The 44th annual conference of the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons was held at Movenpick Hotel El Gouna, in the presence of a group of plastic surgery professors.

Dr. رامي العناني gave a lecture in which he presented his experiences in the field of cosmetics, especially in repairing the abdominal wall after childbirth. As he reached the participation of his colleagues in discovering safe and more harmonious ways to tighten the abdomen (Tummy Tuck) with the body, And make the abdomen after this procedure more streamlined and in harmony with the rest of the body, With a significant reduction of some complications that were caused after the traditional tummy tuck surgery.

They reached these results after conducting studies in which a group of the most skilled plastic surgeons participated in cooperation with Dr. رامي العناني . Through it, they discovered the anatomical shape and function of a layer in the abdominal wall (Scarpa’s fascia), which had the most effect when maintaining the abdominal repair procedure in improving the outcome and significantly reducing complications.

As this layer has been concluded that it greatly controls the blood and lymph circulation of the lower abdomen area and has a great effect in giving a natural and more attractive shape to the abdomen when maintaining it during the modern tummy tuck procedure.


Dr.. رامي العناني is attending an international conference on how to discover how to perform a modern tummy tuck