Dr.. رامي العناني النحت الايوني a world-class plastic surgeon who has been nicknamed by many titles (the celebrity plastic surgeon and the godfather of beauty and magician). cosmetic medicine world)

Dr. رامي العناني is famous for being one of the most important plastic surgeons in the world with more than 20 years of experience
During them, 250 thousand cases of body improvement were accomplished without surgery and surgery
More than 320,000 injection cases
No wonder then that Dr. رامي العناني (Minister of Cosmetics) and (King of Beauty) in the whole world
He is more of a sculptor than a doctor, who was called (the sculptor of beauty) (Godfather of Beauty).
It is famous for its natural results when using Botox and Fillers, and it restores youth to the face and body without surgical intervention and with its magical touches.

Where Dr. رامي العناني a long time in his work in plastic surgeries and plastic injections, where he quickly became famous for his skills in improving the face and sculpting the body without surgery, which leads to natural results. رامي العناني , who participated in many world-famous television and radio programs in the world
He was a member of the jury for the Miss World contest in 2018.

Ionic sculpting without surgery

Dr. Rami Al-Anani is one of the most important doctors in the world who made a breakthrough in the world of cosmetic medicine for the body and sculpting without surgery and its pain, by breaking up and sculpting fat and getting rid of it, then tightening the flabbiness and eliminating the problem of objective obesity and excess fat that negatively affects the beauty of the appearance of the body, whether for men or women
Dr. Ramy El-Anany, the international plastic surgeon, participated in the training workshops in America on ionic body sculpting, with the participation of the inventor of these techniques, Dr. Jack Zamora…..

Dr. رامي العناني is one of 6 internationally accredited trained doctors in the world and the only one in the Middle East for ionic sculpting without surgery and LG plasma
High-definition النحت الايوني is the latest in the world of cosmetic medicine in the world for fat sculpting and skin tightening without surgical intervention … and it is the safest.

النحت الايوني technique can target specific areas of the body with a very high degree of accuracy to sculpt excess fat to reach extreme accuracy in drawing the body and sculpting it according to the ideal shape and appearance required … It is also possible to re-inject these fats after filtering and sterilizing them into Other areas of the body
It is suitable for both men and women, and the technique can be used on the following areas (the tongue, the arms, the ulna, the back, the thighs, the buttocks, and the gynecomastia of men).

This happens during the high-definition النحت الايوني procedure by defining the areas to be sculpted, the amount of fat in them, the nature of the skin and the degree of its sagging through a small point.
It is a two-stage procedure:

The first stage : fat sculpting
And it is an ultrasound that works to loosen and break fat and pull the fat cells that make up local obesity in the areas to be disposed of, while preserving the internal tissue and skin supports.

The second phase : G-plasma technology
It is the technique through which the skin of the body and the tissues surrounding the fat are tightened and helps to stimulate collagen, which helps the skin to restore its elasticity. Consistent shape without surgery.

High-definition النحت الايوني is done once for simple and medium bodies, while large cases can be from two to three times, after a medical diagnosis is determined.

Also, the high-definition النحت الايوني can be done through a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic, and this is due to the medical diagnosis and then the desire of each case.

It is worth mentioning that the procedure takes only a few hours compared to its counterpart, and the hospital is discharged on the same day of the procedure, and upon discharge, part of the sagging disappears immediately, and the final result appears after a few weeks of the procedure, and the recovery period for the procedure is very short compared to the rest of the procedures for the condition to return To lead a normal life

The high-definition النحت الايوني technique requires a skilled doctor, as it is a very precise process that gives impressive results, but it depends mainly on a very great skill from the doctor and extensive training from the plastic surgeon to perform this type of procedure to restore the appearance of the muscular shape of the body for men and for women to restore them to a harmonious appearance And the curvilinear shape and define the features of its femininity.

And in our question to Dr. رامي العناني , why do patients come to you from all over the world to undergo Botox and filler injections, and what is the meaning of RAM Codess?

Probably for the same reason they come to me to get their bodies done.
I always strive to get a natural result through injections. I achieve this with very special techniques.
Whether you use Botox to reduce wrinkles, Or I used the filler in the face to improve the contour of the sections, or the RAM Codes, The concept is the same, That is, the artist’s painting of the Creator does not change, we just put simple touches to restore it to the natural beauty it was created on
But most people think that Botox and fillers do not differ from one doctor to another
But I assure you that there is a big difference in the skill and vision of the doctor who injects them.

As for the RAM Codes?
It is the latest method in the world that I invented, to inject and draw the face, and it was registered internationally in my name, under the name “”
RAM Codes”
It is derived from the letters of my name and an abbreviation
For the term . Rich Amplified molecules
Combines the advantages of two types of fillers
Fillers are divided into two types
First type:
The one who fills and gives volume
.volumizing filler
It consists of hyaluronic acid
hyaluronic acid
The second type:
Stimulating filler
“.stimulatory filler”
It consists of calcium hydroxyapatite
calcium hydroxy apetit

As for the “RAM Codes”, it is the third and new type of its kind, combining the advantages of the two previously mentioned types, saturating the layers of the skin and skin with water, which leads to moisturizing the skin and its freshness, and these are the advantages of the first type “volumizing filler”.

