Botox injections

What are the ingredients of “Botox”?

Botox is extracted from a substance called:

(Clostridium Botulinum)

In special laboratories, it is purified and treated by certain medical methods until it becomes valid for use in medical fields in limited and regulated quantities.

Is Botox considered a toxic substance?

Toxic substance because it is extracted from a substance called (Botox), which is the substance of Botox

(Clostridium Botulinum)

It is not used in the medical field until it is purified and processed in medical laboratories. This substance is used in a certain quantity in the range of 25 to 50 units. This amount is enough to hide wrinkles for about six months.

How does Botox hide wrinkles?

This substance works to cause a temporary relaxation in the muscles of the face, where the wrinkles of the face appear from the large number of constriction and diastole.

the muscles with which expressive facial wrinkles occur, And here comes the role of Botox by stopping the effects of signals

that the nerve sends to these muscles, which leads to the relaxation of these muscles.

Benefits and uses of Botox:

It is common for Botox to be used for cosmetic purposes only. But after many years of using this substance, many doctors in different specialties were able to re-use Botox and used it in

Treatment of some cosmetic diseases:

Hence, the use of Botox by plastic surgeons to treat expressive wrinkles, which are the wrinkles resulting from the movement of the expressive muscles of the face, Botox is injected in known and specific doses into the wrinkle-causing muscle places until it causes a temporary relaxation in them and the effect lasts for a period ranging from 4-6 months. The effect of Botox appears after being injected into the muscles about a week. The more times the muscles are injected, the weaker the muscle increases, and the less wrinkles appear in the skin. Thus, the time between injections increases.

Treatment of some non-cosmetic diseases – including:

1- Botox is used as a treatment for the problem of excessive sweating in the hands, feet and armpits

. 2- It was also found that Botox was successfully used in the treatment of facial and neck spasms, as well as movement disorder diseases.

3- Botox was used to relieve pain in patients with migraine headaches.

4- One of the most important uses of Botox in treating conditions around the eye by injecting the strong muscle into the unaffected eye, It has proven success in this field for a long time. And even while using it to treat around the eye, it was noted that it removes the expressive wrinkles in the area of the abasa, Hence, many dermatologists started using it to treat many wrinkles in this area.

5- It has recently been used in the treatment of urinary incontinence and bladder disorders. Obesity cases and gave impressive success rates.

6- Some doctors have used Botox to treat cases of obesity and use it in stomach injections.

Botox side effects:

Although there are side effects to Botox like any other medical treatment, But it is very important to mention that the incidence of these complications is very small and may reach 1%. Among the possible side effects can occur:

– headache

Feeling of having the flu

Rarely, redness or bleeding may occur at the sites of Botox injections. But if this happens, it will go away within a few days

– In very rare cases, As a result of inexperience and accuracy in selecting specialized clinics, An infection may be transmitted from one woman to another as a result of using the same needles, and this infection is often superficial. It may occur in other cases

It is rare for this infection to reach the deep layers of the skin, As a result of this infection, purulent secretions may come out from the areas injected with Botox. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the selection of the appropriate doctor and clinic, and not to be drawn into the beauty centers that are prevalent these days.

It may also happen due to the inexperience of the doctor in some rare cases that the botox material reaches other areas of the face, This leads to other muscles in the face having weak muscle activity. But this is temporary.

In some cases, we also find that some people may be allergic to the anesthetic or to Botox. The degree of sensitivity varies according to the nature of the person. Where it begins with redness that disappears within a few hours, Rarely, complications of this sensitivity may develop into difficulty breathing due to the distension of the trachea

aerobic or hypotension.

Some cases may have temporary drooping or drooping in the eyelid or eyebrow as a result of lack of medical experience

to the treating physician, It usually returns to normal for two to three weeks. It may happen that the doctor resorts to injecting Botox into another muscle in order to help adjust the position of the eyebrow or drooping eyelid.

Botox deteriorated..

Botox injections have recently become a popular trend in the field of cosmetology due to its effectiveness in treating wrinkles
Where the Botox injection technique appeared and formed with a simple movement back in time again the face and its wrinkles
But it gave everyone who feared the signs of aging and worried about the effects of age a key to salvation.

All about Botox injections, the benefits and harms of Botox injections, the methods of choosing the doctor who will perform the operation, the difference between fillers and Botox, all this and more.

