breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very simple and easy process through which the breast size is increased from its normal size, by adding a silicone filling through a surgical opening under the breast and through which the silicone filling is inserted in the area under the breast, which is called the breast muscle, until the breast appears in a wonderfully attractive way for women. To complete the features of femininity in women and to show the breast area in an ideal attractive way.

Because many women feel that their chest area is too small and feel a lot of embarrassment for not wearing clothes that show the breast area in an attractive way, so you want to get the chest size corrected so that it appears consistent with the shape of the body.

But if you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to take time to think and obtain more information so that the breast augmentation surgery is completed easily and safely without any complications or side effects, and a doctor must be chosen carefully and have high experience and extensive skill in The field of breast augmentation so as not to appear any complications or side effects that are difficult to solve after breast augmentation surgery.

Because breast augmentation surgeries in which silicone implants are implanted, they are implanted under the chest muscle, and the operation must be done with a general anesthetic, or a local one according to the doctor’s choice. If the anesthetic is general, you must fast six hours before the operation, and the recovery period needs from one to two weeks to recover. Then you can go back to normal life

However, there is a lot of common misinformation about breast augmentation with silicone that leads to fear and avoidance of silicone breast augmentation, namely:

The most common misinformation about breast augmentation with silicone:

Silicone implants cause cancer:

This is very wrong information, because silicone implants have been used for more than fifty years and are licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health, and many studies have been done on them to ensure their safety and it has not been proven that they cause cancer in any case, because they are safe and medical. It also helps to solve a problem Small breasts without causing any health problems or symptoms.

Breast augmentation gives an exaggerated appearance and appears unnatural:

This information is incorrect and does not have any facts at all, because silicone implants have developed in recent years until they have many shapes and are available suitable for every size and every breast needs a different size from the other, so when silicone is inserted in the breast area, the size is suitable to the size of the breast It is not less than necessary or more, but the size is 100% suitable, because the specialist doctor who performs the breast augmentation process will take accurate measurements of the breast area until the appropriate size for silicone is chosen.

Water and salt fillings are better than silicone fillings:

Very wrong information, because the use of water and salt fillings has many problems, which is that with time, water leaks with the passage of years, which leads to a small breast size and a return to its first size and a change in shape appears, Also, its texture on the skin does not show it in the natural way, For this reason, many cosmetic medicine doctors advise patients who want to undergo breast augmentation to use silicone implants and not salt water implants.

Silicone implants need to be changed every ten years.

This is a misconception because in the past, silicone fillings were made of liquid silicone, and now the manufacture has been changed until it becomes a flexible cohesive that does not cause any problems or errors, For this reason, do not replace the filling unless there is a necessary reason that it is recommended to replace it.

Breast augmentation prevents breastfeeding:

A false idea and 100% false information, because the method that is used to insert silicone fillings helps the contact of the epidermal glands with the milk ducts and the nipple.

The doctor must have high experience, skill and wide accuracy in the field of cosmetic medicine and be specialized in this type of operation, and the original silicone types must be used and make sure that they are actually the original medical and not the traditional, because these types are completely safe and there are no types of Risks or damages, as is said in the wrong information spread at the present time.

A large and full chest is one of the elements of femininity and beauty that many women seek to obtain. Which makes many of them have to resort to a lot of plastic surgeries for the purpose of breast augmentation, Among the methods of breast augmentation is the use of silicone to obtain larger breasts, but despite the success of many of these operations and obtaining results that satisfy many women, there are many risks of using silicone for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation with silicone depends on making a hole in the breast from the bottom or from one side and inserting silicone implants inside the breasts, and of course because it is an unnatural substance present in the body that brings it many risks.