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What is Lip Lift?

TA lip lift can address increase the size of your lips if you have thin lips or have signs of aging. A lip lift increases the pink portion of the upper or lower lip or to reduce the distance between lips and your nose (the lip-to-nose ratio).  A lip lift procedure involves taking a strip of skin fom the part of the lip close to your nose. Though it can take about 7-10 days to heal, the results of a lip lift can be worth the time. There are two types of lip lifts the Bullhorn lift and the Gull-wing lift.

Is Lip Lift for me?

If you are concerned with visible signs of facial aging around the mouth area, then a lip lift may be right for you. Additional factors of an ideal candidate include:
A thin upper lip
No upper tooth show when the lips are parted

What To Expect?

Patients can expect to experience minimal post-surgery bruising typically lasting less than one week. Results from your lip lift will be long lasting. You can help maintain your rejuvenated, more youthful appearance through life-long sun protection and a healthy lifestyle. Follow-up consultations with Dr. Ramy Alanany will help ensure your lip lift results.


Before &After :

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