breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very simple and easy process through which the breast size is increased from its normal size, by adding a silicon filling through a surgical opening under the breast and through which a silicon filling is inserted until the breast appears in a wonderful and attractive way for women to complete the features of femininity in women, but if you You are considering breast augmentation, it is important to take time to think and get more information so that the breast augmentation surgery is completed easily and safely without any complications or side effects, and the doctor who wants to perform the breast augmentation operation must be chosen carefully and must have experience High skill in the field of breast augmentation, because in breast augmentation operations, silicone implants are implanted under the chest muscle, and the operation must be under general anesthetic, so it takes one to two weeks to recover and then return to normal life.

Why do more women choose breast augmentation?

Because many women feel that their chest area is too small, which causes them a lot of embarrassing situations not to wear clothes that show the breast area, so women want to have the chest size corrected so that it appears consistent with the shape of the body.


Preparation for breast augmentation:

Women should stop first: About smoking before the breast augmentation procedure, because the doctor will require you to stop smoking, because it can increase the risk of chest infection and infection, and then the doctor anesthetizes the patient with a general and not local anesthetic, so the person who wants to perform a breast augmentation should be fasting. Eat or drink 6 hours before the operation

Women after breast augmentation may need to be in the hospital to recover

If you are reluctant to undergo breast augmentation, you must tell the doctor, or you feel any pain in the breasts before the operation, you must tell the doctor about this, he will require you to sign a consent form for the breast augmentation operation

Then the team takes a picture of the breast before and after the operation so that the big difference is noticed before and after the operation


What happens during a breast augmentation procedure?

Breast augmentation usually takes about an hour and a half and a general anesthetic can be used, which means that the person who is getting breast augmentation must be asleep during the operation, or a local anesthetic according to the doctor’s choice according to the patient’s condition, and then the place is completely sterilized Then the operation begins. First, an incision of 2 to 3 cm is made through the area of the breast muscle, which is the most appropriate place in which the silicone can be entered directly. Sewing the place through soluble magic stitches from under the skin and not outside so that no scars appear after that, which helps to deform the place for the woman, but the doctor must put the appropriate size of silicone that the breast needs and not too large so that the breast is not shown properly It is not natural, so the appropriate weight must be entered for the silicone implant. The silicone implant that is used for the woman’s breast is very flexible and the breast shape appears natural, and it is a very safe method and there are no harms or negative effects to the extent that the woman did not feel, that it There is actually silicone inside her breast after the breast augmentation operation, because the breast tissue works to support the silicone from all sides, so the women who had the breast augmentation procedure did not feel the presence of the silicone at all and when touching the skin as well, because the silicone was inserted far from the layers of the breast skin itself and will A medical bra is worn to protect the wound after the operation and put pressure on the breast to help shape it naturally. .


What to expect after a breast augmentation procedure?

After breast augmentation, if you feel pain, you must tell the doctor, and after breast augmentation, painkillers will be given to help relieve pain.

It is normal to feel a lot of tightness in the chest and breathing after the operation, but this feeling quickly disappears.

Patients who undergo breast augmentation will be given a set of tips and instructions that will help them to speed recovery and return to normal life and work faster.

And about how to care for the wound, follow-up appointments in the clinic, how to clean and bathe, and you must have a friend near you during the time of the operation and be with you within 24 hours until you are escorted home, and do not try to drive immediately after the operation, and not drink alcohol for at least two weeks after The operation, the bra that helps to protect the breast should continue to be worn until the end of the period, if the stitches that were sutured in the breast area are meltable, they can be hidden after about six weeks, but if they are not dissolved, the amount of time that the stitches will be taken out It is about a week, so stitches are removed according to the type of each stitch and each method is different from the other.


How to recover after breast augmentation surgery?

The period for which patients will be returned after cosmetic breast augmentation surgery to a normal life and daily activities such as exercising, driving and going to work is a period of no less than one to two weeks, and patients who undergo breast augmentation plastic surgery should not lift heavy weights for a period of time. Not less than 3 to 6 weeks.

If you feel a lot of pain, you should go to the clinic to follow up the situation to give the necessary medicines that help relieve pain, or use them at home, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, and also ask the pharmacist to advise the number of doses for taking this type of analgesic medicine.


What are the most important advantages of silicone in breast augmentation?

One of the most important advantages of silicone, especially for women, is that it helps to enhance the self-image of a woman’s breast and shows it in an ideal shape consistent with the shape of the body, especially for women who suffer from too small a breast size than necessary or saggy due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, because silicone leads to lifting and tightening The chest or if the woman suffers in the form of the size of the breasts, both of them are different from the other, you can try silicone that helps in a balanced shape of the breasts, and that silicone does not cause any negative or harm to a pregnant woman or during breastfeeding, and also when the silicone implants cannot be felt by women, Because it is very flexible and is placed in the area away from the nipple and skin area, it is placed directly under the breast in the muscle area. The silicone material cannot be re-filled after a year, such as fat injection, but it lasts permanently, but some cosmetic medicine doctors recommend changing it every ten years. But this is not primarily, but rather for the best for the woman. It must be replaced. The silicone cannot cause any serious diseases to the woman’s breast after the breast augmentation process is completed, but it only helps to solve the problem and tighten the breast from sagging and make it raised. It is tight and attractive.


Are there any side effects after breast augmentation?

Yes, there are some side effects that appear after the breast augmentation process, but they seem simple and quickly disappear, such as feeling some hardness in the breast area, discomfort and swelling of the breast, and the appearance of some bruises and pain that may last a few weeks.

Some scars will also appear at the site of the wound and may appear in a red color in the first six weeks, then it will be converted to a purple color, and after three months, the scars will completely disappear and the skin will appear in a natural color.


Complications after breast augmentation surgery:

As is the case after plastic surgery, some complications occur, and they can occur during the operation or after the end of the surgery, according to each surgery

Usually, after breast augmentation, some complications can occur, such as:

There may be a slight difference in breast size

A slight bleeding may occur, but it quickly disappears

A woman’s breasts can bleed and turn into a pool of blood called a hematoma. Another minor surgery must be performed to stop this bleeding.

It is possible for the breast to get an infection if this happens the infection may need to be removed through surgery

Abnormal scars can form around the silicone implant

In some cases, visible wrinkles or ripples usually appear that show the area inappropriately



Does breast augmentation prevent breastfeeding ?

100% false false information, because the method that is used to insert silicone fillings is a very special method, as it helps the contact of the epidermal glands with the milk ducts and the nipple.

The doctor must also have high experience, skill and wide accuracy in the field of cosmetic medicine and be a specialist in this type of operation, and must also use the original silicone types and make sure that they are actually the original medical and not the traditional, because these types are completely safe and there are no risks or damages Definitively for a woman’s breasts.


breast augmentation