fat injection

fat injection technique What do you know about her ?


Fat injection is one of the non-surgical cosmetic techniques that accompanied injectable cosmetic operations. It is used in a wide variety of cosmetic purposes. This new technique can be an effective way to reduce wrinkles of the face or hands, or in areas that require enhancing the volume or giving a fuller appearance than before. Where it gives safe and long-term results in addition to giving a natural appearance. In addition, it reduces acne scars, in addition to the biggest role, which is to have a radiant and more youthful appearance. By injecting human fat that is extracted from the patient’s own body, Then it is treated medically and purified well and then re-injected again in the place to be beautified – this is done through needles specially designed for areas that require augmentation, The same process can be repeated until the desired result is given.


Before we get to know more about autologous fat injection, we must know why it is called “autologous”. This is because it is extracted from the human body and re-injected and distributed cosmetically in other areas of the body, It is not possible to perform a fat transfer from one person to another in any way.


The percentage of fat in the human body varies from person to person, and body fat percentage is a measure of the level of obesity. The percentage of fat in a woman’s body is higher than that of a man’s, due to the requirements of pregnancy and other hormonal functions. The percentage of essential fat in men is estimated at 3% – 5%, And in women it is 10%-16%, after which the psychological and physical health is affected, if you say about that, Athletes ideally compete at levels of 6-13% for men and 14-20% for women, This is measured by a device that relies on “bioelectrical impedance analysis” to give an approximate percentage of the volume of fat in the body.


Is fat injection right for me? How do I know that I am the right person for fat injections?


Every person who wants to increase or fill certain parts of the body that are thin or very thin and inconsistent with the rest of the body, or there may be some areas that suffer from a lack of size, benefits from the injection technique, or specifically fat injection.


One of the most common areas where we inject fat is usually in the hands and the whole face or some parts, as in the cheeks area. We may also use fat injections to enlarge, in addition to some areas of the skin that suffer from scars and spots.


We must draw attention to an important note, Except that the ideal patient to perform this operation must first be in good health and does not have a history of patients or if he suffers from abnormal bleeding, and therefore the patient must inform the doctor of his history of patients to avoid any physical problem that may be avoided. Also, after the fat injection procedure, the patient should note that if abnormal swelling or bleeding occurs, he should promptly inform the treating doctor to take the necessary first aid.


Some of the uses of fat injections:


Fat injection technique is used to treat facial wrinkles, which are often associated with the aging process, or some early wrinkles may appear. The idea of treatment with fat injections is based on the formation or stimulation of the secretion of collagen, fibers and the basic layer of elastin after it has begun to retreat from its work, Encouraging and stimulating collagen secretion helps fight these wrinkles and give the skin a natural appearance. And combating the factors of involuntary deterioration of the skin condition due to some harmful influences such as exposure to sunlight or an unusual amount of facial movement such as a smile or expressions of sadness or nervousness and a permanent laconic face.


Side effects after the operation?


Some swelling or redness may occur. which usually appears after fat injection, Usually these swellings disappear within two to three weeks. The amount or degree of swelling that appears after the injection process depends on the sensitivity of the area where the injection process took place.


Fat extraction for re-injection


One of the biggest advantages of the fat injection process is that the body fat is redistributed from an aesthetic perspective, Where fat is suctioned and extracted from areas of the body that suffer from local obesity and fat accumulation, And then re-injected into other areas that suffer from thinness and atrophy and to increase the size of the areas where fat is transferred and injected.


This is done in one surgery. After the fat is extracted, it is filtered and deposited in a completely sterile way, and then some substances that increase the vitality of fat may be added to it, such as “platelet-rich plasma”, Then it is injected into the desired areas.


It is possible and available to extract fat from any area of the human body, This depends mainly on the desire of the person who will have the surgery, in consultation with a plastic surgeon, Among the most famous of these places are: Areas of local obesity in the abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, chest and others.


Advantages of fat transfer and injection


  1. Ease of obtaining autologous fat by using thin tubes that enter the body through small openings that do not exceed half a centimeter, so that excess fat can be disposed of in undesirable areas in order to prepare the fat and inject it into the areas to be filled.
  2. The cheapest price compared to the expensive ready-made fillers.
  3. The possibility of obtaining large volumes of autologous fat to fill large areas such as the breast and buttocks.
  4. Autologous fats are living fat cells taken from the same body. Therefore, there is no immune rejection of it and the incidence of inflammation in it is much lower than the ready-made filler.
  5. Autologous fats are living cells that live permanently and do not dissolve over time – except in a certain percentage -, It is also dynamic as it increases in size with weight gain and decreases in the case of slimming and dieting.
  6. Autologous fat can be stored and frozen and re-injected later within 3 months from the time of liposuction.
  7. Autologous fats are soft to the touch and have a texture exactly the same as natural body tissues. Whereas, the fillers do not have exactly the same consistency.


Disadvantages of autologous fat injection


When liposuction is performed, which are living cells, they need food to live, This food reaches it from the tissues adjacent to it when it is injected by impregnation, that is, without its own blood vessels. Therefore, some of these cells succeed in living due to the arrival of a sufficient amount of food to them, and others fail, die and dissolve. And after a month of autologous fat injection, the fat cells that have survived contain new blood vessels of their own, like any other fat cell in the body, and they live permanently.


