breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common operations that women use around the world because of their small breasts or sagging breasts , which leads to the body not appearing harmonious and hiding the features of femininity in the woman’s body, so many women around the world resort to breast augmentation operations until they get the perfect breast that every woman dreams of, and breast operations have developed over recent years to become very safe Because of the development of the silicone implant, which initially had minor defects, but was quickly developed amazingly until it became completely flawless and very safe, and helped to show women’s breasts naturally and attractively.


Breast augmentation with silicone implants:


breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is done through silicone implants that do not cause any harm to women, if used by cosmetic medicine doctors who have high experience, skill and wide accuracy in this field, so before performing the breast augmentation process, the place must be completely sterilized, and then the medical team will Breast Imaging Cosmetic Before and after the operation in order to notice the difference that the breast has already been enlarged and became the ideal shape that every woman desires, the patient must come fasting, not eat or drink six hours before the operation, and not smoke or drink alcohol two weeks before the breast augmentation procedure, so that there are no complications during the operation. Or after the operation because of this habit, the patient is then anesthetized with general or local anesthesia. If it is general anesthesia, the doctor will ask the patient to be fasting six hours before the operation. As for local anesthesia, he does not have to fast. cm in the area under the breast, which is the area of the breast muscle, then the silicon filling is inserted under, in the middle or above the breast muscle, according to the choice of the plastic surgeon to the appropriate place, and then the place is closed with soluble sutures, and it is one of the charming ways that does not leave any scars or traces of deformation of the skin after End of breast augmentation with silicone filling.


The silicone filling is also one of the safe and flexible ways that women do not feel on the breast skin at all, and the breast appears naturally and attractively because the silicone is entered in the muscle place far from the skin area and the nipple, because the breast tissue works to support the silicone from all sides, Therefore, women who had breast augmentation did not feel the presence of silicone and when touching the skin as well, because the silicone was inserted far from the layers of the breast skin itself. Women should also wear a medical bra to protect the wound after the operation and put pressure on the breast to help form it naturally.

Instructions for recovery and recovery after the operation:


You must have a friend near you during the time of the operation and who will be with you within 24 hours until you are escorted home, and do not try to drive immediately after the operation, and not drink alcohol for at least two weeks after the operation.

You must continue to wear a bra that helps protect the breast and presses it until it is formed naturally and attractively until the end of the period in the instructions and the doctor’s instructions, if the stitches were made with dissolvable stitches, they will be hidden after about six weeks, but if they are insoluble The amount of time that the stitches will be taken out is about a week, so the stitches are removed according to the type of each stitch and each method is different from the other.

Breast augmentation is a very simple operation, so the period during which the patient recovers and returns to normal life, exercise, work and daily activities is a period of no less than one to two weeks, and then the patient who undergoes breast augmentation surgery is completely cured and recovered, but it is necessary to Not driving or lifting heavy weights for at least 3 to 6 weeks

If you feel a lot of pain, you should go to the clinic to follow up the situation to give the necessary medicines that help relieve pain, or use them at home, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, and also ask the pharmacist to advise on the number of doses for taking this type of analgesic medicine.

It must be ensured before performing the breast augmentation operation that the doctor has high experience, skill and wide accuracy in the field of cosmetic medicine and is specialized in this type of operation, and it must also use the original silicone types and make sure that they are actually the original medical and not the traditional, because these types are completely safe and there is no Any types of risks or damages.

breast augmentation surgery

The chest for women is one of the most important elements that provide them with beauty and self-confidence, and it is a symbol of femininity and motherhood, It helps to achieve a significant change in the body image in completing the sexual identity in adolescence, but for genetic, hormonal or some other reasons, the chest may not reach the appropriate size that is consistent with the woman’s body, which may lead to psychological problems . In these cases, breast augmentation is of great benefit to the woman.

