Ionian sculpture article in Classy magazine
Without surgery …. Get a slim body!
Dr. Ramy El-Anany is one of the most important doctors in the world who made a breakthrough in the world of cosmetic surgery for the body and sculpting without surgery and pain, by tightening the flabbiness and eliminating the problem of objective obesity and excess fat that negatively affects the beauty of the body’s appearance, whether for men or women. Dr. Ramy El-Anany is an international plastic surgeon who has Participated in the training workshops in America on ionic body sculpting, with the participation of the inventor of these techniques, Dr. Jack Zamora…..

At first we asked Dr. Ramy what is the ionic sculpture?
Ionic sculpting is one of the latest methods of body sculpting and has two parts, the first is fat sculpting techniques and the second is the G-plasma technique…
Can you explain more easily?
Of course, first of all, fat sculpting techniques, which are ultrasound waves that pull fat cells while preserving the internal tissue and skin supports..
As for the G-plasma technique, it is through which the body and the tissues surrounding the fat are tightened and helps stimulate collagen and this helps in the elasticity of the skin as the cold plasma energy is directed under the skin to tighten the flabby and obtain a consistent texture..
Does this operation require full anaesthesia?
Of course, local or general anesthesia is used when performing this operation, and by the way, the operation takes only a few hours, and upon exit, part of the sagging disappears immediately, and the final result appears a few weeks after the operation. Compared to the rest of the operations, the recovery period of the patient is very short, after which he returns to practice his life in a way natural.