Laser hair removal for the face makes you say goodbye to the traditional methods of getting rid of excess hair, which cause allergies, grains, brown spots, redness and skin irritation such as wicking, mousse and wax. But the emergence of the technology of laser hair removal for the face protects you from all these problems and also helps to restore the smoothness and luster of the face and brighten the skin.

How does a laser hair removal device work?

The laser hair removal device works to destroy the follicle from the roots through thermal light rays absorbed by the melanin pigment cells located in the stem and root of the hair, which helps reduce hair growth and delay its appearance again.

Is laser hair removal for the face harmful to the skin or not?

ازالة شعر الوجه بالليزر

Many women ask about it, but before knowing the answer to this question, we must know

What are the benefits of laser hair removal for the face?

  • The laser hair removal process for the face lasts for 6 months before the hair grows again.
  • The laser is a fast and effective way to remove unwanted hair by exposing the hair follicles to the laser beam.
  • The patient must undergo 3 to 7 laser sessions to obtain effective positive results and permanently eliminate hair.

What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal!

We all know the terrible possibility of laser hair removal for the face, but sometimes it causes the appearance of pigmentation, and the laser also sometimes leads to redness and swelling of the treated area and causes itching for a few days after the laser session. All of this can be avoided by using some protective creams before and after laser hair removal while avoiding exposure to sunlight, as well as the safe use of laser hair removal devices by professionals that protects against these symptoms.

What are the reasons for the growth of facial hair and mustache for women?

ازالة شعر الوجه بالليزر

Sometimes some girls and women suffer from the problem of polycystic ovaries, which increases the male hormone, which results in the appearance of excess hair in many areas of the body such as mustache hair, underarms and between Thighs and thick black hair on the face, and this is due to the increase in testosterone, which leads to an increase in excess body hair and sometimes the roughness of the voice in women.

Does laser hair removal for the face help in its appearance again?

Certainly, laser hair removal for the face reduces its growth, and thus helps not to reappear according to the density of facial hair and the number of sessions that are determined with the specialist doctor.

What is the appropriate device in laser hair removal for the face?

ازالة شعر الوجه بالليزر

The device that must be used in laser hair removal for the face is Alexandrite Laser, this wonderful device that hits the hair from the roots until it kills its growth and differs greatly from other devices as it is safer and this device is designed to give effective results in removing facial hair without leaving any It has a negative effect on the skin and has many advantages such as!

  • A strong and effective result in eliminating excess facial hair and reducing its growth again.
  • It does not leave any trace on the skin, but on the contrary helps to lighten the skin.
  • When the Alexandrite Laser device is placed, the patient does not feel any pain, and it preserves the tissues adjacent to the hair

It is also suitable for all types of dark and light skin.

Finally, after knowing all these wonderful features in laser hair removal for the face, you must say goodbye to the traditional methods that cause you a lot of problems and use this method because it is the safest way to maintain the freshness, beauty and smoothness of your face skin.

As for obtaining the super freshness of the skin, you can consult a doctor by resorting to the plasma injection technique, and in the event of skin wrinkles, they can be treated using filler injections or Botox injections , according to the type of wrinkles, especially using hyaluronic acid.