[:ar] Dr. رامي العناني , a consultant in plastic surgery, divided obesity in the body into two parts, the section of local obesity, which is not subject to mass measurement, but is subject to weight gain in certain areas of the body, and said that there are forms of objective obesity, including:

Apple-shaped “full bottom and top” or pear-shaped “lower body full, top not full”.

He said on the Taste of Homes program, While talking about obesity surgery, Total obesity means fullness of the whole body from the bottom and top, He stated that her treatment is to follow a healthy “diet” diet that reduces weight.

He emphasized that local obesity requires surgical intervention. He added that people whose weight is more than 40 kg and the descent into their body is slow; Obesity surgery intervenes here.

He mentioned that the stomach is the home of the disease. Excess weight and lack of burning in the body may be malnutrition, He said that the scale of burning in the body depends on hormones and genetic features. There are bodies that eat a lot and have a high burn rate, We find that their body is thin, vice versa.

Al-Anani said that one of the drinks that helps increase fat burning in the body is green tea, and breakfast also helps burn fat.

And speaking of obesity surgery, He said that the liposuction process has now been modified to break up fat, He said that plastic surgery depends on the talent of the plastic surgeon and his skills in drawing the body after liposuction surgery and others.

He stressed that the plastic surgeon must perform a body sculpting operation after removing the excess fat in the body, Thus, we avoid sagging of the body. He added that there are other surgeries that work on a sharp drop in weight, such as “gastric sleeve”, It is a surgical operation that makes the patient satiate quickly and does not accept any type of fatty and fatty foods, This process is suitable for people whose weight ranges from 90-140 kg.

He said that there is a gastric bypass operation, It is for the patient to eat any type of food without gaining weight and in any quantity. It is for people whose weight ranges from 190-200 kilos.

Published in Al-Dustour on 7 July 2012