[:ar] – Most of those who resort to plastic surgery have a psychological problem
Plastic surgery is not magic or a fantasy
Rhinoplasty is in increasing demand
Is it the era of change or the search for everything exciting?.. Do you complain about everything!? We can do anything!!! Shall we close our eyes to what we see after we have closed our ears and our minds, and our religion forbids us from it? Is it cosmetic surgery or deception and misinformation.

Specialized doctors have known plastic surgery for its safety, a surgery performed to beautify the appearance or function of a part of the body if it is missing, damaged or deformed.. The history of plastic surgery dates back to doctors in ancient India, specifically the great Indian doctor Susrutha, who used skin grafting in the eighth century BC, and the use of these techniques continued until the late eighteenth century, according to reports published in the Gentleman’s Magazine (October 1794).

Now, plastic surgeries are being done in abundance, and this is a global matter and is not limited to the Arab countries or the Gulf countries, but it has become strikingly recently. Cosmetic surgeries are being performed for everyone who wants without checking whether they need this operation or not?!

Before we talk and achieve the damages, we must talk about the success in the many plastic surgeries that helped the patient to overcome the condition by treating it and beautifying what tired him psychologically and physically, and we have to deal with the plastic surgeon like any doctor. The treatment period can take time.. We had a conversation with a consultant plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramy El Anany.

What is the concept of cosmetology from a scientific and medical perspective together?

Plastic surgery is the only specialty of medicine that is not only subject to medical and scientific rules, but the touches of art and the imaginative sense of the plastic surgeon are evident. This is in addition to repair surgeries to remove the traces of deformities, which in turn can be birth defects, accidents or burns.

What are the plastic surgeries to improve the look for teenage girls? Is there a certain age to start cosmetic surgery?

For plastic surgery for teenage girls… I can say that the most common ones are liposuction and liposuction, whether by laser or liposuction, for the treatment of local obesity. In addition to these surgeries, rhinoplasty surgery, which notes that the demand for it is increasing, because of the importance of the nose in determining the features of the face, as any defect in the nose loses the face a large part of its beauty as it occupies a large area of up to one-third of the area of the face from the front, which is The only prominent part of the face when looking at the face from the side.

Hence, repairing the defects of the nose, which is represented, for example, by increasing the width of the nose, its convexity, or the drooping of the front tip of the nose, makes the face more symmetrical and adds more beauty without changing the original shape of the nose, and here lies the idea of modern plastic surgery, which depends on giving a natural appearance to the desired part Beautify it without compromising the original features of that part, so it appears in the end with a better appearance. It is very similar to the idea of frills in the image, in which our flaws are clearly visible, so we have to do some frills to hide these flaws without changing the features.

We see plastic surgery in some girls, we are fascinated by some and disgust with others. Is this due to the skill of the doctor, for example? Does the girl look like a famous person and get that from plastic surgery?

In my comment on this question, I would like to make it clear to all readers that they do not resort to comparing themselves to any famous person, as every person has a beauty that may surpass these.. It is the professionalism of the plastic surgeon that can show the beauty of God’s creation, who is the best of creators. Your beauty is yours and no one else is like it, and here you can be distinguished, especially after adding some frills and touches that make it sparkle in the end.

We see the success of plastic surgeries here and there, and everyone is looking for beauty, but we hear about some mistakes and deaths. Did you explain to us what are the harms that the patient should warn of?

All readers should be careful when seeking plastic surgery and examining the doctor and the hospital in which the surgery is performed.. We set our eyes to be a specialized surgeon with previous work, and for the hospital to be well-known and equipped with the latest medical capabilities to ensure the safety of the patient. This makes me point out that plastic surgery is considered the least dangerous type of surgery, as it is carried out in the superficial layers of the body without touching any of the internal organs, which made scientists recommend the use of local anesthetics in most cosmetic operations, and this makes it completely safe when following the aforementioned instructions.

Does the patient care about the location of the plastic surgery or charged for the prices?

He is interested in the place because one of the important reasons that prevents the complications of any surgical operation is the place in which that work takes place and the specifications of the operations case must have additional requirements that exceed those that must be met in cases of other operations, because plastic surgery is an elective, planned and scheduled surgery that must For it to be completely successful and error in it is unacceptable, the room must be sterile and fully equipped.

What are the conditions for the success of plastic surgery?

