Fillers are injected under the skin to hide wrinkles and dark circles.

It is also used in restoration in cases of loss of a large part of the tissue due to the person’s exposure to an accident, injury, health or disease problem in areas affected by age and exposure to the sun.

And the psychological pressures of life and some of the natural factors in our lives and wrong practices

and usually like

The habit of smoking, drinking alcohol and other influences that affect the appearance and beauty of a person over time, and the more a person gets older, the lower the percentage of collagen in the body, which appears on the person’s face pale and skin is not fresh, wrinkles around the mouth and dark circles,

Therefore, many women seek to get filler injections, because it helps to end the problem and fill the cavities and voids that appear in the skin and the face and make it more advanced in age and helps to increase the percentage of collagen in the body that leads to freshness, beauty and moisturizing of the skin and makes it thicker and younger, and the filler is one of the The most important and most powerful means of cosmetics in the field of cosmetic medicine, because it shows the skin completely free of defects and gives smoothness, attractive beauty and tightening of the face and makes it free of sagging and wrinkles. It also tightens the eyelid from sagging and makes it more youthful.

What are the uses of filler injections?

Filler injections are used in many areas of the body and face, and the thickness and quantity varies according to the muscle and the place where the filler is injected.

It also uses filler injections in many different places in the body, and the filler material varies according to the area and muscle in which it is injected, the choice of material and quantity to be injected according to the place, and the choice of the doctor who injects you with the filler. It is preferable for the patient to continue with the same type of injection that was previously injected.

Also, the results of the filler are immediate and appear immediately after the filler, and the patient can see the difference before and after after the session ends.

Filler injection is used in

Lip injections are lip fillers injections

cheek injections

dark circles injections

And the area under the eye, such as sagging, hollows and spaces that show the eye the oldest age and show the person at the age of old age

Filler injections also help in rhinoplasty, where the filler also helps to raise the bridge of the nose for a patient who has a depression in the nasal bridge, which

It gives a beautiful and attractive appearance to the nose and the filler lasts for a year and then we need to re-inject it again.

It also benefits women with a flat, wide nose, as it helps to raise the nose and reduces this flatness.

The filler helps to fill the spaces inside the nose and the excess cavity of the nose, which shows the reduction of the nose

The filler also works to increase the size of the chest, increase the breasts in women, and the appearance of the features of integrated femininity in women.

Buttock filler injection

Injections and augmentation of the buttocks, increasing its size and highlighting its beauty

It also treats scars in the human body and is permanently hidden through filler injections

Is the filler injection used for a long time during the injection?

No, the filler injection does not exceed a quarter of an hour to half an hour to fill the voids and cavities and treat all problems by injecting the filler under the skin

Which leads to the rejuvenation and beauty of the skin and its appearance at the age of twenty and the face appears fresh, smooth, beautiful and attractive.

Types of filler injections:

There are two types of filler injections, temporary and permanent

Permanent filler injections: This type of injection is one of the most used methods in the past, but it has many problems because it is 100% synthetic. Which leads to a lot of problems such as not removing these materials easily. Surgery must be performed in order for these permanent materials to be removed.

Because of the appearance of dry lumps in the areas that were injected with the permanent filler, as they are artificial materials that the body refuses to accept and reject and meet with sensitivity and swelling, so a surgery is required until all these problems are resolved because it can cause very many problems and complications on the face and body.

The other type is temporary filler injection:

These materials have spread greatly recently because they are safer and their problems are much less than permanent filler injections

Its injections last from 8 months to a year and are extracted from 100% natural materials and can be removed easily without surgery if some minor problems appear.

What are the benefits of filler injections?

The filler is characterized by many amazing benefits that have been able to fascinate the doctors of plastic medicine and the people who have had filler injections.

Because the filler is used in the thinness of the face resulting from a harsh diet regime or thinness due to psychological reasons or genetic factors

The filler is also used to treat pallor of the skin and face, which gives freshness and vitality to the skin after its use

The filler also helps to eliminate the thinness of areas of the body such as the buttocks, buttocks and legs

The filler treats the thinnest hands in the event that the person suffers from severe thinness, as well as wrinkles of the hands

One of the amazing benefits of the filler is also that it helps to eliminate dark circles around the eyes and tighten the sagging under the eyes

The filler is the least expensive compared to other materials in the field of cosmetic medicine, and its results appear in the same session.

What is the difference between natural injection and industrial injection?

The natural injection is very different from the synthetic injection

In the injection technique, several different materials are used, including natural ones such as fat cells or collagen, including industrial ones

Such as synthetic polymer or hyaluronic acid

As for animal collagen, it is extracted from animals, specifically cows, and it is one of the most widely used materials in facial filler injections.

However, animal collagen, its results do not last as long as other types of fillers, but it lasts from 4 to 6 months approximately

Then it must be re-injected again after the end of the period. It must also be ensured that the person who wants to perform the filler injection does not have any allergies or health contraindications that prevent him from using the collagen filler.

As for the second type, the industrial polymer, a substance that is chemically manufactured from several compounds, is completely safe on the skin, as it is used to eliminate wrinkles and completely hide them from the face.

Thirdly, autologous fat is one of the best types of fillers, because it is one of the fats extracted from the person’s own body, and it is the best type to be used in the face area, as it does not cause allergies to the person, as it is a 100% natural substance from the body itself, and the fat is extracted from another area of the body and then inserted In a technical device to expel impurities and then it is injected again in the face area.

Fourthly, hyaluronic acid is one of the most prevalent and common types in the field of cosmetic medicine compared to auto-fats and polymers, because it does not cause allergies and its effect lasts for a year.

The most important conditions before the filler injection:

A person who wants to perform a filler injection should not take aspirin ten days before the injection, but if the person has an infection or a virus, it is recommended to take antibiotics to eliminate them, and vitamin E should be stopped.

What are the side effects after filler injection?

There are some minor side effects that appear after the filler injection, such as

Redness, swelling, and simple swellings are hidden within a few days, and bruises and blue spots may occur similar to those that a person gets after drawing a quantity of blood and disappear after a few days without leaving any trace.

Is there a specific age in the filler injection?

There is no specific age for using filler injections

The most important complications of filler injection:

It is not possible to have complications with temporary filler injections, but asymmetry or symmetry can occur

Swelling may also occur

Glaucoma in the area that was injected with the filler

simple itch

The injected material is burned and moved from its original place


So the filler works to fill the face and restores youth, beauty and freshness of the skin and makes it tight, smooth and strong, like the skin of children. He wants to use filler injections to choose a doctor who has a high skill and experience to be able to use the injection and the thickness required in the area. The permanent filler must not be used because it is unsafe and causes many complications and the body rejects it because it consists of industrial materials that the body rejects completely, where if there are lumps or materials The syringe has been moved from another place and cannot be removed unless the doctor uses a surgical procedure, unlike the temporary filler injection, which if complications appear or the materials are moved to another place and appear inconsistent, they can be removed and the problem resolved through a simple injection.