What is a healthy diet balanced?

A balanced diet is to contain adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, metals and fibres. Maintaining the right balance of food intake helps to eat a variety of foods to ensure that the body gets all the essential nutrients it needs. A balanced and integrated diet should lose weight.

where do I start?

Before following any weight loss diet, It must be ensured that it is suitable for the state of health, By doing a comprehensive medical examination.

The food pyramid is a good guide to knowing which foods to choose from among all food groups and which the body needs more than others. (Foods at the bottom of the pyramid are the types most needed by the body, To the top of the pyramid, they are foods that the body needs in smaller quantities.

The food pyramid has six groups: Carbohydrates – vegetables – fruits – dairy and cheese – meat and legumes – fats, oils and sweets


before and after :

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