The “RAM Codes” also stimulates collagen, which is the element present in the layers of the skin, which helps the skin to become tight and elastic, which are the characteristics of the second type, “stimulatory filler”.

Therefore, the RAM Codes is the latest and best in face injections
Currently, because it combines the advantages of the two types, increases the freshness of the skin, and increases the water content inside, and this makes it more healthy, in addition to stimulating collagen with repeated injections of this substance.

As for the frequent question about the appropriate age to start injections in general,

I have always recommended injecting the RAM Codes at a young age, as the injection is not only for cosmetic purposes, but it is also a treatment and prevention, and one of the most misconceptions is, that the filler is injected with age, so I always recommend injections at young ages, but on the condition that the type of injection must be accurate, And the doctor who performs the injection, and to ensure that he has sufficient experience to inject in the right places, and the amount of substance injected
The proportions in the quantities of the injected substance also differ from one person to another and are calculated very accurately based on a map of the face and the areas where there are problems or any symptoms are expected to occur after that.

Also, filler and Botox injections in general are not limited to women only, but can be used by men as well.

And the uses of the filler are many, it works for me in areas
The cheeks, and the lines that are next to the mouth, and the jaw area, and drawing the face from below, and this makes the chin and jaw line appear in a very sculpted way and treats the defects of the face and skin.

How to get Botox injections done differently from others?

In the beginning, a map of the face is drawn in the places to be injected, an accurate, studied and controlled map to provide the correct amount of the product in the correct depth and area.
And the use of high-quality needles where the needles are painless
(Maintaining facial movement is the secret of successful Botox, Not just for the actors, but for everyone in my opinion).

I heard you teach your techniques and philosophy all over the world

Yes, I regularly lecture at international medical conferences, I teach my unique method of النحت الايوني to all the medical trainees, colleagues and comrades from all over the world

What is the concept of cosmetology from a scientific and medical perspective together?
Plastic surgery is the only specialty of medicine that is not only subject to medical and scientific rules, but the touches of art and the imaginative sense of the plastic surgeon are evident. This is in addition to repair surgeries to remove the traces of deformities, which in turn can be congenital defects or the effects of accidents or burns.

What are the plastic surgeries to improve the look for teenage girls? Is there a certain age to start cosmetic surgery?
For plastic surgery for teenage girls… I can say that the most common ones are liposuction and liposuction, whether by laser or liposuction, for the treatment of local obesity. In addition to these surgeries, rhinoplasty surgery, which notes that the demand for it is increasing, because of the importance of the nose in determining the features of the face, as any defect in the nose loses the face a large part of its beauty as it occupies a large area of up to one-third of the area of the face from the front, which is The only prominent part of the face when looking at the face from the side.
Hence, repairing the defects of the nose, which is represented, for example, by increasing the width of the nose, its convexity, or the drooping of the front tip of the nose, makes the face more symmetrical and adds more beauty without changing the original shape of the nose, and here lies the idea of modern plastic surgery, which depends on giving a natural appearance to the desired part Beautify it without compromising the original features of that part, so it appears in the end with a better appearance. It is very similar to the idea of frills in the image, in which our flaws are clearly visible, so we have to do some frills to hide these flaws without changing the features.

Does the patient care about the location of the plastic surgery or care about the prices?
He cares about the place, because one of the important reasons that prevents the complications of any surgical operation is the place in which that work takes place, and the specifications of the case of operations must have additional requirements that exceed those that must be met in cases of other operations, because plastic surgery is an elective, planned and scheduled surgery. For it to be completely successful and error in it is unacceptable, the room must be sterile and fully equipped.

What are the conditions for the success of plastic surgery?
(The surgeon) must be able and have a certificate of specialization and a permit to practice the profession and membership in plastic surgeons in his country, and he must be familiar with the surgical work and trained to do it and aware of all its characteristics and potential complications, and he should discuss them with the patient before starting the surgical work: All the details of the surgery, and if there are alternative, lighter or less dangerous treatments, they must be discussed with the patient, who must have the elements of the success of the surgical operation in terms of general health and freedom from chronic diseases that are not medically controlled, and that the patient should be familiar with the type of surgical work that is to come. And overlooking the alternatives and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them is the test of a qualified garage who is capable of this type of surgery.

Online detection service
Dr. رامي العناني is considered the first doctor to enter the medical service in the world of the Internet and to be examined through it
He is the first to establish, through his website, a page dedicated to online detection in partnership with the international company Zoom, which is internationally insured and subject to international standards.
Under the supervision of the US Department of Health.
From what facilitated many procedures for all patients around the world, the ease of detection with Dr. رامي personally, saving expenses, time, and the suffering of travel and accommodation.
A special file is prepared for each case, with its diagnosis, examinations, and the required procedure, and then an appointment is set for the procedure, allowing the cases to come directly to the procedure.

What is bothering you in your work?
What bothers me is what I see in the patient because she wants an immediate result, given what she sees in some radio or television programs that are mainly for financial benefit and that show the miracles that can be accomplished through a plastic surgeon. Attracting everyone’s attention, such programs are mostly commercial and aim to market for publicity and fame without any other considerations between the professional and ethical basics of the medical profession and their primary goal is only on the financial side of marketing campaigns.