There are many facts about rhinoplasty that you should know before starting the procedure, because the nose is an organ

The prominent and very important for humans in the face, as the nose represents the external extension of the upper respiratory system, in addition to

To its prominent role in filtering the inhaled air by the hairs in the nose and moisturizing it by the glands

The mucous membranes, and in the process of smelling, are due to the presence of olfactory cells in the roof of the nose that help us distinguish between smells

Different types because they stimulate the stomach to secrete certain enzymes when smelling the delicious smell of food.

Among the other benefits and advantages of the nose is a passageway for the discharge of secretions of the cerebral glands and the external sinuses

Rhinoplasty is a widespread phenomenon around people, because it is one of the world’s familiar operations and is increasing very dramatically

It is notable for the increase in the well-being of life and the desire for the appearance of the appropriate, harmonious shape of the face.Rhinoplasty

As rhinoplasty has become an obsession among people, especially women, less than men, the appearance of the nose has become

A harmonious face is like a woman with self-confidence and a sense of happy life.

Many plastic surgeons around the world have developed this process and added many techniques to make it safer and easier

We must believe that any procedure to improve the appearance of the nose is only done by structuring any cartilage and bone, and many facts and concepts become clear to us, such as:

How is rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty operations are performed under general anesthesia, and the duration ranges from one to two hours: There are two ways that rhinoplasty operations are performed through these methods:

First method:

The internal is often used in simple or medium cases, where an internal incision is made between the upper and lower nasal cartilages without any external wounds.

As for the second method, it is the external one, and it is used in cases of severe deformations, or a clear deviation, and it is carried out through

Surgical incision to separate the skin from the inner tissues of the nose, and often this method leaves a small scar for the patient, but it is not noticed.

What should be done for this type of successful rhinoplasty?

Only a plastic surgeon who is experienced in rhinoplasty and who has a large and skilled experience should perform this type of operation.

Can rhinoplasty without surgery?

Rhinoplasty can be done without surgery in very limited cases, such as convexity and slight irregularity of the back of the nose.

The nose can be modified and reshaped through filler or botox and at the hands of a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon

Is rhinoplasty without surgery risks or completely risk-free?

If this type of injection is performed by doctors who are not specialized in this field and do not have extensive experience, it may be

Dangerous and even disastrous, but if the doctor specializes in this field and has a lot of experience, the operation will succeed, but

This did not always last, because the filler and Botox will expire within a year after the operation, so the renewal must be done one year after the operation.

Are the tools to improve the appearance of the nose, such as the means of pinching the nose or tightening the nose with threads, which is one of the methods of rhinoplasty without surgery?

No, all of these means are what promote commercial propaganda and did not obtain the correct scientific evidence and do not give a result

required as commercially promoted

Is there really a laser rhinoplasty?

There is no surgery or no surgery in the name of this name and the use of laser only to tighten the skin for cases of removing wrinkles around the nose

Is there swelling after rhinoplasty?

Yes, swelling and bruising is the normal thing that will happen after the operation, but it will soon be hidden after two weeks

of rhinoplasty

What are the complications and side effects of rhinoplasty?Rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, the patient’s nose will bleed, but it will be simple and quickly disappear within 24 hours

The patient will have swelling and puffiness around the eye, and these symptoms are usually hidden within days

After the operation, the patient will notice temporary nasal obstruction due to tissue swelling

Minor scars persist with the patient within months after rhinoplasty.

Ice tea compresses should be made after removing the cast to help heal the patient’s wound