Thigh lift surgery improves the shape of the thigh by getting rid of the skin and excess fat, which leads to a smoother texture and greater proportion of the buttocks with the lower part of the body.

This gives a nicer appearance when wearing jeans, short skirts, and swimwear.

The buttock lift operation aims to form thighs that are consistent with the buttocks, and legs.

The ideal appearance of the body is that the torso to the outer area of the thighs is in the form of a mercury hour, and the indentation from the waist to the outer area of the thighs is curved outward

Both men and women who suffer from slack, The relaxation or aging of the tissues and skin in their thighs are candidates for this operation.

People who have lost a lot of weight can benefit from the buttock lift procedure to get rid of excess fat and loose skin in this area .

There are many treatment methods for specific areas of the buttocks.

All these procedures can be of benefit to patients who want to improve the appearance of the buttocks as a whole and get rid of it.Excess and saggy skin after losing large amounts of weight

– Tighten the inner region

The procedure for tightening the inner area of the thighs targets the skin around the inner thigh, And it is mostly the process that patients who suffer from flabby skin choose as a result of significant weight loss or due to aging.

The incision is made for this operation in the upper thigh area so that it is hidden when wearing underwear or swimwear.

Sometimes the liposuction process is performed in conjunction with the tightening of the inner buttocks area. Either before, during or after the operation.

Tighten the middle area of the thighs

This procedure targets the skin in the upper area of the inner thigh.

The incision extends from the upper part of the inner thigh to the first buttock.

This type of thigh lift is done under general anesthesia .