As for the part of the cells that died, it dissolves, It is not possible to predict in advance how much fat will remain permanently and how much will melt. But in general, it is almost equal, meaning that half of the injected amount of autologous fat is destined to melt within a month, There is no melting after that unless the person follows a strict diet. Therefore, the surgeon injects a double amount of fat during the operation because he expects half of it to melt, But the melting rate sometimes exceeds half, so the remaining amount is less than expected, and here the frozen fats are useful to compensate for this deficiency, And the opposite may happen if the amount of endogenous fat remains more than expected, and this is rare, but it may happen.


Among the disadvantages of fat injections are also:


  • Fat melting on one side may occur more than melting on the other, causing an unevenness between the two sides. The solution is to inject the frozen self-fat stored in the hospital within 3 months.
  • Inflammation of the injected fat may occur as a result of bacterial contamination or as a result of injecting a large amount of self-contained fat, and inflammation is rare.
  • Obtaining autologous fat requires liposuction from the same person, It is never permissible to transfer fat from one person to another, even if he is the closest of relatives. This means that there is a need for the availability of fat in the body, which does not allow this to be done in skinny women who do not have an excess of fat, especially if they want to inject a large amount of fat, such as filling the buttocks or breasts.
  • Autologous fat injection requires liposuction, which requires time and surgery. This time depends on the required amount of fat, so these operations are performed under local anesthesia if the amount to be filled is small and with general anesthesia if it is large


Despite the previous negatives, the advantages of autologous fats far outweigh them. It is a very safe and effective biological method, Its popularity is increasing day by day.


Autologous fat grafting is a procedure intended to transfer fat from one part of the body to another, This procedure aims to transfer fat from an unwanted place where fat is present to another place in order to beautify it.


Although it is a relatively simple procedure, Except that choosing to do it is a big decision, As this procedure can be costly, Also, results cannot be guaranteed. There are risks to consider.


Is autologous fat injection permanent?


The results of autologous fat injection can be permanent when the fat injection process is done efficiently, By a highly experienced plastic surgeon. But in fact, the length of time in which the injected fat can remain in the body varies, In some cases, it may remain for up to 3 years. And sometimes it may stay for 5 years, It really comes down to the experience of the doctor. The main advantage of fat injections is that they do not need to be injected every month to confirm the results. Thus, its results can be considered permanent. As long as there is weight maintenance.



Fat injection conditions for better results


When transferring fat, it must be injected into a new place so that this fat, which is basically living tissue, gets, It has a blood supply that provides oxygen and nutrients that allow it to continue indefinitely.


MRI studies have shown, that when proper technique is used the injected fat persists in the long term, As living tissue at the site where it was injected.


What is the process of autologous fat injection into the breast?


Breast fat injection is a surgical procedure in which the breast is enlarged by suctioning fat from different parts of the body and injecting it into the breast. Breast augmentation with autologous fat injection is an option for breast augmentation for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and prefer natural results, Or women who have asymmetry in the size between the breasts.



Breast fat injection results


Women who have undergone fat injections to the breast can see the final results between six months and a year, Although an immediate change in volume is observed after surgery, However, the final results take some time.


Over time, the new fat cells acclimatize to their new location in the breasts and gain a blood supply. But not all of the injected cells adjust to their new position and some are eliminated naturally through the body.


There is no harm in undergoing additional fat injections to increase its results, As long as the patient is still a good candidate.


What is the process of autologous fat injection in the buttocks?


Autologous fat injection to the buttocks, or as you know fat injection to the buttocks, has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, Because it is not only limited to increasing the size of the buttocks, but also to get a better butt shape, and re-sculpt the entire torso, Including waist, abdomen and thighs.


As with any surgical procedure, There are risks associated with butt fat injection, such as:


Blood clots and pulmonary emboli.




changes in sensation


Poor wound healing or scarring.


irregular shape. Fatty embolism.


Autologous fat injection in the face and its advantages


Facial fat injections can be an effective way to reduce wrinkles, Reducing acne scars and restoring a more youthful appearance to the face by injecting human fat collected from the body. During the facial fat injection procedure, plastic surgeons enhance the fullness of the face, fill in deep wrinkles, reduce facial wrinkles, And fill the lips.



The results of fat injection in the face are immediate, Initially treated areas may appear bulky due to swelling. as time passes on, swelling will subside, Real results can usually be seen within three to four months. After this period, You may lose fat from the injected areas as the body metabolizes it.


Hand fat injection process


During the technique of autologous fat injection for the hand, fat is taken from the same person to beautify and redefine the contour of the hand, The fat cells are removed by liposuction from the donor area, Where the presence of fat is undesirable, It is usually around the navel, thighs or buttocks. This is done using a small needle attached to a syringe.


Fat cells are purified and processed, Then it is injected into the wrinkled area using a dent, Because there is a fairly high rate of re-absorption of fat cells in the body, The doctor will likely fill in the treated area. The procedure is often performed on other facial wrinkles at the same time. Where enough fat is harvested.