Breast reduction reduces the size of a woman’s breasts in the name of breast surgery Or breast reduction surgery, which consists of removing excess fat from the breast area, as well as excess glandular tissue, and any extra skin that appears in the chest area in a flabby and excessively pampering manner, as the operation helps reduce the size of the breast and make it a more proportional size and comfort for women, because One of the health and psychological problems that affects women is a significant increase in the size of the chest.

Why do women seek breast reduction?

Because the very large breasts of a woman can cause a loss of self-confidence and a lack of satisfaction and contentment with her body, and the abnormal increase in the size of the chest creates many health problems, including chronic back pain, deep creases in the shoulder from compression bra straps, skin irritation such as rashes under the breasts, etc.

Also, women who have a larger than normal size in the shape of the chest lead to curvature of the spine

Excessive chest leads to back and neck pain in a woman’s body

It also makes breathing difficult

Loss of self-confidence due to an increase in the size of the chest excessively

Not wearing favorite clothes that show the woman’s body in an attractive and harmonious way

Pampering and sagging breast area and its appearance inappropriately

  • It can occur due to a change in hormones or genetic causes, and excessive breast growth also occurs for girls without reasons related to age, pregnancy and childbirth.

Also, increasing the size of the chest more than necessary deprives women of daily sports activities such as running, jumping and practicing various other sports, so the woman seeks to undergo a breast reduction operation.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

First, the place is sterilized, and the patient must be fasting six hours before the operation because the anesthesia will be total and not local. After anesthesia, the area is injected with saline solution added to a local anesthetic to reduce pain after the operation (even with the presence of total anesthesia) as well as a substance that reduces the occurrence of bleeding during the operation. the operation .

Then the surgeon removes the excess chest tissue and skin as well, and re-adjusts the shape of the breast and puts the nipple area in its new place. The nipple, or according to the doctor’s choice of the appropriate place to open the wound during the breast reduction operation

Then a tube (small absorbent tube) is placed under the skin in each breast inside the wound cavity to draw out the fluid and the remnants of the blood that collect under the skin, which leads to faster healing, then the skin is closed with magic surgical stitches in a cosmetic way and often these stitches do not need to be removed Because it will be magic soluble stitches, unlike other stitches that need to be removed after breast reduction

Duration of the operation: – Breast reduction surgery takes about two hours. After the operation, the woman can go home within hours after the breast reduction procedure.

Quick ways to recover after breast reduction surgery:

A woman who has had a breast reduction surgery must wear a compression bra for a period of no less than two months, which helps reduce the occurrence of injury or swelling after the breast reduction surgery, and it also puts pressure on the wound cavity, which leads to the possibility of fluid accumulation inside breast again and thus accelerate healing.

Avoid taking aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or other aspirin-containing products for two weeks.

if you smoke, You must stop smoking to help recover more quickly

Your doctor may prescribe medications to relieve you of pain during the few days after the breast reduction procedure.

You can return to normal activities in about two weeks. With care to avoid activities that require great effort.

Swelling and bruising will appear after breast reduction, but it will go away after several weeks.

The final size in the shape of the chest will be evident within 2 to 12 months after surgery.

While the scars are permanent, They are covered by bras, Perhaps with time it will be hidden.