[:ar] Dr. رامي العناني , a consultant plastic surgeon and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons – England, explains that the effects of premature aging, whether in men or women, are due to many reasons, some of which are genetic (where the genetic map of the person who suffers from this is limited in small quantities of fat cells in the face, and on the contrary, they are in large quantities in other areas such as the abdomen and buttocks).

There are other reasons such as organic diseases, rapid weight loss, or improper diet.

Hence the idea of dislocating and extracting fat cells from areas where fat cells accumulate a lot,

So that the area with local obesity is sculpted and at the same time the extracted fat cells are processed so that we get only healthy and young fat cells.

These cells are then injected mixed with high percentages of stem cells, which work to maintain and constantly renew fat cells while adding luster to the skin so that the patient reaches the desired result at the end of this procedure by obtaining a harmonious face full of skin freshness.

There is an injection of prepared stem cells, which are the mother cells from which all cells of the body arise,

Here lies its secret, as after injecting it, skin cells are stimulated to renew and maintain the fullness of the face by extending the life of the fat lining the face.

PLATELETS RICH PLASMA There is platelet-rich plasma that is extracted from the blood as it contains vital factors that help to renew facial cells and re-growth of tissues that suffer from atrophy, This is also one of the latest methods used globally to replenish the face.

(HYALOURONIC ACID) It is considered one of the most famous substances that are also used to treat thinness, as this substance enters the formation of vital tissues in the body and is prepared in specialized laboratories abroad, and its effect temporarily disappears after a year or two.

Hence, it should be noted that there are materials on the market that are manufactured for the same purpose and last a long life, but it is advised not to use these materials, as they have been proven to be industrial materials that cause harm to the body over several years, and they are not licensed by the World Health Organization and ministries of health around the world. [: ]