(The surgeon) must be able and have a certificate of specialization and a permit to practice the profession and membership in plastic surgeons in his country, and he must be familiar with the surgical work and trained to do it and aware of all its characteristics and potential complications, and he should discuss them with the patient before starting the surgical work: All the details of the surgery, and if there are alternative, lighter or less dangerous treatments, they must be discussed with the patient, who must have the elements of the success of the surgical operation in terms of general health and freedom from chronic diseases that are not medically controlled, and that the patient should be familiar with the type of surgical work that is to come. And overlooking the alternatives and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them is the test of a qualified garage who is capable of this type of surgery.

What are the reasons that predict women in the spiral of plastic surgery?

We must be fully aware that plastic surgery is not magic or a fantasy, but it is a realistic science and the desired results have limits.. What happens to some patients is an excessive and false expectation, whether out of self-conviction or as a result of commercial advertising promotion. The patient falls prey to the weak-minded of those who practice this profession who are not specialists.

Is pleasing the husband of great importance to the Arab woman, and the woman handing over her body to the scalpels and needles of doctors?

Some of them are the ones who always aspire to please him, and if the husband tells the woman, for example, that age is passing and wrinkles appear on her, she immediately rushes to plastic surgery. Dissatisfaction with the shape of her nose or eyes or the size of her lips or breasts, or it is jealousy because jealousy is the nature of a woman and sometimes pushes her to do plastic surgery because her neighbor or friend, for example, did that! He smiles and says if the husband pays the cost of the operations, she says for him, as the female artists say for the sake of art and the public.

What is the cause of the large number of damages in plastic surgery?

The high financial return from plastic surgery encouraged many to enter this field from doctors with specialties far from plastic surgery or from non-specialists far from the values, ethics and principles of the profession. and society.

Should the doctor refrain from performing the surgery if it has no medical or health justification, even if the patient agrees to perform it?

If the doctor finds reasons that prevent him from accepting the plastic surgery procedure for the patient, he may refuse to treat the patient. The surgeon should be confident of his intervention, the accuracy of the operation and the extent of the expected results, so that he does not exceed the potential risks of harm to the patient and the plastic surgery, at the request of the patient himself, and for the honesty of the profession, the doctor should explain to his patient the percentage of success and potential damage.

Is the plastic surgeon committed to the utmost caution and vigilance before the operation?

Yes, because the doctor is responsible for the damage he inflicts on the patient in terms of his degrees, because he deals with the human body, he may inflict damages that may lead to permanent or temporary malfunctions, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the doctor is asked about these acts in accordance with the general rules stipulated in the Penal Code.

Is the civil responsibility of the plastic surgeon, in principle, different from that of the doctor in general?

It does not differ – in principle – but in most cases it is a contractual responsibility.. And if jurisprudence and the law do not require the doctor in general to do more than take care only, but there has been a dispute in legal jurisprudence and jurisprudence about determining the nature of the responsibility of the plastic surgeon, is he to take care or not Achieving a result Some considered that the plastic surgeon’s obligation is an obligation to take care.

Shall we talk about the prohibition of fraud and cheating in cosmetic surgeries and leave the exorbitant sums that doctors charge in private clinics?

Talking about the exorbitant sums that doctors have now charged in some private clinics and hospitals shows greed and exploitation in a large and noticeable way, and the matter has become exaggerated, whether in plastic surgery operations or others. Private clinics and hospitals, so that going to private hospitals and clinics costs the patient exorbitant sums that exhaust the family greatly. There are even people who borrow from banks to pay for their treatment or operations in private clinics and hospitals, but it is better for the patient to know the type of operation and its costs because the doctor serves his profession before To think about the money that comes after success and satisfaction from the patient.

What is the reason for the frequent complaints of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is not a kind of magic work that is performed in a short time without trouble or hardship, and the patient gets the best results without pain, suffering or scars, and the doctor does everything he can to make the operation successful because it serves his profession and his name, but women usually do not tell the doctor before the operation about some simple things In their view, it is important for the success of the operation, such as diabetes, blood flow and those chronic diseases. Care must be taken when performing surgery for patients who suffer from them until we reach the desired result, as well as the irregularity of patients after surgery to take some medicines such as antibiotics, vitamins, analgesics and anti-inflammatories, which some do not consider Patients are so important that if they don’t stick to it, surgery can fail.

Finally, what is bothering you in your work?

What bothers me is what I see in the patient because she wants an immediate result for what she sees in some radio or television programs that are mainly directed to financial benefit and that show the miracles that can be accomplished through a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. Such programs are mostly commercial and aim to market advertising and fame without any other consideration, striking some wall of the professional and ethical basics of the profession of medicine, focusing only on the financial aspect of marketing campaigns.

Published in Al-Bilad newspaper on December 14, 2012