Botox injections seem very easy, but you must choose a doctor who specializes in injections..
Experience and practice Know your doctor’s history and successful cases that came out from under his hands to reassure your heart.
The right doctor you will be looking for will be more interested in knowing what is best for you and will study your case carefully and give you advice that is appropriate for your health and your problem and the best solution to it
Resorting to a non-expert or non-specialist doctor will expose you to big problems, from serious health problems to the least harm, which is getting unsatisfactory results and sometimes bad results that are far from the natural shape of the face.
This is one of the disadvantages of Botox, but a good doctor will protect you from this experience.

1. The process usually takes several minutes and does not exceed half an hour at the latest. During which the doctor uses an unlimited number of bottles of Botox, depending on the area to be injected, its adjustment and the degree of effect to be reached. On that, of course, the cost that you will incur for that process will depend, The doctor uses needles to inject Botox and pushes the substance under the skin, so it settles there.
2. The operation ends and you can return to your home safely, but the first advice will be for you to rest completely and not to move your face with violent movements after the injection for a short period of time, Do not look down a lot and do not rub the places that were injected so as not to cause the spread of Botox from the place of the injection to be treated to other places that you do not want the Botox to reach, Sometimes this can cause Botox to descend from your forehead to your eyebrows and give an undesirable effect of sagging and sagging your eyebrows and a feeling of heaviness in them.
3. If you encounter any problem after the end of the operation, do not sit to suffer in silence alone, but go back to your doctor again and explain the problem to him and ask him to try to solve it and avoid as much losses as possible, But be sure to avoid problems from the beginning, as prevention is better than cure

What are the advantages and benefits of Botox?
Botox is one of the injection materials that has many benefits that help treat many problems, because it works to remove wrinkles on the face, forehead and around the eyes, but there are types of wrinkles such as expressive kinetic wrinkles produced through the movement of facial muscles, which shows this type of wrinkles and appears In the face area, it is called the Mokattam area between the eyebrows, as well as the area around the eye and the forehead, so these motor wrinkles are treated through the use of Botox injections, where the injections give wonderful results and show the face bright, shiny, free from defects and give freshness to the skin, and also help in eliminating signs of aging .

As for the other type, they are fixed, non-kinetic wrinkles that are the result of a lack of fat in the layers of the skin. To treat them, we use other cosmetic injections such as fillers, and we must also know that this type of wrinkles is not only found in the face, but also exists in other areas of the body such as the back of the hands and the neck.

Botox can also be used to lift the drooping upper eyelid without surgery, as well as it can be injected in a way that prevents ectropion of the upper lip when smiling, and it can also help to improve the shape of the mouth by raising the corner of the upper mouth, and Botox can be injected into the neck to treat known neck wrinkles Chicken neck and can also be used to treat excessive sweating.

Does Botox when its expiry date help to increase the sagging of the skin?
Many women have this question on their minds. Does Botox help with flabbiness and its spread significantly when the injection period ends, or not?

On the contrary, because Botox helps to improve wrinkles after the injection until its effect is gone, because the skin has relaxed for a long time without any wrinkles, so it treats wrinkles and helps to return to skin tightening and not sagging, so it is a treatment and prevention at the same time.

Does continuing the Botox injections completely go away?
No, Botox injections did not lead to the lack of facial expressions, and this is a very wrong concept, because it only helps to remove wrinkles that cause unwanted facial expressions, and the doctor must also ask the patient before starting to use Botox if he wants to reduce wrinkles or remove them permanently, and that He used it to raise the eyebrows, but this injection and procedure is considered by the patient himself and his goal of taking these cosmetic injections in this place and what are the reasons that led to this type of injection, because many patients do not need injections in this place.

What is the appropriate age for Botox injections?
No, no specific age has been set for the injection, because it is a protein substance in which there is no danger and as long as it is used to treat motor wrinkles that may appear early or late in appearance, meaning that Botox injections are done through the condition of the skin and wrinkles and not depend on the age of the person who wants Injections, but the results of Botox are not permanent, but the muscle consumes the Botox substance over time to help gradually implement it and the natural substance in the body is called acetylcholine, so it takes its place again on the surface of the muscles, and this takes a time ranging between 4-6 months

So the duration of the Botox injection depends on the amount of the same substance injected, and what is the size of the muscle in which the Botox was injected. About 8 months, and this is due to the large and strong muscle size, which allows the injection of a large amount of Botox that lasts in the muscle place for a longer period and approximately for a year, completely unlike other areas where the muscle is weak.

Botox injections