Some cases that require breast augmentation

  • The chest droops downward due to the decrease in the size of the chest and the loosening of the connective tissues over time.
  • Correcting the disparities in the body of women, especially in the hip and chest areas, among women who think that their breasts are small.
  • Breast sagging caused by rapid breast enlargement as a result of pregnancy and lactation, and loss of fatty tissue with a small breast after its enlargement during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Various cases that require the formation of the nipple again, such as (reshaping the nipple after breast cancer surgery or in the case of childbirth without a nipple)
  • The presence of asymmetry between the breasts (one small and the other large)
  • The chest does not grow to the required extent despite the completion of body growth

At what age can breast augmentation be done?

Any woman can undergo breast augmentation after the completion of the breast tissue growth stage, and this growth is completed around the age of 18, provided that there is no health problem that prevents the woman from undergoing the operation. It is not correct to say that there is an upper age limit for breast augmentation, all women whose health condition allows it to benefit from this operation. However, it is preferable for women over the age of 40 to perform health tests and analyzes such as a chest radiography before the operation.

In breast augmentation

The percentage of breast augmentation is determined according to Rpatient willingness, current chest structure, Women’s chest and body sizes.

The use of the implant alone is not enough to repair the sagging, flabby and not full breasts, but a breast lift procedure must be performed in addition to the augmentation process.

The three main methods used in breast augmentation operations are:

  • silicone gaskets
  • fat injection
  • filler injections


silicone breast implants..

Silicone implants are the most widely used method in breast augmentation surgery and give amazing and long-lasting results.

Most women have resorted to different methods and techniques for breast augmentation because they believe that silicone implants are harmful to health.

In addition to the fact that some other methods used, such as gel creams and massages, are useless and even more harmful in most cases because they contain chemicals.

So far, there is no conclusive evidence that silicone implants are harmful to health. However, due to the fact that the production and use of silicone implants is a new technology, research in this regard is still ongoing.

Silicone breast implants are divided according to their shape, content and surface structure into 3 sections

    The filling is circular in the form of a semi-circle and when placed in the breast it fills the upper part of the breast. For women who do not have enough tissue in the upper chest, circular implants are more likely to be placed.

    The teardrop filling, as its name indicates, is similar in shape to a tear , and therefore its shape is very similar to the natural breast.

    And when placed in the chest, it fills the lower part of the chest. However, teardrop implants are not recommended for women who do not have enough tissues in the upper chest

    The doctor will test the type of filling that is most suitable for the woman after taking the required measurements.

    by content

    • Fillings containing silicone
    • Fillings containing saline serum

    Silicone gaskets are divided in terms of content into two types. Fillers containing silicone and implants containing saline serum, but both types are covered with a silicone sheath.

    According to the surface structure

    • rough surface filling
    • Soft surface filling

    When looking at the surface type of silicone implants, we see that they are divided into two parts, smooth and rough.

    Whatever it is said that the possibility of a capsule forming around the filling is less when using a rough-surface filling, this possibility has not been scientifically confirmed yet. On the other hand, the most important and biggest reason for capsule formation is the body’s reaction to foreign bodies inside the body taken from outside.

    fat injection

    It is one of the techniques used for breast augmentation, which is carried out by performing liposuction from certain areas such as the buttocks, thighs or sides of the abdomen and passing it from special devices to purify and clean this fat after which it is injected into the chest in a simple and very easy way without the need for any incision or surgery .

    This method is used for breasts that need to be enlarged by a small amount.

    It is also possible to use hyaluronic acid, which is used for fillers, but it should be used in a small amount due to the risk of reactions when using it.

