People have found a very quick and easy solution to look their best through cosmetic surgeries.What used to be impossible has become possible now, as one can regain her youth and stop the effects of ageing on the skin. People are fast opting for cosmetic surgeries for not only skin beautification but weight loss as well.

Going under plastic surgeon’s knife for pout, nose job, lip job or any other skin problem has become fashionable but there are always areas of concern and safety which you need to take care before and after cosmetic surgery. So before you consent to change the way you look, Dr Sandeep Bhasin, cosmetic surgeon, Carewell Medical Centre, shares some tips on precautions before and after cosmetic surgery.

1. No cosmetics: People are getting more conscious of their facial features and often go under the knife for nose correction (rhinoplasty) or even for plastic surgery. But after the surgery one should avoid the application of any cosmetics in the area as it can lead to allergies or infections. The area of surgery should be kept clean, it should be washed with meditated water.

2. Stay indoor: Exposure to sun should be minimal, the UV rays can prove to be very harmful for the surgical stitches and the area in which it has been performed. Application of just sunscreen is no solution. Apply the antibiotic and ointment as prescribed by the doctor after the sutures are removed.

3. Healthy diet: Antibiotics sometimes lead to gastric problems. A proper diet should be followed, there should be sufficient consumption of fruits, toned milk and light food. In facial surgery there is difficulty in having food, liquid diet could be followed in such cases. Do not smoke or drink till the operated area recovers completely. Consumption of alcohol and smoking should also be avoided even before the surgery.

4. Avoid medicines and supplements: Medicines should be avoided that make the blood clotting hard. The patient should have a strong immunity system before the surgical procedure starts. Intake of supplements without doctors consent can lead to harmful effects.

5. Aloe vera juice: For ages aloe vera is known for its medicinal powers. Intake of aloe vera juice helps in healing the ruptured cells from inside and also building the quality of skin. The surgeries, even facial, usually leads to loss of skin glow. Aloe vera helps in restoring the glow, but it should be consumed only on the doctor’s recommendation.

6. Know your doctor: Before deciding on a surgeon, one should do enough research on the credentials and his/her area of skill. Going for a nose surgery by a liposuction expert wont be a good idea. One should also discuss the medical history with the doctor one is consulting as it aids further medical procedures.

(With inputs from Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, cosmetic surgeon, Carewell Medical Center)