choice is made to provide the bone, the operation is performed under the influence of general anesthesia, where the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth and spreads a section of the chin bone and submits it to the required level before fixing it in place with small wires. This surgery results in swelling that lasts a few weeks. Then the doctor will ask you to drink fluids only for two days, which is the time it takes for the incision to heal.

Jaw implants:

It can increase the width of the lower third of your face. small chin style, The jaw may be considered weak if it is not well defined, disappears at the neck, or descends from ear to chin rather than forming distinct angles. in some cases, Both the chin and the jaw contribute to the imbalance of aesthetic proportions and balance in the face.

Cheek implants:

Most women who have flat or sunken cheeks seek to enlarge them, as high cheekbones are an attractive feature and the perfect component of facial beauty. Cheek augmentation is performed by inserting a special material and placing it correctly over the cheekbones. For this purpose, the openings are made from inside the mouth so that no traces appear from the outside. This process leads to the emergence of some swelling and moderate bruising, and causes minor discomfort that lasts for several days. And often this surgery is performed under the influence of local anesthetic, which does not require a stay in the hospital.

Are facial implants suitable for me?

If symmetry and consistency between facial features is part of your goal, Facial implants are what is recommended to increase the size of one or more areas of the face.

Facial implants may be performed alone or as a complement to other face sculpting procedures such as rhinoplasty or ear surgery.

What can I expect after facial transplants?

The results of the transplant are visible on your face almost immediately. The initial swelling will subside within the first week with the application of cold compresses, It continues to disappear over the next two to four weeks and disappears completely within a month or two until the final results of the surgery appear.

The final results from face transplant procedures take time to appear but last forever.


before and after :

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