The treatment of scars and the effects of pimples is a natural problem that appears to many people due to health reasons or the exposure of the skin to injuries and accidents, which shows the effects of scars, so the Microneedle device was invented to help treat scars and the effects of pimples on the skin and skin, as it works to eliminate all skin problems such as eliminating It also stimulates collagen in the skin and renews dead skin cells, making it youthful, hydrated and smooth.

Reasons for using the Microneedle device in the treatment of scars and acne scars:

The Microneedle device works through radiofrequency energy, as it is entered very deeply into the skin, which works to treat scars and the effects of grains, renew skin cells, increase collagen percentage and eliminate wrinkles permanently according to the number of sessions needed by patients, and tightens sagging skin in the face and works to hide Acne effects, reduce large pores, rejuvenate skin cells and make them more youthful and beautiful.

How to use Microneedle in treating scars and acne scars:

The medical team will first determine the condition and problem, and then the patient will be given a local anesthetic, then the microneedle will be directed directly into the skin at a certain depth, The radiofrequency energy is then released into the skin. This gives more consistency to the deep tissues that will stimulate the collagen ratio and the production of new collagen fibers. The tip of the needle contains very small gold needles that act as an internal conductor. Each needle in the array is insulated at the tip

The Microneedle device shows at the end of the needle a group of golden needles, which are very small, they act as an internal conductor. .

The microneedle system is completely different from laser treatment, because the light electrical energy that is used through the laser negatively affects the dark skin.

As for the microneedle device, it transfers thermal energy to the skin from the end of the needle. It is transferred from the circle of the point to the neighboring areas, causing the renewal of skin cells and stimulating the proportion of collagen in the skin. The needles are also completely insulated, And the small holes that are created are not exposed to thermal damage during emissions by microneedle, which in turn reduces side effects, so it does not cause any harm to the skin, but rather works to rejuvenate dead skin cells. And re-stimulation of collagen in the skin and skin and tighten sagging.

Is Microneedle safe on the skin in treating scars and acne scars?

Yes, practical studies have proven that the Microneedle device works through radiofrequency energy that enters the skin more deeply, making it completely safe on the skin. The skin does not cause any side effects, only some simple superficial wounds that can be hidden through medical creams within only a week and do not cause any side effects.

Are there complications after the treatment of scars and the effects of grains with the Microneedle device?

Indeed, some minor complications will be noticed, but soon they will disappear, as after each treatment session, redness and slight swelling appear after 24 hours after each session in the areas where the microneedle was entered, and it can be hidden through the use of make-up to cover Swelling and redness so as not to affect normal life and daily activities.

What is the best treatment for scars and acne scars with a microneedle device or a laser?

The treatment of scars and the effects of grains through a microneedle device is much better than laser treatment, because the laser works with one wavelength and with light only and has many defects because the light in the laser can greatly affect the color of the skin and cause it harm, which means the appearance of negative effects, as for the microneedle It works only with the radiofrequency energy system, it enters the skin very deeply and is able to treat scars and the effects of grains, renew dead skin cells and stimulate collagen in the skin. For all skin types and is not affected by dark spots and pigments that are found in the skin, but works to eliminate them permanently, so the Microneedle device is considered one of the best devices that have appeared in recent years that work in eliminating skin problems and treating scars and the effects of grains.