Dr. Ramy El-Anany’s article for Classy magazine
An artist who holds a doctorate in the world of plastic surgery, is Dr. “Rami Al-Anani”, or as the public is known as “the celebrity doctor”, a consultant in plastic surgery, who is considered one of the most important doctors in the field of plastic surgery in the Arab world and perhaps the whole world, as he was able to integrate His main profession as a doctor with the profession of art, in changing the features of the body and face in the manner of plastic artists, as he was able to distinguish himself from others by creating a dedicated approach to him in the world of cosmetics, to be unique in it and make a great leap in this field, and enjoy the leadership in this innovation, not only this, but with distinction This has become a role model for many workers in this field, all over the world, to work with the “Rami Al-Anani in Cosmetology” approach……

In an exclusive interview with Classy magazine, Dr. Ramy El-Anany talked about everything new in the cosmetic world.
First, injecting and drawing the face using the RAM Codes:-
*At the beginning of the conversation. Tell us about what is meant by “RAM Codes”?
It is a modern method that I created, for injecting and drawing the face, that combines the features of two types of fillers, it was registered internationally in my name, under the name “which is derived from the letters of my name and the abbreviation RAM Codes”.
for the term “Rich Amplified molecules”.

Are there other types of fillers? What is the difference between them and the RAM Codes?
There are two types of fillers
The first type: performs the process of fullness and gives volume, and it consists of hyaluronic acid.
The second type: is the catalytic filler, and it consists of calcium hydroxyappetite.
The difference between the two types and the one that I created, is that the “RAM Codes” combines the advantages of the two previously mentioned types, so it saturates the layers of the skin and skin with water, which leads to moisturizing the skin, its freshness and fullness, and these are the advantages of the first type “volumizing filler”.

The “RAM Codes” also works to stimulate collagen, which is the element present in the layers of the skin, which helps the skin to become tight and elastic, which are the characteristics of the second type, “stimulatory filler”.
Therefore, the RAM Codes is the latest and best in face injections
Currently, because it combines the advantages of the two types, increases the freshness of the skin, and increases the water content inside, and this makes it more healthy, in addition to stimulating collagen with repeated injections of this substance.

* Are there any procedures or preparations before the injection?
– Certainly there are preparations, I make a map of the face, before the injection, so that the face is injected in a basic way, showing the skin smaller, and it looks completely natural, They are two very important elements, Because this type of filler does not only provide a cosmetic function, but it treats the layers of the skin and skin, and stimulates the formation of collagen, which benefits the skin with age, The most important thing is that the shape becomes natural and changes for the better.

* Should the RAM Codes be injected at a specific time of age?
I have always recommended injecting the RAM Codes at a young age, as the injection is not only for cosmetic purposes, but it is also a treatment and prevention, and one of the most misconceptions is, that the filler is injected with age, so I always recommend injections at young ages, but on the condition that the type of injection must be accurate, And the doctor who performs the injection, and to ensure that he has sufficient experience to inject in the right places, and the amount of substance injected.

* Do the percentages differ in the amount of material injected from one person to another?
-Yes / It is calculated very accurately and varies according to the defects in the skin and age.

Is the injection restricted to women only?
-No, the injection can be done for both men and women.

Why do many resort to filler injections?
Because it is very useful for the cheeks area, the lines that are next to the mouth, the jaw area, and drawing the face from below, and this makes the chin and jaw line appear very sculpted and treats the defects of the face and skin.

A case showing before and after the injection of the RAM Codes

A case showing before and after the injection of the RAM Codes