1- The diet that works to reduce weight quickly is an unhealthy and ineffective diet. the weight you lose fast, Get it back quickly.
2- Eat the three meals without skipping a meal, The time between meals shall not be less than five hours. It is possible to eat from 4 to 5 small and light meals, taking into account the division of calories that the body needs daily on these meals.
3- Drinking plenty of water helps you lose weight. It is possible to drink the fluids allowed during the diet, Such as tea, coffee, nescafe, hibiscus, mint, cinnamon, star anise, Lemonade.. It is preferable to have tea and Nescafe without milk. Or skimmed milk with the use of a sugar substitute.
4- When you feel hungry between meals, Fresh vegetables such as cucumber and lettuce can be With less fruit between meals, except when feeling tired, In this case, you can eat an orange, grapefruit or tangerine, It must be remembered that the fruits prohibited during the diet; she: mango, dates, figs, bananas, and grapes.
5- Do not eat unless you are hungry. It is best not to eat foods while watching TV.
6- Eat protein at every meal, Eat only carbohydrates with breakfast. And remember that vegetables are the main ally in your weight loss journey.
7- Changing the types of foods ensures that you do not feel bored and stop dieting. Taking into account that the items that are changed or replaced are close in price. (You can replace carbohydrates with each other and proteins with each other)
8- It is preferable to change the diet followed weekly, body weight once a week, Eat one of your favorite foods at the end of each program.
9- Don’t be hard on yourself by depriving yourself of all your favorite foods. That would be reason enough to stop dieting. So it is possible to eat a small amount of one of the favorite items. Paying attention to the amount of calories you ingested.
10- The second major ally in your weight loss journey, Sports. Practicing light and regular sports such as walking for an hour a day greatly helps in losing weight, reshaping the body and preventing flabbiness.