Abdominoplasty – what is it?

Abdominoplasty surgery and getting rid of fat is one of the branches of plastic surgery, Which has become the aspiration of both men and women. The patient resorts to this operation to treat excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area through surgery, After it has given positive results quickly and in a short time, especially those people who have lost the restoration of their body shape after harsh diet operations, and with which they lose a large weight, but with sagging skin.

We also find that many women have become accepting of such operations, especially after repeated pregnancy and childbirth operations, which leave a negative impact on the skin of the abdomen in particular. Where the skin is affected and suffers from sagging and lack of aesthetic shape of the abdomen, which affects the general appearance of the woman and of course is reflected on the psychological state of women in general.

Surgical tummy tucks are divided into two parts:

  1. Full abdominoplasty
  2. Mini tummy tuck operation or what is known as Tummy Tuck

Full abdominoplasty:

Abdominoplasty and the removal of excess fat from the side and back as well, And removing the excess and sagging skin from this part by making horizontal incisions in the skin, which are determined by the extent and difficulty of the surgery, For example, some cases need to make a new navel (abdominal umbilical cord) or use the previous navel as the case requires and what the doctor deems appropriate for the patient, In some cases, for women who have had previous caesarean deliveries many times, this operation can be done with the help of making an incision on the line of the previous caesarean section, which may be visible on the skin. And then remove the excess fat and tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Mini Tummy Tuck :

As is clear from the name, it is a mini-process of the major process. It is for patients who suffer from only a small amount of excess skin as a result of a severe diet and flabbiness in the skin that does not respond to exercise and the skin does not return to its normal condition again.

This operation depends on removing the skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen through a small horizontal incision above the pubic area. Sometimes the muscles are also tightened. In this type of operation, we do not make any incisions around the navel. which may have some stretching a little bit to become differently, Sometimes liposuction is also done at the same time (tummy tuck and excess skin). Therefore, it is better to do liposuction instead of tummy tuck for younger patients who have good skin quality in terms of skin elasticity and thickness, This is in the event that the main problem is an increase in the concentration of part of the fat in the abdominal area.

What is done during the operation?

This type of tummy tuck is often done under general anesthesia and is the most common. Especially in cases of full tummy tuck operations. Or that the patient will do more than one skin tightening in more than one place. During the tummy tuck, small incisions are made. Then the excess fat is removed and the incisions are closed.

Who are the best candidates for this operation, abdominoplasty?

The best candidates for this operation are people who have loose and flabby skin under the abdomen, Where excess fat and skin are removed through this operation, And also women who underwent caesarean section and often have an appropriate weight, But they have accumulated and excess fat in the abdominal area and also some excess or saggy skin in this part, This process is the best way for them to reach the desired result. Also, skinny women who have loose skin and wrinkles due to pregnancy are among the best candidates for this procedure and they will get a very good result.

Which cases are not suitable for them to perform this operation?

People who suffer from overweight and general obesity in all parts of the body, this process is not suitable for them. It should also be noted well that this type of operation is not a treatment to reduce weight or treat obesity – this type is to treat flabby skin and fat concentrated somewhere in the body, and all other ways to get rid of this local increase have failed, All that was left was surgery. It is better for obese people to have an operation to remove the accumulated excess fat, or to follow a diet and diet to reduce weight , and then follow up on exercise and follow up with modern body tightening devices, If the doctor does not find a positive result, he then decides to perform an operation to remove the loose skin resulting from low weight and to perform a tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck procedure may not be suitable for people who suffer from a protruding abdomen and no flabbiness or fat under the abdomen. Abdominal protrusion is often associated with the accumulation of fat in the upper part of the navel (like most men) or due to high intra-abdominal pressure and is often present with the abdominal wall. flabby and weak or Accumulation of fat inside the abdomen and around the intestines, Therefore, conducting this process may not be suitable for this type of person, in the end the result will not be as desired or expected.

It is also inappropriate for women who are planning to become pregnant again to consider it. It is best to get pregnant before this operation. After you have decided to make do with children, They can then perform this operation, Although this process does not conflict with pregnancy, the shape of the abdomen may change during pregnancy from time to time.

Finally, people who suffer from serious chronic diseases such as diabetes, especially fluctuating and unstable, and acute respiratory diseases, who are treated with high doses of cortisone. or with a history of pulmonary embolism or active thrombosis, Or those who smoke at a high rate and people who suffer from a hernia or an incision in the middle of the abdomen, such operations are not suitable for them.