The seventh day wrote that Dr. Ramy Al-Anani

Leading the boom النحت الأيوني in the Arab world (J plasma)

And the seventh day wrote about Dr. رامي العناني

About Dr. رامي العناني Center that it is distinguished by providing many cosmetic and dermatological services with the latest technologies in the world

Such as 4D dynamic body sculpting or النحت الأيوني

Abdominoplasty , Filler injections, Botox injections , Plasma injections for skin rejuvenation , laser hair removal , rhinoplasty , fat injections , eyelid surgery, face and body lift, and many other services…..

Dr. رامي العناني explained in his talk to “The Seventh Day” that the G-plasma is called ionic tension, It is the latest breakthrough in the world of cosmetic, There are many types of sculpting, the most famous of which is النحت الايوني , which is the latest technique in the world to sculpt body fat and tighten the skin at the same time without surgery.

And they are 6 in the whole world that they train on, of which the only one in the Middle East is Dr. رامي العناني

It is a procedure that has two branches in the latest techniques for drawing and sculpting fat with sound waves that help sculpt and loosen the fat from its place and pull the excess fat

At the same time, we help the skin and the stents in the skin to shrink in size and tighten it and be on the same mold that was sculpted by using G-plasma

And it is suitable for an area

Abdomen and back, arms, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, thighs, glands, gynecomastia in men