Tumescent liposuction

We do not specify the places to be liposuction, then we pump a few liters of the solution

This method is considered a development of the dry liposuction method , and the solution consists of the following:

– Vasodilator (adrenaline) to help reduce bleeding, bruising and swelling.

A local anesthetic (lidocaine) that numbs the area to provide pain control

The function of the solution is as follows

It works to inflate and inflate fat cells, thus making it easier to separate them from the rest of the tissues such as skin and muscles.

– And thus it becomes technically easy to remove and suction it.

One of the advantages of liposuction with bloating

Reducing the volume of blood and fluid lost during the suction process, as well as the color pigment.

Allows to remove fat every time.

The steps of the liposuction process are common in various methods and instructions before and after the procedure, and they differ only in the technique of analyzing fat cells.

There are different techniques for liposuction

wet technique

– Where the surgeon injects the fat area specified by liposuction with a small amount of the solution as it is less in size than the amount of fat to be removed.

The advantages of this method help in liposuction while reducing bruising, reducing blood loss during the operation, and reducing the patient’s fatigue and effort after the operation.

Ultra Moisture Technology

– In this technique, we use less fluid than the one used in liposuction with bloating, provided that the amount of fluid used is the same as the amount of fat targeted to be removed, and the solution contains a lesser amount of lidocaine and epinephrine.The advantage of this technique is that the surgeon does not need to wait until the swelling decreases

What is caused by the solution before starting liposuction?

How many hours of operation?

The operation does not take more than two hours because the time required for surgery is much less than the traditional method of liposuction with bulges, as it reaches 4 or 5 hours, depending on the area where liposuction is targeted.

Advantages of liposuction for bloating

Reducing a large amount of blood lost during liposuction.

We use small incisions for liposuction.

There is no need for general anesthesia for the body

Ease of control in the target area for liposuction.

– The anesthetic lasts 24 hours, which reduces the fatigue of the case.

Less recovery period.

Swelling and bruising caused by liposuction is low.

Reduced blood loss during liposuction