Laser hair removal and the appropriate age for this procedure – when is this allowed?

Laser hair removal starts thinking about it according to each case, And the nature of each girl from the other, Each girl has her own circumstances, which push her to either delay or early in laser hair removal.

but in general, The safe limits for laser hair removal remain at a chronological age ranging between 9 and 13 years. So, It is better for a girl not to do laser hair removal before this age, While there is no problem if she is over the age of 13 and does not need to remove excess hair, as the girl at this age goes through developments and hormonal changes, which makes the rate of excess hair appear unstable at such an age.

It should be noted that in this article we are talking about removing excess hair under the armpits, Or legs and even hands. Removing excess hair from the face, for example, is subject to various criteria and must be delayed until after the age of 12 years.

There are some types of laser that are used for some birthmarks in children aged one year or even less, if there are no age limits for using the laser. Usually, the treating doctor adjusts the given dose, taking into account the skin pattern and the area to be treated.

How is the process of treating unwanted hair by laser?

The laser should be applied when the hair begins to appear, The area to be treated is cleaned of any perfumes or deodorants.

followed by the start of laser treatment, Where the hair follicles absorb the heat of the laser, and within seconds, the hair follicles are destroyed and unable to produce new hair.

This method makes the skin more smooth and pure, And the beauty of laser in its high technology and its safe and wonderful results at the same time

Does laser hair removal cause skin cancer?

Laser beams are non-ionizing beams, and by their nature they do not cause cancer. Lasers have been known since 1960 AD and until now there is not a single case of cancer that occurred to the patient after exposure to laser hair removal sessions, So we can be certain that it is 100% safe and does not cause cancer.

What are the precautions that should be taken when using a laser hair removal device?

The most important organ in the body to maintain is the eyes and they must be covered by wearing protective glasses during the laser treatment session. Each laser has different glasses according to the wavelength of the laser used.

Does laser remove hair completely?

There is no type of laser that removes hair 100%, But the benefit of the laser is that the hair is poison The thickness of the hair decreases, the black hair becomes less black, and the appearance of the hair after a month or two after removing it with the laser is less intense and colourful, and therefore it is less clear than it was before the laser treatment.

It is necessary to know that the laser delays hair growth and does not remove it completely. This is important information. Because there is no limited number of laser sessions to eliminate the hair follicle.

How many sessions do I need to remove hair?

There is no specific number of laser sessions, and even if the patient does 10 laser sessions, the hair will not disappear 100%, but it will decrease in thickness and color.

Do laser hair removal sessions have complications?

One of the most important complications that we see if the device is not used in the correct way is brown spots. The patient may need several weeks or months until these pigmentation disappear by using topical bleaching creams, Therefore, there are some special precautions that the doctor resorts to before and after treatment sessions, such as preventing the patient from exposure to sunlight, It remains to determine the type of skin and the preferred type of laser play a key role in reducing the appearance of complications.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Usually the laser pain is bearable and this pain can be eliminated by applying an anesthetic cream to the hair removal site for a period of not less than half an hour before the laser.

Is laser useful in removing hair from all areas of the body?

Yes, it is useful for all areas of the body, such as the face. armpits, hands and feet.

What are the most common complications of laser hair removal?

One of the most common complications, if the device is not used in the correct way, is the occurrence of brown spots. The patient may need several weeks or months until they are removed by topical bleaching creams. Therefore, there are some special precautions that the attending physician may resort to before and after the laser treatment, the most important of which is to refrain from exposure to sunlight and to use sunscreens before the sessions are conducted in sufficient time.

Determining the type of skin and the preferred type of laser remains a key role in reducing the appearance of complications

Is laser useful in treating white hair?

The laser is only useful in black hair, but white hair does not benefit from it at all.

What are the precautions that must be taken before laser hair removal?

The most important precautions are that the patient should not be exposed to sunlight and have a tan because this has a negative effect on the laser.

It is preferable to use sunblock creams before and after laser hair removal to reduce complications.

The patient must remove any chemicals, perfumes or deodorants from the affected area or the area that will be subjected to the laser beam.

After a laser hair removal session – what are the procedures to be followed?

  • Apply cold compresses for 5-10 minutes to reduce pain and redness.
  • Apply cortisone cream after cold compresses for two days only.
  • Bathing is allowed after the laser, But it should be gentle and without rubbing.
  • Cosmetics can be used the day after the laser procedure.
  • After about 5-15 days of laser hair removal, dark hair will appear on the surface of the skin, This is hair that has been treated and not new hair growth, It can be removed without any resistance by wiping it with water and a towel, for example.
  • Apply sunscreen frequently for several months.

