Many women and men are looking for an ideal treatment for the problem of reducing their nose without surgery, because of the lack of

The consistency of the nose with the rest of the facial features, and the reason may be due to the fact that the nose is not completely consistent with the shape of the face, and this is

It causes them a lot of embarrassing situations, and fortunately, a new method has been invented in cosmetic medicine that can help

To solve this problem without going back to surgical rhinoplasty, which is the method of injection with filler or Botox

Filler is an oblique material that helps to increase and fill the spaces and extra cavities of the nose and reduce the nose

Many people are afraid of reducing the nose with fillers, why? Because she hears a lot of rumors: that the filler

It is absorbed through the body and causes it harm, but this is not entirely true, because the filler used to reduce the nose is not

Surgical is made of 100% natural materials found from inside the human body, which means that it has no harm in using it by injection to reduce the nose without surgery.

Where the filler helps to raise the bridge of the nose for the patient who has a depression in the bridge of the nose, which gives a beautiful and attractive appearance to the nose and the filler lasts for a year and then we need to re-inject it again

It also benefits women with a flat, wide nose, as it helps to raise the nose and reduces this flatness, and the filler helps to fill the spaces inside the nose and the excess cavity of the nose, which shows the reduction of the nose.

As for Botox, it helps reduce muscle activity, causing it to relax and stop lowering the top, which leads to a slight rise in the top of the nose without surgery by injecting a small amount of Botox.

Botox is used in a descending nose because it works to raise it without surgery through an injection through a muscle that pulls the top of the nose down, which leads to the muscle relaxing and stopping, all of this helps a slight rise in the top of the nose without surgery by injecting a very small amount of Botox .

So, it is possible for Botox injections to work on both sides of the nose because it works to relax the muscles that cause the expansion of the nostrils, especially during speech or laughter, which leads to a relatively small size of the nose bunny without surgery.

What are the most important advantages of reducing the nose without surgery?

1- The nose is reduced without surgery, so it does not need general anesthesia and stay in the hospital for a long period of time.

2- The patient does not need to enter a recovery period after the nose reduction injection, but will quickly return to normal life

3- The nose reduction procedure is performed within only ten minutes and without pain, so the patient did not feel any pain at the time of the injection

4 – Simple nasal modifications can be done by injection without surgery for the patient

At the time of injection nose reduction and modification, the patient will participate in the evaluation of the modifications through a mirror, where he will be asked

From the doctor if the adjustment is appropriate or not, and increase or stop when the appropriate stage of adjustments is reached during the time of injection for the patient.

The complete opposite of surgeries in which the patient needs general anesthesia and does not see any results until after the operation is completed.

How is the nose reduced by injection?

First, a local anesthetic is placed for half an hour to an hour, except for about a quarter. After that, the patient does not feel any pain and is given

A mirror for the patient for the doctor to participate in the adjustments to reach the appropriate shape of the nose, then Botox and Filler are injected

According to each case, you need to solve the problem in the appropriate places to obtain the required modification.

Is the reduction of the nose by injection always continues?

No, since the modifications and reduction of the nose with fillers and Botox lasts from six months to about a year.

Do injections to reduce the nose cause side effects?

Yes, as the patient will appear after the injection of temporary redness and swelling in the area and it will disappear within several days

Can the injection solve problems other than reducing the nose, such as internal blockages and difficulty breathing?

No, the injection cannot solve the problem of internal blockages and difficulty breathing in the nose. Rather, the injection only works to modify and improve the external appearance of the nose.

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Hence, injections of Vir and Botox helped to improve the external appearance of the nose without entering surgical nose surgery and reduction, which helped to facilitate this type of simple non-surgical operations in increasing the success and continuous spread due to the ease and speed of this type of filler and Botox injections for women and men.