    The period before breast augmentation

    • The woman must explain all her wishes to the doctor and take a joint decision by the patient and the doctor in this regard. Therefore, the first physical examination is very important
    • The wise choose the appropriate technique to be carried out according to the structure of the skin, age, and a woman’s body.
    • Women can undergo breast augmentation after the completion of body growth at the age of 18. If the woman is over 40 years old, she must do a chest radiography and ultrasound, and evaluate these images by the doctor before the operation.
    • The woman must be informed of all the medications she takes to the doctor, and if necessary, these medications must be stopped before the operation.
    • In the event that the woman is a smoker, she must quit smoking 3 weeks before the operation, and she is likely to quit smoking 3 months before the wound heals faster and helps to spend a more comfortable recovery period after the operation.
    • In the case of a newly born child, it is not possible to undergo breast augmentation until approximately 9 months have passed since the end of the breastfeeding period after birth.
    • Wherever the filler is to be placed, there will be scarring in that area. After about a year, this scar becomes almost invisible.

    The time of the operation and the type of anesthesia

    The operation takes 1-2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Eating and drinking are cut off at a certain hour of the night before the operation. The anesthesiologist must see and examine the woman before the operation, and the analysis doctor will request some tests from the patient.

    Duration after breast augmentation surgery

    • The patient stays one night in the hospital after the operation, and the recovery period is 3-4 days
    • There will be a loss of sensation in the first 6-12 months after the operation, which is normal, but after this period the sensation returns to its normal state.
    • There will be pain that can be controlled by taking painkillers on the first day after the operation. In the period after that, the pain can be overcome by using pain relievers recommended by the doctor.
    • A medical corset is worn for the patient after the operation, and she must wear it for three weeks. After that, it is recommended to use a bra without supports for the next 6 weeks.
    • Heavy exercise should be avoided in the first weeks and walking for short periods of time.

    breast augmentation





    Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation…

    • Where is the silicone implant placed?

    There are four different areas through which the implant can be placed in breast augmentation operations Under the armpit by making an incision 4-5 cm long, through the nipple of the chest and the area around it, by incision in the area under the chest, and rarely, the filling is placed through the incision of the belly button. Each of these methods has different advantages and disadvantages. The surgeon determines the place from which the implant will be placed during the examination before the operation according to the shape and structure of the woman’s body, the amount of chest tissue and the elasticity of the breast skin.

    • Where is the silicone implant placed?

    The implant is placed between the chest wall muscle layer and the breast tissue. It means directly under the chest tissue, under the thickened membrane layer of the muscle, or directly under the muscle. The place where the implant will be placed is determined by the structure and thickness of the breast tissue, and the health and elasticity of the skin.

    • What is the lifespan of silicone implants?

    Perforation or explosion of silicone implants used in breast augmentation operations is not an expected condition under normal circumstances. However, injury from firearms or sharp objects may result in perforation or explosion of the gasket.

    There is no fixed life for silicone implants, but there are some elements that can determine the life of the implant. It is possible to extract the filling a month after its placement in case of any problems, And in the absence of any problem, the same filling can be used throughout the life.

    • Can the chest sag after breast augmentation?

    In cases of small breasts, the possibility of sagging breasts is almost non-existent, but if the size of the chest was medium or large before the breast augmentation surgery, it is possible over time that the breast tissues sag over the filling due to the presence of a certain amount of tissue in the chest even if the place of the filling has not changed

    In this case, sagging breasts can be tightened and the desired appearance can be obtained by performing a breast lift operation.

    • Are silicone implants an obstacle to breastfeeding?

    In breast augmentation, silicone implants are placed under the breast gland in which the milk ducts are located, for this reason, mothers can breastfeed their babies in a healthy manner without any difficulties.


    breast augmentation




    • How is silicone implant size decided?

    The contours and contours of the breasts are always visible, even if the woman does not have a large breast. The circumference of the breast we are talking about is where the breast is placed, Chest circumference diameters are measured to take The appropriate decision about the diameter in which the filling will be placed, After that, a joint decision is made by the sage and the woman to determine the protrusion of the breast and accordingly the size of the implant is determined. However, we still have to take the elasticity of a woman’s skin and her physique into consideration while choosing the size of the filler.

    • Is silicone implant a cause of breast cancer?

    This topic has been discussedFor many years, but to this day, no specialist has declared that silicone implants are a cause of breast cancer. In recent research, silicone implants have not been shown to be associated with breast cancer.