[:ar] A reader wondered if artificial hair transplantation has any harm?

Dr. Ramy El-Anany answers this question. Consultant Plastic and Obesity Surgeon and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons – England, Saying that synthetic hair is made of synthetic material or hair taken from another person that is prepared in a certain way, It does not grow, but rather falls at intervals as a result of using a comb or as a result of environmental factors such as water, sun and air. Its number decreases and decreases with time, and the percentage of its decrease has been estimated to be about 15 to 20% within two months of its installation, as well as the same percentage annually. Therefore, synthetic hair needs to be constantly renewed. Among its other drawbacks is that some people (about 10%) may have skin irritation and sensitivity after hair transplantation, and it may last for a period that may sometimes reach a year.

Baldness is a problem that affects both men and women. Where medical studies have confirmed that the rate of its prevalence among women is close to that of men, as it reaches 1 in 6 in women and 1 in 5 in men. The magic solution to this problem is natural hair transplantation, All medical research has proven its effectiveness. And it is better in stages than implantation (artificial hair) because the hair in the case of implantation does not grow and the body may expel it as a foreign body, As well as infections that result from hair transplantation.

The scalp contains 100-200 thousand hairs and each follicle sprouts a hair that grows at a rate of 1 cm every month and after two years it enters the stage of laziness until it dies.. A normal person loses 50-100 hairs a day, which are replaced. But the problem begins if the rate of new hair growth is little and slow, then the person needs hair transplantation.

Published on the seventh day on February 16, 2012