Are there areas that respond more to laser beams than other areas?

Yes , We have already made sure that the thicker and black the hair, the better the response rate. We must not forget that the rate of hair growth on the surface of the skin is different from one area to another. There is a home laser device called “New Rio”, but you must learn how to use it.

Do home laser hair removal devices remove hair safely without causing harm to the skin? What is the right device??


What is the misinformation about laser hair removal?

Some rumors or non-medical information have spread, especially in the recent period, that laser hair removal has many, many disadvantages to the body’s organs. We found some false information about the effects and negatives of laser rays on the skin or some body systems in general. In this article, we would like to clarify all the common and false information about laser beams:

  • Lasers cause cancer
  • The laser can be used for pregnant women and it is safe during pregnancy and has no harm to the fetus because the laser does not penetrate the lower layers of the skin, but only the surface
  • The most important organ in the body that must be preserved is the eyes and must be covered during the laser session

Is laser hair removal useful in treating subcutaneous hair growth?

Yes , The treatment for this is permanent hair removal by laser, to avoid the cause of this problem

How much does laser hair removal cost and does it have symptoms such as infertility?

The laser serves at any stage of life and there is no limit for this from a year or even less, and the cost is determined on the basis of the number of sessions that the patient undergoes according to the density and color of the hair. There is basically no truth to the occurrence of sterility or any negative impact on any part of the body, internal or external.

How many laser sessions do I need? On what basis is it determined?

Determining the number of sessions required from one case to another depends on the type and color of hair and the amount of hair.

In general, most people need from 4 to 6 sessions, separated from one session to another, a period of 3 to 4 weeks, according to the hair growth cycle, and it varies from one region to another. After hair removal, 70% of the hair dies, while some of it reappears, but it is lighter in color, less thick and able to grow, and thus is not noticeable. As for brown skin, the patient may need a larger number of sessions.

From the most groups of people who benefit from the laser device:

White skin

Black hair

Thick hair

Of course, this does not mean that others do not benefit, but to obtain the same results, we need larger sessions


What are the areas that can be treated?

The laser device can be used for all areas of the body without exception and whenever the hair is thick and black, The benefit was greater and better, You should also know that the laser hair removal device does not remove hair 100% from one session, and the patient needs several sessions between each session and the next, about a month, and you can easily notice the changes that occur with the sessions, such as:

The black hair weakens and reduces its color and loses a lot of the melanin pigment in it and becomes blonde

Thick hair becomes thinner and thinner leg

The appearance of hair becomes late and takes weeks to appear again


Can pregnant women undergo laser hair removal sessions?

Yes , There is not the slightest harm to a pregnant woman from undergoing hair removal sessions in any month months of pregnancy, And it has no harm to the fetus because the laser penetrates only the superficial layers of the skin and does not reach the lower layers only, let alone the muscle layer and the placenta. Therefore, it is very safe if used during the entire period of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.


What if I use a laser hair removal device during breastfeeding?

It is completely safe during the breastfeeding period and does not affect the breastfeeding or the mother



What types of laser hair removal devices are commonly used:

There is a different group of laser hair removal devices that differ in efficiency and effect.. It is important to choose the right device for each person according to several factors, so the device and the doctor must be chosen together, not one without the other.

Among the most famous of these devices are:

  1. Ruby Laser
  2. Nd YAG Laser
  3. Alexandrite Laser
  4. IPL photocell
    • Spread about this device – flash light (IPL) – in a great media frenzy among many women, and the main reason was the medical advertisements for this device, although it is less efficient than laser devices, It has multiple complications, but it is characterized by its lower cost than other different laser devices.

Is it true that laser hair removal is not suitable for brown skin and that it is specifically for people with white skin only?

This statement is not true at all. All studies have confirmed and proven that laser beams are valid for all skin types. Even black, but it is necessary to know how to use the laser and to be done by an expert or a specialized doctor, As it is necessary to reduce the power of the laser for brown skin.

Also, recently, new devices have appeared that take care of brown skin, in particular. Cooling devices have been added to the laser device to suit this type of skin. It is necessary to choose the appropriate laser and the appropriate power for each skin, and this requires experience in dealing with different types of skin.