In the past years, the phenomenon of many men using it, which is the laser hair removal procedure for men, has spread. Most men resort to this quick and simple procedure to remove hair in many areas of the body such as the chest, shoulders and neck, mainly from the back and armpits, as well as the beard area. An aesthetic method that many young people resort to at the present time, as well as celebrities, uses the same method to remove hair from the body by performing laser hair removal for men.

As for laser hair removal for women, it is represented in removing hair from the legs , pubes, arms, face, armpits and other areas of the body. In recent years, we have been hearing more and more about laser hair removal treatments for men, a phenomenon that is treated naturally. Yes, it has also become a fashion for men, as many men go to clinics dedicated to laser hair removal for men.

There is some information that men should know before laser hair removal for men:

Many men in the Arab world are keen to remove hair in different areas of their bodies, as part of personal hygiene and hygiene and to attract women’s attention. There are many methods of hair removal, The latest method of laser hair removal, which has recently witnessed an increasing demand, This explains the many rumors and rumors about its negative effects on the body. Especially the sensitive area. What is the truth?

Are there any negative effects of laser hair removal on sensitive areas?

Dr. Ramy El-Anany confirmed that laser hair removal does not lead to any medical damage to the sensitive area, It also does not lead to infertility as is common, And it has no negative effect on man, It also does not cause cancer. But Dr. Ramy El-Anany explains that the wrong use of the laser leads to some skin redness or unpleasant skin pigmentation from an aesthetic point of view, which can be avoided with some precautions before and after laser hair removal. In addition, laser hair removal is accompanied by some local pain, which is avoided by some local anesthetic paints, These symptoms vary in severity from one man to another. There should be an interval of approximately one month between sessions. And if the man does not notice the difference after 6 to 7 sessions, It is recommended that the hormones test to find out the cause.

The history of laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men resulted from a combination of several factors, which happened suddenly and simultaneously. First, The character of society in general and men in particular has changed. If in the past the hairy man was considered beautiful or masculine, Since the 1990s, the need for body care , including laser hair removal, has spread among men. This is within the framework of the so-called “new man” who is not afraid to show his attractive sides.

Surveys conducted in recent years show, About 10% of men resort to laser hair removal. In addition, many women no longer consider thick hair in men attractive. So they are asking for it to be removed. Especially from the chest, shoulders, back and neck. Secondly, In the nineties, advanced laser devices began to appear that enabled men to remove hair in a simple and easy way.

Laser hair removal for men has replaced the old hair removal methods, Such as waxing, which women have suffered for a long time, and the use of a razor. Men can now remove hair with laser, which is comfortable and painless, Women can also dispense with waxing in favor of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal devices work in a similar way to each other, but of course with different quality. The device emits a laser beam of a certain length that matches the hair color. The beam produces heat energy that enables the burning of the hair root. or damage it, And thus lead to a delay in its growth again or complete extermination. Thus, laser hair removal caused finding the final solution to get rid of unwanted excess hair for a long time. Also, laser hair removal has become painless. But it must be repeated several times to remove all the hair.

There are four generations of laser hair removal devices:

. The first generation, Ruby is out of use. This laser device covered 10 square meters of the body, but it did not know how to scan it all and did not have a cooling system, which made the treatment in it dangerous.

The second generation is Alexandrite. Which works on short light waves (755 nanometers). It is considered a fast device, Wipes large areas of the body and has the ability to cool. This device is intended for people with light skin, and it is an effective device that works to hit the hair until its growth stops completely..

The third generation of laser hair removal devices is Davida. It is a type of device that operates on long wavelengths of light (810 nanometers), It works over large areas. It has a high cooling capacity and is suitable for owners of dark hair and skin.

The fourth and most advanced generation is the YAG. It operates on light wavelengths of 1064 nanometers, and has completely independent self-cooling capabilities. Allows long-term hair removal. Its main advantage is that it can be used on people with very dark skin and hair. What they can also enter the club for laser hair removal.

Thus, we can say that if a device is used that does not match the color of the hair or skin for which it was prepared, In the best cases, treatment will not be successful. In the worst case, The therapist will suffer from skin pigmentation. As for those with fine and light hair and blonde skin, they were unable to perform laser hair removal. But after these developments in laser hair removal devices, it is now possible to deal with all those differences in skin color, nature and thickness of hair, and achieve results that satisfy both men and women. In any case, An examination by a dermatologist is required to diagnose the appropriateness of laser hair removal treatment.